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Top 7 Rated Dog Foods for Papillons In 2021 

What is the best dog food for Papillons? The Papillon is considered to be a happy, outgoing dog that always sports a sunny disposition. With widespread ears, the Papillon is referred to as the “butterfly dogs” and is among the oldest of the European toy breeds. They normally get along well with cats and other dog breeds. They should be a good pet for most family but you should take care of them if your home has small children or large, boisterous dogs. Papillons love to curl up in your lap to play with people. The Papillon is now the 49th most popular breed in the US.

Why quality food matters for your Papillon?

Typically, male paps weigh 8-10 pounds and stand 10-11 inches tall, while female paps weigh between 5-7 pounds and stand 8-9 inches tall. Due to their small appearance, they need a properly sized kibble with natural high-quality ingredients in order to keep them feeling their best. You may want to choose a kind of wet food since your Papillon is quite tiny at first.

According to “National Research Council” of the National Academies, an adult Pap weighing around 10 pounds will require an average daily caloric intake of approximately 392 kcal. Meanwhile, dogs who have been spayed or neutered, or who are older, may require slightly fewer calories. And some dogs may even need more calories depending on their individual metabolism or their level of activity. For instance, if your pap weighs 10 pounds and does agility, you might need to feed him around 436 kcal.

A growing puppy consumes more calories than an adult dog. A young Papillon puppy weighing 7 pounds may need an estimated 334 kcal per day. Remember that you need to adjust your dog’s food intake based on his activity level as well as other related factors.

How to feed you Papillon?

In comparison with other small breeds, the Papillon has such a high metabolic rate. Then even burn more calories than larger breeds. For this reason, dog foods formulated for small breed puppies usually have more calories per ounce than other kinds of dog foods. When spending an hour to play with a Boston Terrier, your little Pap will use up more calories than larger dogs. That’s why small breed foods are recommended for Paps and Pap puppies.

Besides, they also have very small stomachs and they are hard to eat a lot at one meal. It’s suggested that adult dogs have at least 2 small meals per day, or even 4 small meals per day for puppies, otherwise Papillons can develop hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. You can reduce their meals to three per day by the time he is 6 months old. And when he reaches 1 year old, you can feed him with 2 meals per days as an adult.

As with any dog, you should feed him a good quality dog food. High animal protein food is usually a good choice.

Papillon Health Problems

Known as a healthy and long-lived breed, most Paps are said to stay active and playful well in their teen years. This breed has few hereditary diseases, but some dogs can have problems which are common to other small dog breeds. These problems include open fontanels, patellar luxation, and problems with the dog’s palate or bite.

Paps are among the breeds who are sensitive to anesthesia. The Pap club of America recommends the use of safe anesthetics like isoflurane in case your Pap needs an anesthetic. It’s recommended to discuss this issue with your veterinarian before scheduling any surgery or dental procedure.

Ingredients to Avoid And Look for?

When choosing a food for you Pap, you should look for a food with good sources of fat and protein.

It’s ideal to select a dog food that features two or three sources of protein, such as chicken, fish, beef, and lamb. Meat is usually considered one of the first ingredients in a high-quality dog food.

Dogs also need a good source of fat, such as chicken fat. Other named fats also provide necessary nutrients, such as fish oil which provides omega-3 fatty acid in order to keep the coat and skin healthy. Besides, puppies can benefit from DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is a specific form of omega-3 fatty acid which helps with eye and brain development.

In case you want to avoid soy, corn, or wheat in your dog food, your Pap may still should eat an alternative grain such as oats or barley, or you can feed them a grain free dog food which uses an alternate source of carbs like sweet potatoes. There’s no need to feed a dog food with an excessively high percentage of protein, however, it’s a good idea to keep the percentage of carb low to moderate.

Recommended foods for an adult Papillon

Your Pap should eat most good quality dog foods, unless he has a food allergy or sensitivity or other health problems. In case he got a food allergy or similar, it’s better to avoid foods with ingredients which are triggers for your dogs. Updogsupplies suggested a variety of foods here for Paps. Most of them do not contain corn, soy, or wheat, unless noted. Some of them are also low-glycemic since young Paps (especially puppies) may got problems with hypoglycemia. These kinds of foods should help prevent you Pap from having his sugar levels rise and fall between meals. You may try a couple of foods in order to find the best one for your pet. Also, keep in mind that your pet’s dietary needs can change by time as he grows, so you may think about change foods to suit him.

