Dogs, human’s best friends, are increasingly concerned by their owners. Letting them go out for a walk becomes a daily activity of many people. But do you know simple basics of taking your dog out, especially outdoors, camping or picnicking??? The following article will give you some basic knowledge about this.

For a pet owner, let the dog go out, immerse yourself in nature is the best experience. The preparation before going camping is very important, in which there are some items you must not forget when bringing your dog with your travel.


Prepare before camping

When you travel for a long distance, anything can happen. Imagine as much as possibility of the uncertain situations you may encounter. For example, broken cars, accidents, lost roads, out of food … and even your pets get lost.

Predicting situations will help you plan well. Prepare the appropriate skills and equipment as you will come to a deserted place, not a resort or a comfortable hotel.

The indispensable basic items for a picnic include tents, cushions, sleeping bags. If you have to go hiking, use a sturdy backpack, can carry many things. If you are traveling with your dog, please be sure to bring enough water and food for both people and dogs.

Items needed when dogs go outdoors

Foldable rubber dining bowl: A portable dining bowl can save space, and can be used as a dish for dogs.

Glow stick or glow strip: use in case of emergency. Should use light-emitting strips that can be worn on belts, backpacks, etc. Some types of luminous belts can be worn on dog collars. Help make finding when dogs go out and get lost easier.

Sprayer against insects: mountain forests are home to mosquitoes and many other harmful insects. Effective against mosquitoes depending on the brand. Should choose the type of effect over 12 hours.

Waterproof bag: used to hold important papers and utensils such as phones, GPS devices, cameras.

Dog coats: made of nylon, waterproof, wind-proof, insulated. Austria has reflective strips to alert. In case of rain, dogs also need a raincoat to prevent getting cold.

Awning tent: helps protect both you and the dog when outdoors. The awning will help prevent rainwater splashing into the tent.

Prepare for bad situations during a picnic

Orientation: learn how to use the map and orientation when there are no navigation devices. Analyze the route you will take. If you go into the forest, up the mountain … learn how to determine the direction when there are no radio waves.

Waterproofing: rains can appear at any time, ruining your furniture and food. It will be dangerous if you do not have dry clothes, phones, batteries … Find out the weather where you will come to prepare accordingly.

First aid kit: When you go on a picnic, you could get injured for a minute. Prepare first aid equipment such as bandages, disinfectants, hemostatic drugs, scissors, cotton … for both humans and dogs. Don’t forget cold medicines, diarrhea, pain killers …

Note when letting dogs go out and go camping outdoors:

  • Choose where drainage is possible, avoid low lying areas, with runoff or accumulated water.
  • Choose where you can avoid the wind, consider the terrain and surrounding plants.
  • Choose a flat, bright, near water place.
  • River and valley campsites are dangerous during the rainy season.
  • Avoid cliffs or steep slopes where landslides can occur.
  • Do not set up camp in a high, stand-alone location where there will be strong winds during a thunderstorm.
  • The ridge is where wild animals can gather, not to get close