How to use a dog gate correctly and effectively?

5+ Instructions on how to use a dog gate

A dog gate is becoming more and more popular in dog-raiser families. However, not every dog owner knows how to use a dog gate correctly in order to make use of all its functions. We will take a look on this in the article. 

Dog gates’ introduction

Dog gate is equipment used for separate your dog with other areas inside or outside your house. In the market nowadays, there are many kinds of dog gates, varying in different materials, color, styles and functions. It can work not only as a gate, but also as a barrier or even a pet pen. Let’s see some favorite gates below:


A white barrier with wood and metal combination


A door-equipped gate can allow small cat to walk through while keeping your dog inside


A gate for outdoor area


A retractable gate with unique pattern like this one


Or a metal stair gate for outside space

Where is the suitable place to install a dog gate?

1. Entry way

It will help to keep dogs from wandering around unsupervised areas by blocking their access to other rooms. Placing the gate in entryway will prevent your pet from jumping on guests and running out an open door.


2. Window or garage

A dog safety gate can work as a barrier to prevent garage raiding or barking at neighbors’ houses. Keep all dogs and cats in the bedroom at night, using a gate to separate your cats and dogs. Most cats can jump over a gate, so it is recommended to choose a gate with a cat sized opening.


3. Kitchen

Kitchen is a danger-hidden place in house as there is hot water, and glass can be broken harming to your pet. Sometimes dogs will love chewing on sticks or food-stuffed toys, which may cause dangerous problems to them. Separating your dog from this area is necessary.


4. Stairs

Another dangerous area is stairs. Dogs can run up and down to fast and may fall down stairs. Setting up gates at stair-way is a good idea to protect your furry friend.


What is the best dog gate?

There is no specific standard for the best dog gate but it can be said that the best one is the most suitable one to your house. In general, a good gate will be easy-to-install, durable and eye-catching design. And knowing how to use a dog gate correctively and effectively will make best use and take advantages of the gate. 

There are a variety of dog gates in the market nowadays for your decision. It can be made of wood, plastic, metal, steel, PVC pipes, etc, and with a number of patterns and color. There are 2 main kinds of assemble, including pressure-mounted gates and permanent installation gates. Each kind has its own pros and cons, depending on our using purposes and our expectations. Take an overall look for each kind’s strengths, analyze your own demands before making your decision.


In general, a good gate will be easy-to-install, durable and eye-catching design

Consider carefully when choosing a dog gate

First, list out questions about your dog’s size? Is he/she small or large? It will decide on the gate’s size as well as the gate’s material. For a little puppy, plastic or PVC pipe gate can be a good idea, while gates should be made of metal or wood to use for large dogs as they are strong and can break down plastic gate.

Second, measure the width of the area/ opening where your gate will be assembled. Take measurement carefully as an unfitted gate is rather hard to be customized. Also consider your house’s size if you plan to buy a freestanding dog gate. A big gate will not match your small house and makes your house become tidy.


Make sure to take measurement carefully

Thirdly, think about the kind of installation. A permanent-installed gate is always stronger and more durable than a pressure-mounted gate, but it will leave holes into your wall after being set-up onto it by screwing. With a pressure mounted gate, there will be no holes.

Last but not least, where you will assemble the gate? This will affect to your decision on gate’s material. An outside gate should be made by water-resistant material like steel, metal or plastic. And gates to be used indoor can be made of diversified materials.


In conclusion, a dog gate plays a crucial role in protecting your pet friend as well as your furniture in house. Therefore, identifying how to use a dog gate correctly and effectively will bring about valuable benefits to your family. You can access below link to find out a suitable gate right now: