Why Should Dogs Listen To Music?

Top Benefits Of Music To Dogs

Why Should Dogs Listen To Music? Do you know that music is beneficial to your dogs? Studies indicate that there are unusual actions when dogs listen to music, in which positive or negative actions are related to the type of music that dogs often hear. Like humans, your pets love to enjoy music, and also have their own “taste of music”. According to Scottish scientists’ research, music proved its effectiveness in helping dogs to relax and reduce stress. So, what kind of music does your pet like? Find out here.


1. Do dogs have the ability to absorb the sound of music?

A quick study on YouTube found that many dogs happily listened to their own voice. Any owner knows dogs are sensitive to sound. Any noise – from a loud siren to thunder – can be uncomfortable for dogs.

Professor Eloise Bright, a veterinarian, thinks dogs are very sensitive to hearing. They can listen to high frequencies up to 45kHz while humans can only listen to 20kHz. They can hear noises that humans cannot hear. This means that the best symphonies we hear can hurt their ears. If the music has a high pitch, humans can’t hear it. They are also very sensitive to the volume of music.

2. Listening to music can help relax them, right?

Indeed, there is a study that demonstrates this statement. According to scientists, dogs tend to sleep more when listening to classical music. The research shows that music helps them relax, especially harmonious and soothing tracks. Repeatedly, long notes can be used to soothe and calm the dog.

Meanwhile, heavy rhetoric like rock music makes dogs sway more, in which some may be slightly shaky. This can be a great trick to keep your dog calm.

Another study found that high notes were repeated for a short time, speeding up the mechanical activity of the dog’s body. This means dogs can respond to the melody of the music. Dogs listening to vibrant music can be more disruptive and more interesting.


Dogs can respond to the melody of music

3. What is suitable music for dogs?

The answer for question of why dogs should listen to music may be clear, but what is suitable music for dogs? When listening to music, make sure the sound is not too loud. And if your dog seems to be uncomfortable, change the song. For dogs with a fear of noise syndrome, you should use music with soft melody to calm them down.

This is quite effective when you want to jam or block out loud noises like fireworks. However, do not use lively music, and absolutely not rock.

David Drasnin, a blogger and a dog person, thinks they can feel music, but each dog has a different reaction depending on the taste of melody, the singer’s voice, the volume, the repetition of the sentences …

Many dogs are interested in the sound of phone rings, rubber toy sounds as they are really happy to hear those sounds.

In particular, reggae and soft rock music seems to be born for dogs, because they show a much higher level of relaxation and “adventure” than other genres.

Research creates a potential for humans to reduce their stress levels. The truth is that your dog may be under stress unexpectedly as their owner spends less time on taking them out to play, or inadvertently scold him too hard. Even sometimes, the reason is because the owner is too busy and does not play with dogs, which makes them easily stressed.

4. Which kinds of music are suitable for dogs?

Here’s suggestion for your buddies:

Is your furry friend suffering from sleep issue, anxiety and hyperactivity issues? Try to provide him some pieces of music and you will find your dog visibly relax well in front of your eyes! Thanks to calming tones as well as soothing sounds, this kind of music is designed to help pets sleep well, combat their stress and even other problems!

Why Should Dogs Listen To Music? Music is considered to be a miracle for the soul. Like humans, music can bring about previous experiences and feeling for our furry friends. This can help to release stress, pain or anxiety for our puppies. If your new little pup barks too much at night, try to interests him with some pieces of music, or let them watch TV. The result may surprise you!

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