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Best Outdoor Dog Houses In 2021

The importance of purchasing a special house for your pet to sleep in when staying outdoors is not up for debate – the best outdoor dog houses are capable of keeping your puppy warm, protecting him from other elements, or giving him a sense of security which is hard to achieve in outdoor living situations. Are you struggling with finding the right house for your furry family member? The variety of houses for sale has become so big that now you have dozens of great options to consider. Check out here the best outdoor dog houses in each category with our list, and follow our buying guide to select a product which will work well for both of you!


1. Petmate Aspen Petbarn Dog House

We recommend the Petmate Aspen Petbarn Dog House for the cheapest price but durable enough to use outdoor. The house provides security and comfort for both small and large pets. Known for classic pet products from orthopedic dog beds to chicken coops, Aspen Pet is confident to launch the Petmate House into the market.

Key Features
♥ DURABLE PROTECTION: The construction of durable plastic never needs painting, as well as it is naturally rot & mold resistant.
♥ ALL WEATHER OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The rear ventilation offers proper air flow to keep the Petbarn house comfortable and cool for your pets.
♥ PRODUCT DIVERSITY: The house is available in 4 sizes, ranging up to 90 pounds, which suits all types and breeds of pets. There are traditional travel carriers, wire training & exercise kennels, barn style houses, play pens and more.
♥ NO-TOOL ASSEMBLY: It’s very to assemble without any tools.

2. Petsfit ourdoor wooden dog house

If you are raising a small pet, a Petsfit ourdoor wooden dog house will work for your little friend to use outdoor. Equipped with basic assembly, the house is durable and functional to stay outdoor with your pets.

Key Features
♥ SUITABLE FOR SMALL DOGS: This product matches little dogs or cats, with its outer DIM 33’’x25’’x23’’, and inner DIM of living space: 16.5’’x18’’x16’’.
♥ PROTECTIVE: The house’s raised floor, sealed protective coating, and slanted asphalt roof contribute to protect your pets from outdoor elements, as well as keep the cabin dry and comfortable. In addition, an interior door helps your pets get away from the wind and rain.
♥ DURABLE: This outdoor shelter is sturdy and strong for long-lasting protection, thanks to its solid wood and stainless-steel hardware.
♥ MULTI-FEATURES INCLUDED: Easy-cleaning is a pros of this house thanks to a removable raised floor. In addition, you can level shelter on uneven ground with adjustable feet. Also, it’s easy for you to put the house together in a few steps with pre-drilled holes.
♥ A BALCONY EQUIPPED: This is a special feature we found in a dog house. This balcony can provide our pets a safe and cozy place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

3. Giantex Plastic Dog House

Giantex Plastic Dog House is a good decision if you are investing time to look for a pretty convenient dog kennel. It owns an elegant simple design, but it’s still sturdy during long time using outdoor with its tough PP material. The house’s internal room has volume enough for your large or small pets to play and sleep inside without being bothered by any conditions. Your pets will surely love it!

Key Features
♥ DIFFERENT SIZES: There are sizes for all dog breeds. This house is a great place to keep your pets warm during winter and cool during summer. Also, you can use it for storage their toys.
♥ ELEVATED FLOOR & VATERPROOF ROOF: The floor is capable of raising 3 inches above the ground in order to prevent water from splashing inside. Meanwhile, the roof can well-protect your pets away from the wind, rain, and snow, thereby providing a warm and sturdy shelter for them.
♥ OUTDOOR FEEDING STATION: This house can be used as a safe place to put food & water for feral dogs/ cats that live in your neighborhood, as well as keep them dry and warm when it’s raining.
♥ EASY TO ASSEMBLE: It takes about 20 minutes to put all together. Holes are already pre-drilled and just a matter of your aligning parts. The product has all tools required, and stakes to secure the house strictly to the ground.
♥ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS FOR LONG TIME USE: Made of thick PP material, the house is guaranteed to offer durable using experience.

