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How to take care of a small dog – Instructions and tips

How to take care of a small dog is a common question of almost any dog owner. Are you going to take a puppy home from a pet store? Are you received a puppy gift from your friend and gain a very surprising happiness? Or do you have to take care of puppies as their mothers begin to show a disclaimer attitude? What to do to stop them running around everywhere or hide in a dark corner that you’re hard to find them. How to keep the little pet safe? It seems to be not an easy task for a new dog raising people. Be a dog lover, have you ever asked if you are raising a puppy in correct ways? Our article aims to provide you tips on how to take care of a small dog most effectively.

The importance of learning to care for a tiny dog

For many small-dog breeders, they really feel worry whenever their pet gets sick or suffers a health problem due to improper caring method. In order to avoid these issues, you should gain certain knowledge and techniques on daily dog caring, nutrition, as well as common pet diseases. It can be said that learning caring methods plays a crucial role in tiny-dog breeding process, which helps to keep puppies stay healthy and happily.

Preparation before bringing a dog to home

– Remove all fragile or dangerous items from the area that you plan to raise puppies. Bring them out of their touch.

– Make sure all wires are put in high position and plugs are closed/ hidden.

– Put all detergent or toxic chemicals in a higher or closed cabinet.

– Raise up curtains and curtain zippers as these items can be one of the most interesting toys if they accidentally fallen into dog’s gnawing mouth.

– Change to a higher recycle bin to avoid your pet from going inside or making a mess of trust on the floor when you’re not around.

– Separate puppies from shoes/ stuffed animals. Instead, prepare some items like a rubber ball, a plastic bone, or a un-tearable carpet. You can buy a new one or simply make diy dog toys 

– Prepare a dog gate to protect your pet from dangerous areas in house. Easily purchase online or do it by yourself via instructions:


1. Help your puppy get acquaintance with its new home


Help your puppy get acquaintance with its new home

Like babies, getting acquaintance with the new house is an experience with our little puppy. As they only feel safe with familiar things, familiar spaces, colors, or flavors. And one day, they were put a completely different place, each puppy will have different reactions. Maybe some dog is eager to explore new things while the other is anxious. So you are the one who help them get used to new objects, give them love and caring.

2. Provide a separate space for puppies



Provide a separate space for puppies

To ensure your puppy’s safety when you can’t keep your eyes on them, prepare a place which is well fenced and easily cleaned for your pet. Areas near bathrooms and living room are ideal places as these spaces are quite warm and the floor can be quickly cleaned. You can find one of best dog gates to make sure that they are kept in specific area and under your control.

At night, you may keep the puppy in a carton and sleep with you in bedroom. This allows you to hear their sounds during night, and meet their unexpected demands in a timely manner.

If you can create a smaller house for your pet is great, but also consider about his size when they become older and bigger.

3. Go for a walk


It can be surprising but walking is also an essential part in learning how to care for a small dog. Taking on a walk will keep your little friend happy when he can breathe fresh air, run around and play with nature outside. Keeping him in house for long time can make him bored and even stressed, resulting in bad affection to health.

Taking your puppy to the same place and at the same time each day will bring about an incredible effect in building a habit of urination for him.

Let make a plan to take him out on a specific schedule. It may be in early morning when you go to exercise, in the afternoon, or after feeding him.

4. Feeding


– Prepare two cups or bowls made of stainless steel or plastic, then one for food and one for water. Not to use glass or crockery bowls as they are fragile or chipped.

– If you have more than one pet, it is advised to provide them with separated food and water cups to avoid conflicts.

– When feeding, separate them into two separate locations to avoid scrambling for food then ensuring each pet will be provided with sufficient amount of nutrition. Proper feeding is one of the most important factors on how to take care of a small dog.

Feeding schedule

Feeding high-quality meals is a key to keep your dog stay well. Choose a brand to use for long time because constant change of brands can make your dog eat less or skip eating, or even cause vomiting or diarrhea badly. Remember to always keep a full bowl of water while feeding at specific times of the day. The number of meals depend on your dog’s age as follows:

From 6-12 weeks 4 meals / day
From 3-6 months 3 meals / day
Greater than 6 months 2 meals / day

Choose appropriate food

Another tip about how to care for a small dog is to pay attention to the type of food depending on the age of dog printed on food’s package as puppy food is distinguished from adult dog foods. Small dog breeds may switch to eating food for adults when they are 9-12 months, while large dogs should use puppy food until they are 2 years old.

Foods that should-not used for puppy

Have you ever heard about “dog with sweet eyes”? It is their eyes when watching you eat with the intention of a little begging. Many owners were displeased and gave a piece of sausage, a chicken bone, or a piece of meat. Actually it is not good for them, the little leftovers will change the puppy’s taste, reducing the quality of their meal because they have realized what is delicious and have good taste. Moreover, the following foods are absolutely not good for your puppy health:

– Chocolate, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

– Raisins or dried fruits.

– Chicken bone.

– Raw fish or raw meat.

– High fatty foods, such as butter, nuts, peanuts.

– Confectionery, sugar.

5. Some necessary tools for puppies’ care


Necessary tools for puppies’ care

There are tools and equipment that helps you to care for pets more easily. The following should be at the top of the list:

  •         A strong chain and a necklace.
  •         A pillow or a hug mattress.
  •         A fur brush, dog clippers.
  •         Several cotton towels

6. Vaccination


Remember to take them for vaccination in a regular basis

Vaccination is also a method in the process of how to care for a small dog. This is an extremely important part but easily to carry out, but need to follow regularly. When your puppies are 6 months old, please bring them to for vaccination. Don’t forget to keep a detailed immunization record in an easy-to-find place.

7. Dental care

Many people ignore dental care of their tiny dogs. But they don’t know that tiny dogs are likely to have dental problems which can affect seriously to their overall health. Therefore, in order to keep your pets healthy, please pay more attention to their teeth and provide them with proper oral care and learn more about how to take care of your dog teeth.

8. Follow-up regularly


In the first few months, puppies are susceptible and can get serious if they are not detected soon. If one of following symptoms is found, it is high time to contact doctors:

  •         Anorexic
  •         Weight loss
  •         Vomiting
  •         Abdominal enlargement.
  •         Diarrhea.
  •         Shortness of breath, wheezing.
  •         Gingivitis.
  •         Red eyes or watery eyes.
  •         Runny nose.
  •         Difficult urination.
  •         Tired, sad, not energetic.

Puppy maturity comes along with your care and training over the years

Owning a puppy requires a lot of patience, caring and attention. You may have to make a lot of effort to raise your puppy in his early years with many challenges. Meanwhile, there is the joy and laughter that puppies bring to you day by day when they share with you sorrows and happiness in life. 

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How to take care of a small dog? Puppy maturity comes along with your care and training over the years, like the way you bring up your little babies. Let bring up a puppy at home, wish you success!