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The Best Dog Bowls – Reviews of Top choices for you

Best dog bowls play a certain role in your dog’s eating habit. A dog bowl is  an indispensable item with many designs and materials, which include stainless steel, ceramics, rubber, plastic, glass, etc. There are many types of dog bowls in the market. Besides the bowl’s shape and design, attention should be paid to the actual function of the bowl. A proper dog bowl can stimulate your dog to eat better. Do you know how to choose a suitable bowl for your dog’s food? Let’s find out with Updogsupplies now.

Functions of dog bowls

– An anti-choking bowl or labyrinth bowl is an inner bowl with grooves or corners, which can help to slow down dog’s eating process. This type of bowl is especially suitable for dogs that eat well, or swallow food. It’s also suitable for dog breeds that have a long narrow chest bone because if they eat too quickly, these breeds are susceptible to gastric torsion.

– A high-base bowl can be a separated stand or a stand attached to the bowl. With this type of bowl, our pets do not need to lower their heads, thus reducing the pressure on the neck joints. This type of bowl helps dogs swallow food easier as well as eat faster.

– Special bowls for long-eared dog breeds usually have a mouth-shaped like an egg, suitable for long-haired and pompous dogs like Dachshund (Chinese sausage), Basset dog, Cocker Spaniel. These breeds are easy to rub on the bowl and in the food, making them not only get dirty but also lead to ear disease. Bowls with its width equal to the width of the dog’s muzzle will help to limit this situation.


 How many food bowls that a dog should have?

Many people give each pet a bowl, sometimes changing to the new one, while others give food to a tray or pot, and 2 or 3 dogs will eat together. Drinking bowls often served with food bowls. Veterinarians advise that each dog or cat should have at least 2 separate bowls.

It is best to give each pet a fixed bowl in order to limit the spread of disease among them. Moreover, when feeding in a large pot, it is more likely that scams will occur, then weaker young ones will have difficulty in getting food.


Criteria for selecting dog bowls

  1. Safe and non-toxic material. Regardless of brand, material is the most important thing to look out for. Toxic products that are used for long periods of time can harm the dog’s health.
  2. Is the bowl heavy? Many people seems not pay too much attention to this factor. In fact, if a dog’s bowl is too light it will easily fall over while eating, while the too heavy bowl will make it difficult to hold in hand.
  3. Reasonable design. Currently, there are many types of dog food bowls with fancy designs. But regardless of the shape, the texture of the bowl must be reasonable.
  4. Is the bowl easy to clean? A qualified bowl have an easy-to-clean design, no paint peeling or flaking during cleaning, and no color change when washing.

Dog bowls Classification

1. Plastic dog bowls

As the name implies, this dog food bowl is usually made from high quality plastic with many different colors, the design is usually compact, lovely textures and eye-catching.


Plastic dog bowl

There are 2 basic types for this product: single plastic and double plastic bowls. With a double plastic bowl, you can combine to store food and drink extremely convenient. Outstanding characteristics of plastic bowls are easy to clean, durable and slip resistant. In particular, if your dog has a pen or a private house, you can buy a bowl with a strap. With a high bowl, the dog’s food will not be spilled by themselves.

2. Stainless steel bowl

Durable stainless steel material will certainly be a useful product for mischievous dogs like Poodle, Pug, Corgi. The stainless steel bowls will sometimes become a toy for them to gnaw, but of course, the stainless steel bowls cannot be destroyed by his sharp teeth.

3. Rubber bowls

Rubber bowls are made of non-toxic synthetic silicone material, durable and safe for pets. A versatile and convenient portable dog food bowl can be taken away or placed in any position or even hung on the wall.

In addition, rubber bowls are environmentally friendly, convenient for washing.

4. Anti-ant bowls


Anti-ant bowls

If there are ants or insects in your home, this will accidentally make your dog’s food dangerous. The food quickly breaks down, which will cause gastrointestinal diseases for your pets if they eat that kind of food. You can use a high-base and anti-ant bowl with a special circle against ants and insects.


Top 10 Best Dog Bowls – Reviews and Tips

1. Petsfit Wooden Elevated Dog/Pet/Cat Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls

This is one of the best dog bowls we want to suggest you right now. This flexible dog bowl is available in 4 different sizes, but it is highly recommended to choose the adjusted size with 21’’Lx12’’Wx15’’H in Espresso color. The appearance is dark and its finishing is long lasting and waterproof, also easy to clean.


Key Features
♥ Outstanding strength: The bowl’s height is adjustable with 3 levels, including 5.5", 9.5" and 15" then it can be used over your pet’s stages.
♥ It’s hard for your dog to tip over the feeder station thanks to its heavy solid wood, as well as the rubber insider will prevent the bowl from slide around.
♥ There are 2 steel bowls included. Its capacity is 6.2"dia and 0.24gal, and they can removable when necessary for cleaning.
♥ Improve your dog’s digestion as well as reduce its neck muscle strain.
♥ SAFETY CERTIFIED: With multiple safety-lock features like wall cups which help to add security and mounting hardware. It is great for children 6-24 months as well as pets.

2. OFTO Raised Dog Single or Double Bowls

Mealtime will get your buddy running to the kitchen faster than anything. Still, most pet bowls seem to easy slide across the floor, or mess left behind. Don’t worry. The OFTO Raised Dog Single or Double Bowl will be your solution to keep your floor clean, and keep your pet safe. Available in 5 sizes, the product carry the well fit for your buddy.


Key Features
♥ 100% Non-toxic, with natural ingredients. The product is kid-safe & allergen free, then pets can lick and chew with no harm. Actually eco-friendly and safe for pets.
♥ Highest Mealtime Comfort: By reducing neck strain, the product brings about comfort for any dog breed during mealtime.
♥ Premium quality: The product was handcrafted in the USA and undergone a process of 7 steps to ensure its durable finish.
♥ Long-lasting design: To be available in 3 gorgeous stains, the bowl may fit any room’s decoration. As they are elevated, it will reduce water spills and keep the floor always dry.
♥ Safety is highest priority: As pups are curious and chew anything. With non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly feeder, you are no longer about the toxic item that may harm your furry friend.

3. Unleashed Life Dog Bowl – Feeder for Dog, Cat, Pet Food & Water

This is one of the most diverse bowl in the market, with up to 17 styles & colors for your selection, like Berlin Nickel, Phorm- Orange, Hampton Gold, etc. There are 5 sizes, including X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Canister.


Key Features
♥ FLEXIBLE DESIGN: This product is a combination of fashion and fuction, which matches any modern home decor. Also suitable for your pet to dine at a comfortable and suitable height.
♥ LUXURY PET DINER: Each item owns its awesome design and fuction, which stimulate the natural way of eating for pets, with an aim to reduce neck train and improve digestion.
♥ EASY TO CLEAN: The item can be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth. The liner bowl is easily to wash.
♥ SAFE FOR PET: With safe materials which were tested to human food grade standard, this product is totally good for your dog without any toxic.

4. Modern Artisans American Made Heavy-Weight Splash-Free Stoneware Water Bowl Dogs Cats

If you are struggling with finding a dog bowl for your naughty dog who always slosh its water, this sturdy bowl is designed for your dog. Being handicrafted from solid stoneware clay, the bowl’s weight can keep it upright, which helps to reduce splashes. Not only blending with any decoration, but the bowl also safe for using in microwave or dishwasher. Being made by hand in America, the ceramic product has 2 sides for small and large dogs/ cats.


Key Features
♥ Large size: 9" diameter x 3" high ; weighs 4 lbs and Small size: 6.75" diameter x 2.5" high, weighs 2 lbs
♥ Perfect for dogs who slosh their water, or animals who travel in an RV.
♥ Chip-resistant, lead-free, scratch-resistant, cadmium-free and food-safe.
♥ Beatiful ceramic material can suit any decor.
♥ With decorative drain holes that allow water to escape the rim after washing, the product is safe for use in dishwasher.

5. OFTO Raised Dog Single or Double Bowls – Solid Wood Cat and Dog Bowl Stands

Are you expecting a product to keep your pet happy and your house clean? You can find your expectation in the OFTO Raised Dog Single or Double Bowls. Available in 3 colors: forest trail, rusty nails and natural, and there are 2 styles: Single bowl with S, M, L and Universal sizes, and double bowl with M, L, Teacup and Toy sizes.


Key Features
♥ Minimizes strainby reducing neck strain. This kind of bowl is recommended by vets for dogs of any breed.
♥ Eco-friendly, non-toxic. Safe for your furry friend as curious puppies will chew anything. Its stains and finishes are totally natural, making the product safe for any situations.
♥ Available in three colorswith beautiful design, to fit any home decoration. The product helps to reduce water spills (if any) and keep your floor dry thanks to its elevated fuction.
♥ Easy to wash and clean with a damp cloth
♥ Handmadein the USA with premium quality. Well-known for long-lasting and tough design. The solid wood made bowl is unique truly, but note that it is for indoor use only.

6. Platinum Pets Slow Eating Single Olympic Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

It can be said that this is among the most color diverse bowls in the market, with up to 17 different colors for your pick-up. The design is impressive and unique with a bright bowl and black round base. With silicone material, the Platinum Pets Slow Diner Feeder can eliminate the affection of metal on metal and allow your dog to dine in tranquility.


Key Features
♥ True Size: One Large size of 5 cups/40 oz
♥ Rank No.1 for its selling powder coated dog bowls
♥ Made of nontoxic & surgical grade stainless steel
♥ Scratch and fade resistant
♥ Equipped with a removable rattle-free rim
♥ Safe for dishwasher

7. ViviPet Cat Dining Table – 15° Tilted Platform Pet Feeder_ Solid Pine Stand with Ceramic Bowls

If you are looking for a cute pretty bowl for your pet, the ViviPet Cat Dining Table is an ideal item which will make you surprise. Equipped with a grass tray, you dog or cat can eat grass while they are eating food, and the grass tray with green color may even stimulate their appetite.


Key Features
♥ Unique Grass Tray: There is a grass tray which can be used for growing grass, store food/ water or toys.
♥ Special 15 degree Tilted Platform: Ideal for eating and licking as raised stand lowers pressure to your dog/ cat’s joints and stomach.
♥ 2 Wide Ceramic Bowls: Made of crafted ceramic, the bowls can be heat and dishwasher safe, and you can purchase them individually if necessary.
♥ Knot-free Solid Pine Stand: With a thickness of 3/5 inch and 7 coats of water resistant paint finishing, the stand is durable and stable.

Customer’s reviews

In conclusion

Best dog bowls are important pieces in meals which help the food for your beloved pets to remain safe and unharmful. Still, many people think that it is waste to pay for expensive food bowls, experts and animal lovers believe that a good bowl can bring about more values for pets’ health in long term than we can imagine. A right bowl can own a variety of functions that further aiding in the whole development of our pets. This is worth investing on a great bowl today!

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