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What should you do if you can’t take care of your dog?

If you can’t take care of your dog, it is essential to map out a solution or plan right away. You are a dog-raiser and willing to do anything in your power for protecting your beloved dog from harm and diseases. However, sometimes your subjective or objective reasons prevent you from proper caring for your pet, right? Don’t be too worried, there are many options we can list here for people who are struggling to take care of the beloved pets.

There are many options we can list here for people who are struggling to take care of the beloved pets.Below are some signs that perhaps you need help caring for your pet and some tips to help ensure that your pet continues to receive the love and care they deserve.

Signals that you don’t provide proper care for your pet:

In many cases, pet owners would find that they gradually are no longer able to give their dog sufficient care. Here are some signs:

1. Forget to feed your dog

One of basic needs for any animal is food. And one of the most important responsibilities you have to do is feeding your pet. If you even don’t remember to feed them regularly, or if your pet appears to losing weight, so it is high time for you to find a solution.


2. Don’t have time for taking your dog for a walk

Exercise plays a crucial part in dog’s health, both physically and mentally. Dogs need walking every day to keep fit. If lacking of time or energy prevents you from giving your pet a walk, then perhaps you need support to take care of your dog.


3. Unable to keep your house clean

Living environment affects greatly to dogs. It is essential to keep your home free of dust and tidy in order to protect your pet’s health. When you find that struggling to clean up your puppy’s nest or keep your house tidy, you should find a method to improve it.

4. Don’t take your dog to the vet for regular care

Regular examinations and vaccinations are vital to diminish diseases as well as keep your pet in good physical health. If you can’t spend time on taking care of pet’s basic healthcare demands, then it is necessary to ask for some assistance.


Remember to take them for vaccination in a regular basis


5. Unable to keep your pet clean

Personal sanitary seems to be easy for some pets, but there are many kinds of dogs still need human’s help to make them clean and healthy. You will need to brush their coat, trim their nails or take them to the groomer. In case you can’t do that, you should seek for another support.

What should you do if you can’t take care of your dog?

In modern society, technology seems to run rampant into every corner of lives. For dog care, there are also a lot of services that you can choose via smart phones or find easily on the Internet.

Here are some suggestions to follow if you can’t take care of your dog:

1. Ask your family members or friends for assistance

Family members or friends are often happy to help you care for your pet at home. Normally they can do a great job as your home is familiar with them as well as with your pet’s routines. They may know even your dog’s special needs and we can trust them totally to give our beloved animal to our relatives and friends. 

2. Use a pet sitting service


If you are too busy, don’t worry as there are a growing number of pet sitting services across the country. With just a call, you can ask for help and they can provide you with a schedule regular visit to your home. Just be a wise consumer and make sure to choose one which is licensed and bonded. They will feed your dog, take him for a walk, clean him up and do all other things as per your requirements. Besides, they may give you useful dog care tips.

3. Seek the services for dog-care

There are a lot of dog care services available to support you. This is a good solution for both you and your furry friend. Dog-care agencies may offer 24/7 support to provide all what you need to care for your pet. Their staffs are checked and monitored carefully to ensure the good care service to customers. They even can work with you for developing a dog-care plan.

Below is some services that you can have a look at:

      House-keeping service can help to keep your house free of dog hair and dander

      Medical reminder helps to remind you to take medicines and vitamins for pets

      Meal preparation service will ensure that your dog is fed with sufficient nutrition.

      Transportation service will assist you and your dog in case you may need medical care.

      Companionship which means walks and trips in the park everyday with your pet.



4. Consider giving your pet for adoption

In many situations, you are not able to keep your pet in home. For instance, you are living in an apartment or a building with pet restrictions. Then you need to find a new home for your buddy, but make sure that you explore all options in order to ensure that the new home is a secure and safe one.

Firstly, you may ask your family members or friends if they could be interested in adopting a pet. You may check around with local pet-adoption agencies, or even re-homing services. Besides, you may join local Humane Society or find some advice on groups in the Internet. They may offer you some tips or recommendation for a long-term home for your dog.

In conclusion, It can be said that keeping your dog safe and healthy is important. It is not just your responsibility, but also the love for your furry friend. If one day, you find that it is really impossible for you to keep caring them anymore, please release him for another better care. With the tips above, we expect that all of your pet’s demands are met well.

If you can’t take care of your dog, let find support from others or search for dog care information. Whether you may have a dog, cat, bird or even goldfish, we always look forward to helping and supporting you for their good health.

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