What you need to take care of dogs? | 10 Questions & Answers


What do you need to take care of dogs and keep them stay healthy?

To take care of dogs and keep them stay healthy is responsibility of every dog owners. Like humans, dogs require routine health care in order to keep them healthy, safe and live long happy lives. If you are confused about what you need to meet your pet’s demands? Don’t worry, you are not alone as plenty of dog parents, especially the first timers have same questions with you about this. We are here to provide you with straight and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions on the dog health protection. Here are top 10 questions about how to take care of dogs. 

1 – How often does the pet eat, go outside or go to the toilet?

This is a common wonder of almost new dog owners who get accustomed to raise a pet. What is the dog daily routine and basic needs? Have you understood what a dog needs every day? How much do you need for each meal, and which food to feed the pet? Besides eating, you also find out their toilet habit.


Amount of food daily for each dog’s breed

Keeping up with his walk schedule is also important, and remembering to carry toilet bags ;). And you should learn more about dog care tips to understand your buddy better.

2. How much daily exercise does your pet need?

Energy level is a deciding factor to how much exercise the dog needs daily. There are some types of dogs that are naturally calm; while others seem more active. Experts say that the more excited your dog is, the more exercise he should do to release that energy.


Depending on dog’s breed, they will need different amount of time for exercise

3. How to take care of a puppy?

Like babies, a puppy need much more care from owners. We suggest that you should have your pet perform a thorough physical health check, then they can get a complete picture of his health. After that, they will give you advice and instructions on factors like breed, age, exercise or behavior issues as well as take into account health problems if your pet may have. For more care details for tiny dogs, see HERE.


A puppy need much more care from owners

4. What should you do in case of dog sick?

What do you need to take care of a dog when he get sick?

First of all, realize symptoms of diseases. Here are some signs that your dog may be ill:

  • Bad breath or drooling
  • Excessive drinking or urination
  • Appetite change comes with weight loss/gain
  • Lack of interest in doing exercise
  • Sleep more than normal, or change the behavior 
  • Cough/ sneeze
  • Dry or itchy skin, sores, lumps
  • Got digestive upsets/ change in bowel movements
  • Dry, red, cloudy eyes


In this case, you should bring him to veterinarian immediately.

Actually preventive care is better in treatment. Care screening helps to detect disease in early stage, which limit the bad affection to your pet’s health as well as avoid significant medical expenses.

5. How should I do to take care of dogs in hot weather?

How to take care of dogs in hot weather is also a popular question. There was a warning to pet owners to give their dogs special care in hot weather after a dog died of heatstroke after his walk in 21 degree C heat.

A few simple tips below can help your buddy stay cool & safe under sweltering temperatures:

– Let your dog walk in cooler time in the day, like early morning or late evening.

– Ensure your pet to have sufficient water, or even you can add ice cubes into their water bowl.

– Provide your pet a chance to swim. This works well as an exercise in case weather is too hot for an outside walk.


Swimming is a good exercise in hot weather

– Avoid leaving them in car when it’s hot even when car is parked in the shade. Temperature in car can rise extremely quickly to the dangerous rate which could result in dehydrating, developing heat stroke and leading to fatal. Providing them water to keep them hydrated is necessary.

– Put damp towels for the dog to lie on, which can make them cool and encourage him to rest rather than pacing around in the heat.

6. How to get my dog lose weight?

What do you need to take care of a dog that being obesity? Overweight situation can cause serious diseases for dogs, including diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorder or joint damage. If your dog is obesity, a weight loss program with a healthy diet and a plenty of exercise is essential to help him lose extra pounds.

– Choose proper dog food. Food may be blamed for the weight gain, especially if you feed your adult dog kinds of puppy food. Do you know that puppy food contains extra increased calories to promote dogs to grow, and this food is not good for older dogs. It is recommended by experts that a high-protein, low-fat meal can provide sufficient nutrients dog needs without too much extra calories. Make sure that you have read the package instructions carefully before feeding your pet.


– Limit treats. Treats are input your dog takes so they can lead to extra pounds too. Reduce the amount of treats that you offers him or replace current ones with low-calories. Despite of the fact that it might be hard to resist their pleading eyes, do not feed pets leftovers from your meal. For example, if your puppy enjoys biscuits, you should buy low-calories kinds and break them into pieces before feeding him.

– Increase exercise. This is the most important factor to enable excess pounds to melt away. Take your pet on at least one walk every day, and spend time playing a game with him on a regular basis. Do this day by day and increase the amount slowly as he may need time to raise his endurance and stamina. His age and overall condition need to be taken into account, and you should take a short break or stop the activity if he seems tired.

7.How about dog-care in cold weather?

In winter, the cold weather may harm your dog’s health and makes them get sick. Below are some elements that can help to prevent cold weather dangers to their health:

– Nutrition

– Accommodation

– Clothes

– Exercise

– Vaccinations

Read more details on how to take care of dogs in winter.


8. What is the biggest factor that leads to dental problems for pets?

Probably the biggest dental issue is periodontal disease. This begins when dental plaque builds up on the pet’s teeth. Plaque contains bacteria and reforms quickly, so if it is not removed frequently by daily brushing and cleaning regularly, it will turn into tartar. Then unless it is removed during a cleaning at dental clinic, eventually tartar will destroy the tooth and surrounding structures.


Most dogs get into periodontal disease by the age of 2 or 3 years old. So it is necessary to learn about brushing their teeth and taking him to your veterinarian regularly for oral care check-up and professional cleaning.

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean plays a crucial role in dog’s care, as many bad affections to health are caused by dental issues.

9. Which vaccinations are necessary for my dog?

Like humans, dogs need vaccines. Dog vaccinations sometimes require a booster amount to keep them effective. The most effective way to stay on schedule with vaccinations is to follow advice/ recommendations of veterinarians. There are 2 kinds of vaccinations, namely core pet vaccines & non-core vaccines. Core vaccinations are recommended for every kinds of dogs, while non-core vaccines are advised according to your dog’s lifestyle. For instance, if your dog is outdoors only, your vet may suggest you certain non-core vaccinations.

Only you and your pet can decide which vaccines are essential for him.


Remember to consult your vet before vaccinating your lovely friend

10. What should my pregnant dog eat?

Feeding a pregnant dog is not difficult, but need meticulousness. Do you know what a dog needs during her pregnant period? When preparing a diet for your pregnant pet, you should think about following food requirements:

  • Easily digestible
  • Energy sufficiency
  • Good-quality protein
  • Vitamin and mineral sufficiency

The above requirements can be met by feeding your dog with natural dog food. As if you believe commercial advertisement on puppy foods, you will realize that those meals are not natural at all. They are not digestible easily, do not offer quality of protein dog needs, have poor energy sources and lack vitamins and minerals required for a pregnant body.

Well, it is up to you to choose a diet for your pregnant or nursing pet, but should consider the above mentioned factors to decide wisely what is the best for your dog.


Owning a dog is of great fun and immensely happy. However, dogs have complex demands and each of them is unique. Actually there is no perfect method on how to take care of dogs, but with our experts’ advice, we strongly believe that you will feel more confident in caring your furry-friend and bring him a strong and happy life.

To take well care of dogs, let’s take a look around this topic and practise today. Hope you success!

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