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When it comes to the winter, dogs also need to be looked after more carefully. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your dog in the winter.

1- Why is it necessary to care for dogs in the winter?

Like human, dogs are affected by the weather changes. The dry and cold weather of winter is an ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate. In addition, dog’s resistance is greatly reduced in this season so they are easily susceptible to diseases. These may be respiratory diseases such as pneumonia; vocal inflammation – infectious trachea, etc.

Some kinds of dogs have poor cold-fighting ability like Doberman, small dogs, short-haired or hairless dogs, Greyhound (greyhounds) that they are very sensitive to weather. In order for them to stay healthy in the winter, we need a more intensive care mode than usual. 

2- How to take care of dogs in the winter

How to keep dogs warm in the winter

The most important thing about taking care of your dog in winter is keeping them warm. Many people think that a dog with a thick furred coat is warm enough, but it is not actually. You need to increase warmth for dogs during this period by these following ways:

  • Choose a warm sleeping place without sliding wind. If you do not want your dog to sleep inside house, you can make or buy a small, solid kennel with thick cloths. By that way, he will always be warm when sleeping. Sleeping areas also need to be kept clean without being wet.
  • Wearing clothes for pets, especially when taking them outside for a walk. You should pay more attention for dogs that have short and thin fur, puppies and old dogs. You do not need to buy new clothes but can make use of your own old clothes.
  • Fur is the best warm coat of our dogs, so let keep the coat clean and brush it regularly so it can protect the dog well. Also, do not trim your dog’s fur in the winter.
  • Use warm water to bathe the dog and prepare a bathing place without sliding winds. After bathing, use a hair dryer to dry their fur. There is no need to bathe your dog regularly as well as not bathe them for too long.
  • While you travel, carefully leash your dog in a warm place so he doesn’t run around.
  • It is necessary to add more nutritions into their meal in order to raise their resistance against disease.
  • Restrict the dogs to go outdoors in freezing cold weather. However, you still need to let them play actively indoors.

How to take care of your dog in the winter: Ensure nutritions

In addition to keeping warm, ensuring nutrition to increase dog resistance in the winter is also essential. We also need to modify the diet for dogs when the weather changes as they consume more chlorine to stay warm in this period. Moreover, many dogs become lazier in the winter. Lack of exercise will lead to obesity, overweight and health are also affected badly. That’s why we need to modify our dog diet.

First, add calories to the meal. You can do this by increasing daily food intake. If your pet used to have 2 meals a day, now you should raise it to 3-4 meals. Also use foods that are rich calories. Most dog foods are advertised as balanced and nutritious foods for each period. However, you should still add some nutritions like Glucosamine and Chondroitin that are good for the development of their joints.

Dog diet modification in the winter is necessary, but let take it gradually to avoid sudden changes. You should mix old and new diet with the ratio 50/50 for the first few days and gradually increase the amount of new diet in the following days. However, if your dog tends to be overweight, it is necessary to make them more active by doing exercise daily and the dog owner should look for a scientific diet for them.

Other dog-care tips in cold winter

  • There are some below suggestions for you to take care of your dog:
  • Sufficient vaccination: This should always be taken into consideration carefully, especially in the winter. In this season, there are a lot of potential contagious diseases that are lurking around your puppy.
  • Protect your dog’s paws: Wearing dog shoes is a good protection when going outside. Too cold weather will make their feet freeze and susceptible to arthritis.
  • Reduce dry skin by adding fatty acids. Dogs often suffer from dry skin in cold whether which leads to a lot of fur alopecia, then affecting their cold tolerance. See your veterinarian and seek advice to get the dog’s essential nutrients.
  • Not let them sleep outdoors or on the ground. Make or buy a dog kennel is not difficult and inexpensive so you should keep this in mind. You need a best indoor dog gate in your house keep thêm in house. 

  • Keep dog supplies and kennels carefully and cleanly. Wash their lying pads regularly and wash their bowl after each meal. This will limit the growth of bacteria, fleas and dirt which are main reasons for their diseases.
  • Promptly take your dog to veterinary clinic for proper treatment whenever you find any abnormalities in his health. The sooner health problems are treated, the faster they will recover. If you do not have a deep understanding, do not arbitrarily buy medicines.
  • Make sure that your pet is still doing exercise regularly. This is like how human plays sports daily. It will significantly contribute to health promotion. If you are hesitant to let your dog go outdoors in freezing day, let him do so indoors. A few fun games are enough to show your interest and love for your pet.

Above are some tips on how to take care of your dog in the harsh cold air of winter. Hope your furry friend will be properly cared to safely overcome the bitter cold winds!