Why does your dog need a dog bed? There are a number of benefits to having a dog bed. It can be used for snapping during day and night and sleeping at night. Instead of sleeping on the floor, a bed will provide your dog a warm place to sleep, support their arthritic joints and prevent calluses. Like a baby bed, a dog bed can be a space that puppies can have all to them, including balls, toys and pillows.


Basic Styles Of Dog Beds

Flat pads or mats dog beds are inexpensive and easy to fit in crates.


Nesting/snuggle beds are similar to chairs, and they are preferred by smaller dogs or pets who love to curl up inside their bed.

Nesting/snuggle beds


Cuddler or nest beds are often formed into the oval bowl shape traditionally.Cuddler or nest beds


Bolsters are often preferred by large dogs which have one long side coming with a built-in pillow.Bolsters


Doughnut-shaped beds look like circular bolsters and they come with a removable center pillow.Doughnut-shaped beds


Waterproof beds are made of water-proof material, which are ideal for outdoor use and incontinent pets.



Homemade beds can be easy to customize, free-style and unique. There are plenty of guiding videos on how to DIY your own dog bed on YouTube or by searching on the Internet. Kindly make sure you are using safe materials and if your dog love chewing, make the bed to be able to hold up.

Special Dog Beds For Seniors Or Dogs With Medical Needs

Orthopedic dog beds – To support old joints or injured dogs; this kind of bed is usually equipped with medical-grade foam or box-spring construction.

 Orthopedic dog beds

Heated beds – To maintain body warmth, which can be beneficial for dogs with arthritis or who get cold easily.


Travel beds– To be portable, provide your pet the security of his bed every night while traveling. Especially for dogs who suffer from anxiety in strange places, this bed can help them relax and even get some sleep.



Cot-style beds– To keep your dog off the ground as well as comfortably support his joints by distributing his weight evenly.Cot-style beds


Why does your dog need a dog bed? Do you know that a dog just stands on his feet for only 4 to 5 hours per day, then they spend about 12 to 14 hours on sleeping? If you are a dog parent, you may be concerned about their sleeping place. Yes, your pet needs a soft and supportive place to lay down. Here are most primary benefits that a dog bed brings to your loyal friend:

1. Improve dog health

Dogs of any age may face joint problems, or hip dysplasia. Dogs who recover from broken bones or surgeries will benefit a lot from extra support from orthopedic dog beds. Dog beds may even help with sores and chafing which can occur after dogs’ spending hours lying on hard surfaces. Moreover, dog beds offer a sense of security which is good for them, especially for those with anxiety. Imagine that it looks like a piece of home that may minimize anxiety for your little puppy when he’s left alone.

2. Improve human sleep

According to a recent study by Mayo Clinic, people who slept with their dog in one bed had a worse night’s rest in comparison with those who did not bring their dog in bed with them. However, people who sleep with their dog in one room, in different beds, had a better night’s sleep. The presence of a dog in our bedroom seems to bring people a sense of security, however, when the dog and owners share the same bed, their movement might interrupt sleep. According to this study, multiple dogs in the room can worsen sleep somehow.


3. Contain fur

With dog beds, it will minimize fur spreading around the house. Wherever your pet roams, he will lease his hair and fur in his wake, but this will be reduced when he has a dog bed. Additionally, every bed comes with a cover that you will easily remove for washing when a deeper cleaning is required. Many dog parents prepare backup dog-bed covers so that they can use them when one is in the washing process.


4. Offer extra joint support to older dogs

According to the American Academy of Veterinary Medicine, orthopedic dog beds are essential for older dogs. These kinds of beds can gently support your dog’s pressure points and joints, which will help ease their transition from lying down to standing up, as well as help manage symptoms of arthritis occurring in elderly dogs.

In conclusion:

Why does your dog need a dog bed is a common question by a lot of dog parents. Dog beds play such a crucial role in enhancing our beloved pets’ lives. Not just a place to sleep, dog beds can be considered a “home” of our puppies, where they can play inside, spend almost their time lying in the bed and relax there. A good dog bed, or an orthopedic dog bed can even work as a curing place for elderly dogs, or dogs with diseases effectively, release their pain partly and increase their health. Be a dog parent, we suggest you offer a good dog bed to your loyal friend. We trust any dog will love a bed. Will it be a good idea if you can DIY a bed and spend time doing this with your furry friend? An awesome opportunity for sharing, playing and chatting with him, right?

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