4. Petmate Indigo Dog House

A Petmate Indigo Dog House is considered to be a sturdy spacious shelter for every season. Its heavy-duty construction, roof-ventilation system, extended doorway create a dog kennel with ultimate comfort for your furry friend when enjoying outdoor moments.

Key Features
♥ IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This provides insulation in cold or hot weather. There’s an offset doorway shielding pets from rain as well as venting on the top of the roof circulates fresh air.
♥ A SAFE AND CLEAN HOUSE: The raised floor and side moats of the outdoor dog house helps to drain water, as well as keep your pets dry. Especially, the Microban Antimicrobial protection contributes to prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
♥ DIFFERENT TYPES FOR SELECTION: This product varies in some types, including traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, barn-style houses, or play pens.

5. Petsfit wooden dog house

Petsfit wooden dog house is also a good choice for a wooden sturdy kennel. With its size variety, durability and easy assembly, it’s worth to take this product as a gift for your pet’s outdoor staying.

Key Features
♥ VARIABLE IN SIZES: There are big sizes for your large dogs, so it can be suitable for your large dog breeds.
♥ DURABLE CONSTRUCTION & EASY ASSEMBLY: Made of Finnish spruce panels, the house gains highest durability. In addition, stainless steel hardware & strong asphalt shingles bring about strength and sturdiness for long-lasting protection.
♥ PROTECTIVE DESIGN: The log cabin design comes with a slanted asphalt roof & door flap, which provides protection from outside elements and keep the cabin house dry and comfortable. Moreover, the open-up roof brings about easy access for cleaning, while airing out the interior maintain a hygienic dog house.
♥ REMOVABLE FLOOR: The dog kennel is equipped with a removable floor, which is easy for cleaning. There is ADDITIONAL SUPPORT RAILS to hold pets better inside. This is a safer shelter for your lovely dogs.
♥ RAISED FLOOR WTH ADJUSTABLE FEET: There is a raised floor from the ground provides a dry surface and great air circulation for your dog. With an adjustable foot, it is able to create a level platform for the pet house.

6. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

One of the best outdoor dog houses is Suncast Outdoor Dog House, which can be suitable for large dogs of up to 70 pounds, and perfect for your backyards, decks, or patios.

Key Features
♥ DURABLE: Being constructed from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor, the house can keep your dog safe from all of weather elements outside.
♥ HASSLE FREE ASSEMBLY: The dog house snaps together with easy, and your furry friend can enjoy the new home immediately.
♥ GOOD LOOKING DESIGN: It looks like a simple human house. The contemporary house design seems to match most outdoor decoration, and it resists fading as well as washes easily.
♥ DOOR INCLUDED: You don’t need to purchase any door, as a vinyl door (11.75’’ x 20.5’’) is already included. This door provides higher security and insulation for your dog without obstructing exit/entry.

7. Amazon Basic Elevated Portable Pet House

With a cheap price and so simple design, the Amazon Basic Elevated Portable Pet House is a favorite item of many dog owners. There are 03 colors (black, blue, & khaki), with Small & Medium sizes for small dogs or cats.

Key Features
♥ PORTABLE AND FLEXIBILITY: The house is portable off-the-ground, providing a cozy shelter for small dogs or cats.
♥ COMFORTABLE: With a rectangular shape, the house offers great support and comfort, the large front opening brings to easy in & out access.
♥ LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE: The house is a combination of oxford fabric & mech cloth, and metal & plastic components. Yet, it’s still easy to clean.


The variety of good and bad pet houses has become so big that you may need weeks or even some months to find the best one for your pup without breaking the bank. Luckily, we’ve prepared here an extensive guide on how to select the most suitable house for your dog, as well as which features to consider.

Why should you buy a dog house?

Even though outdoor pet houses are becoming more and more popular, they are not the common item on a shopping list of a new dog owner. Who exactly should buy an outside dog house? Simply to answer this question: If your pet spends lots of time outdoors, you will benefit from using a dog house.

