How to prevent heat shock in dogs in the summer?

How to prevent heat shock in dogs in the summer

Heat stroke in dogs, also known as “heat stroke”, occurs when the pet’s body temperature increases rapidly and usually higher than 106 degrees Celsius. Signs of heat shock in dogs are common in hot seasons, especially in the breed with thick fur like Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer …

Dogs are animals born with the ability to retain heat so they absorb heat faster than humans. This is an advantage in freezing weather but it is a danger when summer comes. High outdoor temperatures cause a sudden rise in the dog’s body temperature. The ability to retain heat can cause death if your dog is not provided emergency care.

Signs of dogs’ heat stroke

Causes of heat stroke in dogs

Exercising under high temperatures will make your dog exhausted when they are unable to radiate heat from its body.

Sudden temperature change: When your dog stays in cold air for a long time, if they are exposed to the high-temperature environment immediately, the temperature in the dog’s body will be disparate, causing them not adaptable and resulting in thermal shock.

Dog conditions like obesity or heart disease are all leading to heat stroke in dogs.

Dogs that are too small or too old are also susceptible to this phenomenon.

Avoid heat shock in dogs by bathing them.

Bathing dogs is an effective way to keep dogs cool. However, many owners fear that the dog will be overheated and sweating will have a strange odor, so bathe them regularly. Even after bathing, do not immediately dry the fur because it will keep the puppy cool.

This is downright wrong! In fact, the dog’s body has no sweat glands. Bathing too often will wash away the oil on the hair. This kind of oil works to repel dirt and water.

The loss of oil will cause bacteria to invade, causing allergies, dry skin and even skin damage if you bathe too much.

According to veterinary experts, cats and dogs need to be washed 1-2 times a week.

This can be overcome by usually grooming the dog, letting the coat dry and cool. It is best to do this daily, or at least once a week if you do not have time.

Avoid thermal shock in dogs by adjusting temperature

Dog bodies release heat very slowly, so they are afraid of heat. If possible, give them in an air-conditioned room. However, do not abruptly change the temperature from the air-conditioned room to the outside and vice versa. If the difference is more than 10 degrees Celsius it is easy to cause cardiovascular stroke.

In addition, the owner must pay attention to ventilation. If you want to lead the dog out, you need to open the door for a while, allow the temperature to dissipate to normal, so that your dog will adjust to the temperature. When the dog is finished bathing, it is necessary to clean him, dry his hair before turning the air conditioner on.

Avoid heat shock in dogs with diet

Give your dog easy-to-digest food, reduce protein, fat, fiber, green vegetables, especially if feeding dry dog ​​food, synthetic food must ensure enough drinking water.

Water helps fast food soak up the stomach. Do not overfeed and then exercise outdoors. At that time, dogs are prone to “GDV- gastric torsion”.

Ensure enough clean water for dogs to drink. While walking your dog, you should bring water for you and your pet. If your dog is panting or seems sluggish, stop in the shade and give him water.

Avoid heat shock in dogs by choosing a time to walk

Take your dog for a walk early in the morning and in the evening when the temperature is low. If it is particularly hot and / or humid, you should suspend your dog for a walk. If possible, take your dog for a walk on the beach or river, in areas with cool breeze.

Do not let pet paws touch the surface of the hot pavement. Sidewalks have a very high temperature in hot weather and if the dog comes in contact with the surface, it may cause foot burns.

When the weather is hot, you can clean the dog’s paws, belly hair to help them heat. But when cutting hair, avoid cutting too short, as dog hair can prevent ultraviolet rays. So when shaving your hair should leave a layer just enough to protect their skin from the sun’s rays.

Moreover, the dogs with thick fur, shave their fur will make them unhappy. Many embarrassed dogs do not dare to meet others, even going into depression.

In addition, owners need to pay attention to the symptoms of heat shock in dogs for timely emergency measures.