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What you should do to take care of a pregnant dog and new-born puppies?


Before deciding to get a dog pregnant, many related issues should be paid attention to. With regard to breed factors, these are a lot of important issues. In addition, economic hybrids also need being taken into consideration. Our below recommendation includes notes on the breeding process, how to identify a pregnant dog and how to take care of it. Dog raisers should have a solid knowledge to deal with unexpected situations.

1.1 Notes in the breeding process

How do the female bear male when mating? The best way is to mate them in proper period. When breeding, pay attention to the time of heat of the dog.

If they have not had sex for a long time, they may be sick. Attention should be paid to the nutritional and physical aspects of dogs during breeding. Usually, thoroughbred breeding will be done at dog farms, otherwise they will create hybrid puppies.

In addition, you should pay attention to the manifestations of heat. Some dogs have very strange periods of heat. Some examples are silent estrus or false estrus. It is necessary to distinguish and understand the characteristics of dogs for proper care. Obese dogs often have continuous and prolonged oestrus. Or some dogs have very short heat cycles. If the mating time is incorrect, the dog will not become pregnant.

The nutritional care will contribute to stabilizing the cycle. Deficiency or excess of a substance in food will adversely affect health. Therefore, nutrition care is very important. Owners should watch closely if they want to breed dogs.

1.2 How to identify pregnant dogs

There are some changes especially when the dog is pregnant. Observing these signals helps us identify signs of impending dog birth like changes in the color of the nipple, or pink and puffiness after about 2 to 3 weeks after pregnancy. From 4 to 5 weeks after conception, its abdomen will expand significantly.

However, there are many cases that these signs of pregnancy are false. Pregnant dog falsify during heat without fertilization, or having sex but not conceiving. This also gives the dog a pregnancy-like sign. However, if the pregnancy is false, the dog will not have a fetus so we need to regularly check the puppy’s movements.

To make sure your dog is pregnant, take them to check at the veterinary. This will reduce risks during pregnancy as well as when the dog is born. Typically, changes at the time of pregnancy are not pronounced. We need to pay attention to care and feeding at a separate dose. In addition, anorexia pregnant dog is a common symptom. They prefer to eat little by little rather than overeating at once. But if a pregnant dog refuses to eat, then they should be examined. Skipping meals will not provide enough nutrition for mothers and puppies.

1.3 Some milestones when dogs are pregnant

Dogs usually give birth once a year. For some shorter resting dogs it may be a couple of years a year if well cared for. Litters are usually separated by 6 to 7 months or more. Dogs are usually pregnant for approximately 68 days.

Questions like how many months of pregnant period can be counted by the number of days. However, the calculation by months is usually not as precise as calculating by weeks. A dog can be pregnant for about two months and a few weeks of the third month. These weeks of pregnancy depend on the condition of the dog and the number of babies in the abdomen.


Once the dog is pregnant, the next stage is to take care of them. Surely we would not expect them to suffer in childbirth. Therefore, the prenatal care period is extremely important. In addition, oral folk methods are also helpful.

The process of pregnancy in animals has the same dangerous risks as the human pregnancy. They may also have a miscarriage, stillbirth or other life-threatening risks. Therefore, the owner needs to consider and anticipate all possible cases. In order to protect the health and safety of the puppies that are about to be born, the owner should keep in mind the following issues.

2.1 How to take care of the dog right before giving birth

When the dog is pregnant, we will make a nest of cardboard or blankets and mattresses for dogs. The nest needs to be warm and feel safe. Regularly checking them is very important. Using a nest made from blankets and paper will reduce the need for stains. When you see the dog has amniotic rupture, immediately put the dog in the nest.

It is important to stabilize the dog’s prenatal mood. The words of the owner’s encouragement will make them feel stronger. These are things that need strong and deep attention. If you feel like you cannot deliver them at home, take them to the vet.

The lack of knowledge when giving birth to a dog will cause bad consequences for puppies. In addition, sequelae will also leave on the health of the mother dog. This stage is a very important stage. Good performance at this stage will help the puppies have better vitality.

About a day before the calving, the dog may refuse to eat. If the dog is still eating normally but suddenly abandoned. This will be a sign of the dog about to give birth.

The question of how long the dog rupture of membranes is a difficult one to answer. The rupture of amniotic fluid is not necessarily a sign of a dog’s birth. Some cases of amniotic rupture that does not give birth will require emergency dogs. But it could also be a fake pregnancy in dogs.