The most obvious reason why any dog owner should invest in dog houses is that it can protect your pup from other elements. In other words, being left without shelter when it’s snowing, or raining, or when the outside temperatures get too low or high, is big threats to any dog’s well-being. Clearly, a solid house with a roof and raised floor will help to lower the bad impact that the weather may affect to your pup.

At the same time, you are gifting your puppy with a space that is only for him, and giving him a strong sense of security. Your little pup will be able to catch up on naps, spend some time without interacting with human family members, or take a break from playing.

Types of outside dog houses

Nowadays you will find an outdoor dog house made from one of the two below materials:


When thinking about a classic dog house, probably wooden houses are what you imagine firstly. These houses have been produced for long time as wood has numerous advantages over other kinds of materials. It is beautiful, sturdy, and warmer than metal or plastic. Another plus is that wooden houses come in all sizes and shapes, with all kinds of add-ons. Still, the wood is prone to tick infestations, but as long as you use cedar or similar kinds of wood for your dog houses, it should be fine.


If considering about price, plastic ones are among the cheapest options, and one of its main pros is their light weight. Then you can easily transport the house around, or even take it with you while travelling. They are also easy-to-clean, and don’t require any special varnishes to make them last longer. The most disadvantage of plastic houses is that they are mostly good for warm climate, as only a small part of plastic houses can be insulated.

Style of outside dog houses


The classic house is something you may probably see in cartoons, or films, and can imagine when thinking about a typical house. They are made from plastic or wood, have a slanted roof, and often a raised door. The traditional houses are great for their durability, but more importantly, they are the most universal kind of dog houses which can be used all over the year.


Shaped like domes, igloo houses are extremely stable against wind and other elements. They are often purchased for harsher climates where you require a warm outdoor sleeping place for your furry family member. Most of igloo houses come with a special ventilation system which allows the air to circulate without lowering the inside temperature.


If you are living in a hot place with a plenty of sunlight, your main consideration is to purchase a house with a noticeable shade effect. And a canopy is what you should go for. They are constructed of a canvas roof, and an airy construction, so that your pet will be able to enjoy the fresh air while still being protected effectively from the sun. Moreover, a canopy dog house can be transported easily for travelling purposes.

Important features to consider

Dog size

The dog house’s size is considered to be an essential parameter, as you don’t want your pet to feel confined by the limited space of the house. It’s recommended to measure your puppy and choose a house which fits your dog closely, so that the house doesn’t feel empty.


If you are living in a mild climate with no extreme temperatures all the year, you may look for a house with regular wall, or a door flap. But if you live in hot or warm weather all the year, you should consider something like a lightweight plastic house or a gazebo which does not provide extra warmth.


Fresh air is among the most vital aspects of a pet house, as your pet may suffer from a heat stroke or get negative symptoms if staying without proper ventilation. Look for a house with sufficient effective ventilation through its doors, or roof ventilation openings. Also simply, you can drill some holes around the house for an extra flow of fresh-air.


Many plastic or wooden houses intended for cold living conditions come with insulation. They can provide sufficient protection against milder low temperature. However, if living in an extremely cold climate, you can’t count in just insulation to ensure your pet’s warmth all day and night.


The best pet houses for busy owners are those which can be assembled in a few steps, and don’t require specialized tools or excessive construction knowledge. This also help to save time and energy for setting up.


Some dog owners also take cameras into consideration when choosing dog houses. In fact, cameras have become so affordable that owners can install two: one inside and one outside. By that way, we can watch him while he’s sleeping, and also see how he plays and spends free time. A lot of cameras can be connected to smartphones, so you can monitor your little pup easily.


From our reviews above for the best outdoor dog houses, we feel that Petsfit wooden dog house is the most adorable one. You can look for an affordable house with no fancy features, or surprise your puppy with a gorgeous house with a cutting-edge design. Besides, air conditioning, heating, insulation, ventilation, or monitoring are among features to look for in a good house. With our mentioned guides, you may have an easier choosing process and definitely enjoy the result.

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