What to do if you lose your dog?

10+ things to do if you lose your dog

What to do if you lose your dog? Have you ever face with problem that your pet gets lost? We can imagine how nervous you are that time? A lot of dog owners also face with losing a dog and didn’t know how to find their dogs or they gets too worried and don’t know what to do. First, try to keep calm, do not worry and follow our suggestions on how to find your lost puppies!



1. Spend much time on finding your dog

All your daily work is now less important than your dog’s life. Ask for your friends’ help to take some time to look for your dog. Even you should postpone your wedding if you are getting married! Please postpone all the things that can be postponed, taking time away from other unnecessary jobs to find your four-legged friend as quickly as possible.

2. Make sure to pay attention to your handphone at all times

It can be said that the most important thing is that your phone number is posted everywhere you can, every corner around your living area, and on social network. To make it easier to find your dog, you should even change your voicemail message to something like this:

“If you have any information about my missing puppy, I would like to talk to you for more information. Please leave your name and phone number.”

3. Print as many photos of your puppies as possible

The next step is that you need the best photo print shop. Then look for all of the clear, crisp photos that contain all of your dog’s most distinctive features on your phone and computer. Remember that you need to make sure your photos are clear and in best color.


4. Post in local newspapers as well as on the media

Note that your post should not contain too much information. Just write shortly as per below form:

“My dog is just lost. [Some basic and special information about dog’s appearance]. [Dog’s photo]. Reward for finders. [Phone number to find a puppy] “.

Also, you should pay attention to the date when your news expires in the newspaper to repost until you find your dog. Pay attention to the posting of stray pets on the daily news as maybe you see your dog in those posts.

5. Post posters about finding dogs in telephone booths, utility poles and trees around your house

Keep the information short but clear as in the fourth step, then print and paste it in places that everyone can see clearly. If there are trees or pillars on your door step, print a large poster to hang there. By this way, more people on the road can see and help you.


6. Don’t be mean with the reward for those who help you find your dog

How much will it cost for an emergency or car repair when needed? You have to show that you really need information about your lost puppy from other people. And this is reflected in the reward that you give to the person who helps you find your dog. We are trying to find our little angel and this is not the time to think about economic issues.

7. Contact all rescue groups and local animal control agencies

This is a fairly important step. Lost dogs are a very important problem, so you need to find every possible way to find them. Call all rescue groups, local animal control agencies to inquire their help. Call them often as sometimes you will find different information from different staffs 🙂


Contact all rescue groups and local animal control agencies

8. Regularly check animal shelters

Animal shelters often assure you that they will notify them when your puppy appears. However, don’t put too much faith in them. These shelters are often very busy. Staff who work here often do not recognize your lost puppy when it comes to this shelter. So ask the staff for permission to see the list of stray dogs and dogs that have appeared in this place. You need to be resolute but be polite, and not be discouraged. Your four-legged friend needs your support to return to beloved home.


9. Ask your neighbors and search in areas close to your house

  • Ask everyone including a mailman, dog walkers, neighbors and delivery people as well.
  • Ask children living around if they can see your dog as children often observe better than adults.
  • Use a flashlight to search for small and narrow places where your dog can hide.
  • Go out looking for when it’s dark and quiet. Then call your puppy’s name. Listen carefully to recognize even small barking of your dog if they are stuck somewhere.
  • What-to-do-if-you-lose-your-dog-5

    Use a flashlight to search for small and narrow places where your dog can hide

10. Listen and follow the advice of those around you

You also need to get advice from people. There are people who also own puppies and maybe their puppies have been lost. That’s why they may know more useful ways to find puppies.



Well, have you found the solution as well as know what to do if you lose your dog? We’d like to remind that the most important thing to find a puppy is patience. Please stay calm if your dog is lost. Good luck! And if you can fortunately find your furry friend, please pay more attention and take more care of him in the future!

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