2.2 Note during the process of laying dogs

Accidents that occur during the birth of a dog are quite frequent. Dogs may rupture without giving birth. Puppies suffocate before going outside. The uterus is too small, squeezing too hard to make a baby. Also difficult dogs like Chihuahua need a lot of help.

Providing a mental support for the dog is very important. The spirit of the owner will directly affect the dog. Supporting dogs without the high skills. But still need to know some basic knowledge. In addition, we need to carefully prepare the tools we will use.

Most bitches can deliver on their own. However some cases need help. For example, the limbs do not show in the correct position. Now it is necessary to work for them to go in the right direction. Then pull quickly to avoid suffocating the puppy. For self-supporting dogs most will eat the placenta of the puppy. If needed intervention should also feed them 1 or 2. Do not overfeed, causing indigestion.

Cut the umbilical cord to the puppy by tying the thread. Tie around the belly skin about 1cm. Need clean hygiene to avoid tetanus infection. Disinfect puppies with alcohol 70 degrees or iodine alcohol 5%.

Puppies should be breastfed soon after birth. Most puppies die prematurely because they are not breastfed. So after cleaning and cutting the umbilical cord should take them to the mother immediately.


After childbirth, people are often very weak. Dogs are like that. That’s why after giving birth they need more attention. Care and careful care will help dogs easily regain health. It will also make them fearless during childbirth.

The care of a mother dog and puppies after childbirth is very important. The process of giving birth and postpartum is one of the difficult times for dogs. To keep the puppies healthy and not affect the long-term health of the mother dog. The owner needs to have good knowledge in caring for the mother dog after birth and newborn puppies. Depending on the month of age, puppies need different nutritional, care, and activity needs. So the owner needs to know the basic information below to avoid the occurrence of unfortunate cases.

3.1 For a mother dog after the dog is born

Feed them light food and drink diluted saline. Mother’s stomach after birth is often very weak. Using salt water will disinfect mothers.

Dog and puppy will use this time to sleep. Mother dog sleeps to get strength after giving birth. Keep them in a quiet space. Avoid getting disturbed. Do not let the wind or sunlight shine too strongly into the lying area. These will give the mother a chance to rest and relax.

They will maintain their health to produce milk for the puppies. So let the mother eat something to have more milk? Protein-rich foods are important. Right after birth they cannot eat meat. However, you can cook thin bone water for them to slurp. When it’s been a few days, let them eat minced meat. Providing enough protein will make the dog produce enough milk to feed the offspring.

Clean them up after giving birth. Replace old cloth with a soft and clean cloth. However avoid too much fabric. This will probably get the puppy stuck. Or a mother dog who does not see her child may accidentally press her child. Thoroughly clean them.

How many dogs are good with a dog? Most people believe that 2 to 4 puppies are usually very good. However, in foreign countries, more and more dogs are considered lucky. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more puppies than one litter per litter.

3.2 For puppies after laying dogs

After giving birth, immediately feed the puppy with colostrum. Breastfeeding will increase the puppy’s resistance. The nutrients in colostrum are very precious. Being breastfed will reduce the risk of premature death of puppies.

General notes about caring for dogs

The hygiene of mother and puppies at this stage is very important. When the newborn is born, its resistance is very weak. Puppies that have not been vaccinated are susceptible to infection. It should be noted that the mother dog should be tested before breeding. If they have Care, Lepto or Parvo disease, they cannot be bred. The puppies will have the exact same disease as their mothers.

Maternal health check before, during and after birth is important. This time should disinfect and disinfect dog lying area. This reduces the risk of bacterial and viral infections for both mother and puppies. Use clean blankets and change bearings as often as possible.

Nutrition has a great influence on the recovery period of the mother dog. In addition, it also affects the growth of puppies. If puppies are stunted and weak because they do not have enough nutrients, they are likely to die prematurely. Or may have dangerous diseases because of insufficient resistance. If the dog does not recover early, it will affect the next heat cycle. In addition, if the childbirth fails many times, it will cause psychological effects. Affect the next delivery.

Finally, the emotional affection of mother dogs and puppies. Puppies love to be close to their mother. They feel safe in their mother’s heart beats. The mother dog desperately needs the encouragement of the owner.

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