Top Best Automatic Dog Doors In 2021 | Updogsupplies Votes

Best Automatic Dog Doors In 2021 | Updogsupplies Votes

Have you ever thought about the best automatic dog doors for your home? One day you feel too tired of acting like a doorman, a smart pet door should be a worthwhile investment. There are various products in the market, but you can make a quicker decision with our recommendations on the best automatic dog door in this article. We have invested our time and experience to offer the most popular best electronic doors here. Let’s find out now!

What is an automatic dog door?

Perhaps a more accurate name for an automatic door is an electronic smart door. Unlike most smart objects, which can connect to the internet, the automatic doors are simply secure versions of standard dog doors and they are more high-tech. In reality, Wifi-enabled pet doors are rare, even with all of technology advancements nowadays.

Generally, an automatic pet door offers electronic controls which unlock a secured flap, and by that way allowing your dog to pass through. This is triggered by a pet’s microchip, or a customized tag that you put on your pet’s collar. With this process, only your pet is allowed to come and go through the door. A lot of products also offer automatic locking system, and you can lock it if you want to keep your dog inside.

Types of smart pet doors

Radio wave-based smart doors – Communicate with your dog or cat through radio waves.

Wifi smart dog doors – Communicate with your dog or cat through Wifi signals of a specific bandwidth.

Magnetic smart doors – Communicate with your dog or cat through magnetism to ensure an air tight seal.

Features to consider when choosing an automatic dog door

Smart Access – Microchip, RFID

How an automatic can work well based on the smart access features of those doors, which are based on microchip, or radio frequency identification. A microchip is installed between his shoulder blades of dogs that refuse to wear a collar. The microchip’s sensor will detect the dog and then open the flap panel. Radio frequency will work on radio waves and is usually set automatically.



The smart doors come in different sizes for different types of dogs, from small to large, or even extra-large. Big pets can use large or extra-large doors, while little ones need small-sized panels.


The dog’s height is the most important, so that accurate pieces can be cut from the door. Then holds are drilled inside the frame, and panel flap will get installed in the cutout. Do note to purchase a pet door which is big enough for your furry friend to pass through.

Smart App to connect with

Some of wifi pet doors have a smartphone app connecting the dog door with the app on your phone. By that way, you can control the workings of your automatic door using these apps anywhere. Also, they have a variety of features, and dog owners are able to monitor their dog’s activities and habits.


Consider that a smart door is powered in various ways, and some are powered with  AC adaptors, which can be plugged into any socket.


What is an automatic dog door?

Automatic dog doors are door panels installed on human doors to allow your dog free movement around homes without any assistance. They work based on microchips, or radio frequency identification.

The vet will install microchips between the shoulder blades of pets. Sensors in the door’s panel can detect the signals, then letting your dog move across. In case a signal is not recognized, the dog can’t move across the panel. Therefore, stray dogs or intruders will not be able to come into the house.

What is the best automated dog door?

It depends on your requirement and expectations to decide the best one. A good door works on smart functions with quick sensors and detection. In addition, they own a direct approach, so that the door panels can open only when your dog approaches them directly, but not when he is just playing around.

How does an automatic dog door work?

Smart doors are based on radio frequency identification, or microchip. Your dog carries a key fob in his collar, or a microchip in his body. By that way, the microchip will send signals for the door panel to open, while the key fob sends a trigger to the door. The signal is detected by the sensor which was already installed in the door’s panel, then making the panel open.


1. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor – Collar Activated Dog and Cat door

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor is an automatic dog door with a competitive price of nearly $100 only. Smartkeys are features of this door, as these keys are systemized in program and help to identify your pet automatically.

♥ CUSTOMIZE YOUR DOG’S ACCESS: The smart door owns programmable options of selective entry, exit and auto-locking.
♥ GAIN YOUR PEACE OF MIND: With a waterproof smartkey worn on your dog’s collar, the smart door allows only pets wearing a smart key to go in and out.
♥ USE FOR MULTIPLE PETS: This door is ideal for households with multiple pets, as it’s programmable for up to 5 smart keys.
♥ SAFELY BATTERY OPERATED: The door is safe, operated with 4 D-Cell batteries.
♥ EASY DOOR INSTALLATION: The door is designed for installation in exterior/ interior human doors. Wall installed option is also available, with additional purchase of Wall installation kit.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

2. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is perfect to use for small dogs, or cats. It’s outstanding with timer setting, which enables you to set it to lock & unlock at a specific time. This will work for setting to lock the door at the same time each day.