The best foods for Papillons

1. Royal Canin X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food

With a variety of dog food options out there which feature formulas and focus on ingredients, how do you know which nutrition is suitable for your pet? Even if your Pap is big or small, Royal Canin owns a right-sized diet, with the precise amount of nutrients needed for each stage of their magnificent life. Your extra-small Papillon has a big nutritional need. Their playful energy requires a diet which can keep up with them. However, due to their tiny jaws and miniature teeth, the kibble should be small enough for them to pick up and chew. Royal Canin X-small Adult dry food is targeted nutrition for your mini dog’s petite size.

Key Features
♥ Each Royal Canin Nutrition diet is well made up of balanced nutrients precisely, which supply the most effective nutrion for Paps of variable weights and life stages.
♥ Ranging from X-Small to Giant formulas, the product offers precise nutrition amount for your dog’s nutritional demand.
♥ Meet the high energy requirement of extra-small dogs, with calorie levels targeted for their size.



– Formulate with adapted energy levels in order to meet the high-energy demands of miniature and toy breed Paps.

– Formulate with an ideal level of DHA and EPA to support for a health skin and a pretty, shiny coat.

– Promote healthy digestion thanks to highly digestible protein and precise amount of fiber.

– Provide digestive support with a blend of dietary fibers and digestible proteins.


– A bit expensive

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Have you ever heard that even little dogs can have a big appetite? The Hill’s Science Dog Food is made with natural ingredients for less active adult dogs. This low-calorie food helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight for your pap. Made with small size kibble, this light food is specially good to promote not only healthy weight, but joint and heart function as well.

Key Features
♥ Made of natural ingredients.
♥ Improve your little do’s immune systems with a special antioxidant blend.
♥ Almost naturally, not artificially colored, preserved or flavored.
♥ Promote healthy body weight with L-carnitine.


  • Great tasting ingredients naturally with added minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Good for mobility and heart function thanks to its low calorie ingredients.
  • Ease your small breed dog’s hunger between meals with quality protein and natural fibers.
  • Build up a healthy skin and a shiny coat with vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids.


  • May not suitable for small paps.
  • Some dogs may need time to get used to the food’s flavor.

3. Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food.

Key Features
♥ The product is specially made for dogs from 1-7 years old and weighing between 23-55 pounds.
♥ Sized based formulas: Royal Canin diets foods are formulated to support all your pap’s demands like joint support, optimal weight, as well as dental care thanks to kibble adapted to their unique jaw size and shape.
♥ Tailored for lifestage and size: The product addresses each size and stage of dog’s life to cater to your pet’s nutritional needs.
♥ Complete and balanced nutrition: An incorporation of dry and wet food will benefit your Pap. While dry food concentrates on nutrients and texture providing brushing effect, the wet food provide moisture content which helps to support hydration.


  • Nutrition ingredients and quantity are precise to support natural defenses for immune support with a blend of prebiotics and antioxidants.
  • Support to maintain a healthy skin and coat with the optimal levels of DHA & EPA.
  • Promote your pap’s digestion with easy-to-digest protein as well as a balanced supply of fiber.
  • Especially, the item owns an exclusive kibble design which encourages chewing and it has a palatability for your Pap.


  • High price
  • Limited flavor variety

4. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog

If you are searching for a kind of food which is suitable for paps with particular needs, like weight management, joint health, and low carb diet, it’s Victor Dog Food that you are looking for. This one contributes to enhance metabolic function, cellular regeneration, as well as a strong immune support.

Key Features
♥ Grain Free - Best for dogs who get allergies or sensitivity to grain.
♥ Nutrient-defense recipe – The food is made with premium quality pork, beef, and fish.
♥ Fortified with minerals & essential vitamins, fatty/ amino acids, and protein.



  • Provide sustained energy for dogs with high physical demands or sporting dogs.
  • Ideal for pregnant or lactating female Paps, or growing puppies.
  • Promote healthy immune and digestive systems thanks to its advanced, proven VICTOR CORE ingredient formulation.
  • Support and enhance immune defense and digestive systems of your pap.
  • Ultimate function for a healthy skin and coat, paw pad integrity, and efficient metabolism.


