Have you ever concerned about the best dog travel bags? If you have a pet, you probably have to take them to the doctor, go out, or anywhere. For places that need to travel far, there will certainly be things that help pets feel most comfortable. You can use a cat and dog transporter bag to easily carry your pet anywhere. The following article would like to share some experience when choosing this product.

I. Why do you need to buy pet transport bags?

As a pet owner, you may have had to bring your dog to a certain place many times. You may need to bring him to ride, take on the plane right? At that time, cat and dog transporting bags will be an indispensable choice for you. Especially carrying a pet without a transport bag will be very easy to make them lost. Such a dangerous situation!

A pet backpack fitting your pet’s size will be the first choice of many people for every trip. These products will help you carry your lovely puppy or cute cats anywhere without having to worry about incurred problems.


If you do not use such products, only using the lead chain will be extremely inconvenient, which is only suitable for short moving. In the beginning, it will be rather difficult for your pet to immediately accept being locked in a travel bag, you need to gradually train them to be obedient and comfortable getting into it whenever they need to go on travelling or moving.

II. How to instruct cats and dogs to get used to the travel bag?

To train cats and dogs to get used to the shipping bag, first open the bag, let your pet sniff around and spend time playing with the new item. A while later, when they have discovered the transport bag, you put their favorite pet food into the bag for them to eat inside. This action helps your pet understand that they can eat comfortably in that bag as they used to eat only when they were outside.

They will gradually maintain a habit and they will surely slip into their pockets the next time to look for food. In case your pet is too stubborn, even not eating food in the bag, please be patient. Keep the transport bag in a location where your pet is easy to see and touch, and continue to retry the training another time.


Do not force your pet into the shipping bag the first time, it will take time for them to adapt and get used to this new item. Most people make the mistake of putting pets in their pockets and taking them away to scare them and never dare to get close to the shipping bag.

There are many cases of cats and dogs frightened and vomiting when locked up in a transportation bag while we are moving. You also do not need to worry about this issue as they will gradually get used to and adapt to the environmental conditions in the shipping bag. As long as you provide enough food in the bag for your pet and give them time to get used to.

III. How to choose suitable travel bags for cats and dogs?

Along with choosing the best dog travel bags, it is also necessary to train your pet to get used to and adapt to the shipping bag, you need to choose the most suitable products. Specifically, the product must match the size and weight of your pet and yourself. Simply because if you wear a bag on your shoulder, weight will directly affect the two shoulders causing pain. Moreover, pets are also uncomfortable when forced into a house that is too small for their body.

When you are searching and choosing a dog transport bag, it is best to consult the size and material of the product. Also bring your pet and let them try the product to see if it fits. This is the way you can make the best choice for your shopping decision. The best choice will be influenced by following assessments:

  • Pets must have comfortable space when in a transport bag
  • Can you take the product with you anywhere you go?
  • Should choose products with easy-to-clean materials
  • Designs and colors to suit your preferences.
  • The shipping bag is adjustable to fit your height
  • Consider products suitable for a variety of pets


Finally, you should select products in stores that quality products are provided. Be careful with cheap products as they may not very durable and often do not have aesthetic value. You need to know that, the first time in the pocket, the pet will definitely bite to escape so you need to choose products that ensure durability.


1. K9 Sport Dog Carrier Backpack

If you would like to find a multiple color product line, the K9 Sport Dog Carrier Backpack is your answer. It diverses in up to 19 colors (Wow, this is among items which have many colors) and has 6 sizes (Extra Small, XSmall, Small, Medium, Large and XX-Large). Its price is competive and among the mid-range prices, with about 69.95 for the smallest size and 179.95 for largest size.


Key Features
♥ Diversity in color and size, which seems to meet the demand of everyone. How big or small your pet is, this product line can meet that size. Scorll down in each size of product description for finding the right size for your pet.
♥ Ideal for shopping, motorcycles, skiing, hiking, bikes, subways, dancing, …
♥ Made of ventilated cooling side panels, adjustable dual side pockets, sternum strap avalanche whistle clip and moisture wicking and ventilated shoulder straps. This brings about the highest safety and comfort your buddy.
♥ Especially if you are hikers, this item would be a perfect decision. Why don’t try it out?

K9 Sport Dog Carrier Backpack

2. CloverPet Luxury Bubble Sporty Pet Carrier Travel Backpack 

Are you a fashionista? And you love all fashionable items with eye-catching design? You can find that in CloverPet Luxury Sporty Carrier Backpack. It is believed that everyone will be attracted by its design at the first sight. Such an amazing lovely item!

Key Features
♥ The outstanding feature of this product is its semi-sphere window design besides normal functions of regular pet carriers. Wow, this allows pets to look around the outside world during transportation.
♥ Equipped with a mobile bed, an in-cabin airplane carrier and a car seat, the product is well designed with extra adjustable backpack straps and a carrying handle, which makes the carrier backpack to be easier to attach to a seatbelt.
♥ The item have an outstanding strength thanks to its mesh panels, security leash with ventilation holes. Besides, its soft washable pad, top and side-entries contribute to provide the maximum accessibility.
♥ The weekness is that there’s only 1 size, which is 14.2"L x 12.2"W x 19.3"H outside and 13.2"L x 10.4"W x 16.1"H inside, the diameter of semisphere is 6.7". Its carrier weight is 6.6 pounds.

CloverPet Luxury Bubble Sporty Pet Carrier Travel Backpack 

3. DJANGO Dog Carry Bag

Another product we’d like to review here is DJANGO Dog Carry Bag, which is among stylish carry bags. It’s available in 3 colors (Black, Navy and Green) and 2 sizes of Medium and Large size. It looks like branded handbags, easy-to-use for any events or situations.

Key Features
♥ ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR TRAVEL & ADVENTURE: There is a combination of stylish waxed canvas and leather material, which is best for your pup’s daily travel or adventure.
♥ SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Made of smooth leather with golden hardware, soft leather handles c/w 10’’ drop, exterior leather-embossed logo of Django and interior silky 230T nylon water-resistant lining.
♥ COMFORTABLE & SECURE: Max carrying comfort is provided thanks to handles engineered, comfy scoop for your puppy’s head, top-zip closure, 4-zipper pockets and sturdy footpad in cozy Sherpa sleeve. All of them bring about the highest comfor and function to this producnt.


CloverPet Luxury Bubble Sporty Pet Carrier Travel Backpack 

4. Katziela Pet Carrier with Removable Wheels

If you absolutely love your dog, this is the most luxury pet carrier you may get. With its plentiful mesh windows, comfy interior & a telescopic handle that you can bring your pet together for any adventure. The Katziela Pet Carrier attracts its clients by its simple color (grey and rounded circle theme).

Key Features
♥ AIRLINE APPROVED: This travel carrier meets TSA and most airlines standards, which can be taken on most airplane flights. It is advisable that you should measure your dog and check with your favorite airline in advance about pet travel requirements before purchasing.
♥ COMFORTABLE INTERIOR: Thanks to its washable mattress pad and inner safety leash, the product brings about the maximum confort inside. Speacial mesh windows and breathable carrier create its best quality.
♥ PRACTICAL &EFFICIENT: With a lightweight wheel-styled carrier, it is cozy and your dog will so comfy that they will be in too deep a sleep to notice your comings & goings.
♥ VENTILATED: With a plenty of mesh pockets, the productallow for convenient storage and comfortable ventilation.

Katziela Pet Carrier

Katziela Pet Carrier with Removable Wheels

5. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs & Cats

If you are raising small pup or cats, Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack will suit you. Among the best dog travel bags, this product just looks like a common backpack with 2 color (Black and Red), its high applicability works. People call this carrier backpack is perfect for exploring the outdoors with your beloved pup. Why will you love it?

Key Features
♥ Suit dogs and cats up to 25 lbs
♥ Transformable with stow away straps for multi-functionality
♥ Comfortable: Adjustable and padded for all day comfort
♥ Mesh ventilation: Well ventilated for air circulation
♥ Dimension: 13”W x 21”H x 10”D

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs & CatsKurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs & Cats

6. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

You love riding bicycle and on the way to find a bag to bring your pet together? The awesome Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet trailer is what you are seeking. With rear doggy door and folding brake, this item allows for easy access for your furry friend, the sunroof opening even lets your pets enjoy the outside view while staying safe inside. The unique folding frame and quick-release wheels pack up neatly for your easy storage and transport. There are 2 sizes for small and large dog breeds, coming along with 3 colors (Blue, Green and Orange).

Key Features
♥ Smooth performance: With two-wheel design featuring 16-inch air-filled tires and molded rims limit torque placed on bicycle for a smooth and responsive ride.
♥ Go anywhere: The unique collapsible folding frame is really perfect for family vacations and tidy compact storage when necessary.
♥ Easy to use: The included Schwinn Universal Coupler makes it easy to attach the trailer to just about any bicycle out there.
♥ Flexible: The internal leash is adjustable so pets from leaping out of the trailer, holds one pet who weighs up to 50 lbs. There is a plenty of air ventilation and safety flag is included.

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

7. Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier, Black

You are busy and travel frequently, and want to bring your pet with you in all the time. This item surely suits your purpose. Just travel with peace of mind. Travelling with a dog is sometimes stressful, but traveling with Sherpa ensures your pets are secure and comfortable. Widely recognized as its premier producer of soft-sided carriers, Sheroa is the innovator of fuction and style for dog travel and the only line of carriers that is backed by the Guaranteed on-board promise. It is designed with one size and one color only, but that should be enough for a useful and popular item like this.

Key Features
♥ Smooth and quiet motion: Thanks to its recessed castor wheels, the product is smooth, quiet, and steady motion.
♥ Better visibility: A flag is included for your pet’s better visibility while traveling.
♥ Carry it or pull it: Extra comfort is provided thanks to its padded pull handle detached as an adjustable luggage strap.
♥ High flexibility: This product allows carriers to fit under airline seats while still maintaining its form well.

Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier

Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier, Black



QReasons to buy a pet carrier bag ?

A: It is a good idea for purchasing a carrier bag to keep your four-legged friend to be with you in every journey. We can list some reasons as below:

– Give your pet precious opportunities to travel and discover surrounding world

– Protect him from being dangered if you let him alone at home

– Create a place for your pet to sleep or play during transportation

– Flexible and useful for pets’ owners when travelling or advanture situations

Q: Which is the most suitable material for pet carrier bags?

A: It seems that ventilated bags are the most popular and favourite kind nowadays. Especially, stylist and eye-catching items is of the most favorite ones. With rather competitive-price, ventilated durable bags are popular and suitable for many pet’s owners when they can be used for such a long time and owns its high-applicable functions.

QWhich is the most suitable carrier bag for my buddy?

A: It depends on how big your dog or pet is as well as your style. If you are raising a puppy, a small to medium-size bag with elegant color but durable will work well. In contrast, if your pet is big, we highly-recommend a kind of premium large bag which will be such a great idea. You should consider about materials, design and functions.


                                                                                                 Hey pup, let’s go!


Well, we expect that you have your own choice of the best dog travel bags after reading above mentioned suggestion. Imagine that this bag will be used for long travels, so ventilation and lightness are also criteria that should seriously be taken into consideration. The most expensive one is not always the best ones, just have an overall look on this article may bring to you a good suggestion, like the way you choose the best dog gates, beds, bowls or grooming items.

Let’s take more care for your beloved pup >>>