♥ SELECTIVE ENTRY PET DOOR: The door scans on ENTRY only, using RFID to read your dog’s implanted ID microchip to allow your dog access without letting in other stray animals. With SIMPLE ONE BUTTON programming, the door helps prevent intruder animals from entering your house.
♥ SET CURFEW TIME: This special option can program the door to lock & unlock at specified times.
♥ MICROCHIP COMPATIBILITY: The smart doors work with 9 (avid secure), 10 (FDXA), and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers. In case you are unsure of your dog’s microchip number, you can check it with your veterinarian, animal rescue or pet shelter.
♥ DOOR OPENING: The door’s opening is 6 11/16’’ high by 7’’ wide, and can be installed in windows, walls, or doors.
♥ BATTERY POWERED OPERATION: The smart door uses 4C non-rechargeable alkaline battery, with its life up to 12 months. When batteries are low, light flashes red, and it means that you need to replace the battery soon.

3. Perfect Pet Electromagnetic Door

If you are looking for a simple smart door for your little puppy with a limited budget, the Perfect Pet Electromagnetic Door should be taken into consideration. It may meet your basic demand on a smart door for your small dog or cat.

♥ 4-way operation with a transparent, unbreakable LEXAN flap
♥ Weather proof design gains efficiency for interior or exterior use.
♥ Small construction works well with small dogs or cats of up to 25 lbs.
♥ 9-volt Battery operation with one E-Sensor Collar included (Additional E collars are available for purchase).
♥ Opening flap up to 7’’ by 9’’.

4. High Tech Pet Power Door

High Tech Pet Power Door is among premium dog doors. It’s costly, but features a translucent panel made of bulletproof resin. The air-tight panel powers upward when your dog approaches, then the door closes into hermetically-sealed grooves. By that way, intruders or stray animals are kept out.

♥ MOTOR SYSTEM: The door is equipped with a motor driven vertically-sliding door, which is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar.
♥ DIRECTIONAL SENSING SYSTEM: This helps to open the door only when your dog is on a direct approach, instead of when he’s just wandering around or sleeping next to the door.
♥ 4-WAY ACCESS CONTROL: Select from In Only, Out Only, Closed & Locked, and Full Access.
♥ WIND & WEATHERPROOF: With airtight seal, the automatic deadbolt locking raises a level of security higher than other kinds of doors.

5. PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door offers the ultimate in independence and flexibility. With automatic locking system, the door only allow entry to your dogs, preventing curious animals and strays from wandering into your house. Providing up to 5 programmed smart keys, the Petsafe door gives owners full control over their beloved pets and wanderings.

♥ SELECTIVE ENTRY: The PetSafe smart door unlocks only when detecting the unique collar key, thereby stopping strays or unwanted animals from entering your house.
♥ MULTI PET HOMES: The smart door can unlock for up to 5 programmed smart keys, which makes it ideal for multiple pets.
♥ CONVINIENT: Due to unlocking for your pets exclusively, the door relieves owners of constant supervision while still giving your pets their freedom they love. It may fit door of 3.8-5 cm thick or 18.5 cm or more with additional tunnels.
♥ PROGRAMMABLE MODES: The modes provide ultimate in flexibility, then the smart door can be adapted to automatically lock or unlock. This offers the full control over their dogs’ boundaries.


Well, have you found out the best automatic dog doors for your buddy? With the extensive reviews above, we vote the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door for the most favorite item in terms of price, function, and efficiency. Along with the continuous development of technology, there are more and more smart items for pets, which provide better experience and ultimate convenience for both you and your pets. Updogsupplies hope that our reviews and votes may help you to gain detailed understanding about the smart doors, thereby choosing the best automatic dog door for your furry friend.

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