  • Rather expensive
  • Should care about preservation to avoid ants/ bugs.

5. Purina Pro Plan Small Breed & Toy Breed Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Papillons don’t just look distinctive in size, they gain nutrition that supports their unique demands. That’s the reason why Pro Plan Toy Breed formulas offer the ultimate benefits for highly-active paps. This contains high protein, easier-to-chew kibble size, and live probiotics for paps’ digestive and immune health. Wow, it’s worth to feed your dog this outstanding food.

Key Features
♥ An ideal daily nutrition and great tasting formulas small-dog food.
♥ Varies in flavor and ingredients, including: chicken, chicken & egg, and lamb with shreds.


  • Formulated with calcium, minerals, and phosphorus to maintain strong teeth and bones.
  • Offer delicious taste and texture with its crunchy kibble and tender with shredded pieces.
  • Fortified with live probiotics, thereby enhancing digestive and immune health for you Paps.


  • Should care about preservation to avoid ants/ bugs.
  • Maybe not soft enough for those with bad teeth and digestive issues.

6. Royal Canin Dachshund Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

It is said that Royal Canin cooperates with veterinarians, breeders and pet experts to find out the effects of each nutrient, as well as they develop a formula ideal and precise for a particular breed. With Royal Canin Dachshund Dry Dog Food, it has an unique kibble shape, complete & balanced nutrition, and meet the Pap’s specific needs.

Key Features
♥ Exclusive design with a tailor-made kibble in order to help Paps pick up and chew their foods.
♥ The food is designed with nutritional needs for Paps from 10 months old or older.
♥ Has variable shapes, sizes, and texture for each dog’s jaw structures and its biting patterns.
♥ While dry food concentrates on nutrients and texture, the wet food has moisture content which support healthy hydration.


  • Enhance and maintain joint and bone health with phosphorus & calcium, thereby supporting a long backbone and tiny limbs.
  • Support the dog’s muscle tone with precise L-carnitine and protein content.
  • Support and reduce stool volume and stool odor with its highly digestible proteins & fibers.


  • The cost keeps changing rather high
  • Picky eater may not like this.

7. Open Farm Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Yes, this is considered to be the best ingredients for your BFF, with a recipe that is high protein, low carb, and especially offer a variety of ingredients with easy switching.

Key Features
♥ Not contain artificial flavors or preservatives.
♥ Non-GMO fruits and vegetables.
♥ High in protein with fresh meats from audited higher welfare farms and wild-caught fish


  • 100% traceable ingredients
  • Great source of protein
  • Humanely raised beef
  • No corn, grain, soy, or wheat
  • No rendered poultry
  • A good source of prebiotic fibres for a healthy digestion support


  • Not for dogs with chicken/ turkey allergies

Questions & Answers

What to look for in a quality dog food for Paps?

Answer: The ideal meal for your Papillon is one which contains a high-protein formulation, a good source of fiber, well-sourced fruits & vegetables, and all-natural ingredients. Examples of these would mention beef, or beef liver, following by vegetables, fruits, or whole grains. Also, make sure to check the expiration date of your dog’s food, and 6-10 months expiration date is ideal. Of course, this means it is fresher as well as does not contain too much artificial preservatives inside. If a food shows an expiration date of up to 2 years for example, it likely includes synthetic preservatives.

How much food should a Pap eat each day?

Answer: They should eat from ¼ to ½ cup of food each day, and split between the 2 meals. It’s recommended to avoid feeding them table scraps or people food, as this may result in begging habits, weight-gain tendency, and health issues.

Does a Papillon need grain-free dog food?

Answer: You shouldn’t assume that a grain-free diet is good. Actually, there is some controversy about the long-term safety of grain-free diets for dogs. Therefore, unless your Pap has an allergy or sensitivity to grain, a diet made with whole-grain carbohydrates may bring benefits to your dog.


When it comes to the best dog food for a Papillon, many people talk about calorie and nutrient dense. In fact, the ingredients’ quality play a crucial role in a food’s quality, but you also need to concern about how much and how often to feed you Pap. Take what we’ve suggested here and apply it to ensure that your Pap gets the most suitable food that he needs to enjoy a happy long lifespan by your side. After our reviews, we feel that the Open Farm Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the most outstanding one with ultimate criteria. If you still not sure which one to choose for your Pap, try one of our above reviewed foods!

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