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How to DIY dog toys easily at home?

How to diy dog toys from available stuffs in your house? Dogs are beloved animals and considered as the most loyal and loving creature in the world. We have them in our family and treat them as one of family members to play with, and to share with us even our ups and downs in life. In this article, we suggest some instructions on making diy dog toys from available items in house and hope that you and your beloved friend will love it.


How to make DIY dog toys easily at home?

As can be seen, dogs love chewing on things and pulling on toys. From that point, we would mention here a collection of DIY dog chew-and-pull toys that may help your furry member will not ruin house’s furniture.

Nowadays, it is such an easy way to purchase some funny toys in online or offline market, but can we find the fun there honestly? Perhaps it will be a happy time when you and your pet sit together to make stuffs. Moreover, these handmade ones will definitely be much cheaper and save you a small budget. Also it is easy to make and you don’t need to worry whether there is something like chemicals of sharp edges which may be harmful to your pets. There are lots of benefits to make homemade dog playthings and they will make your pet not only happy but safe.

Now, let’s get started!

Materials from old stuffs that you can utilize to make a toy

–          Used fabric, trousers, clothes, socks

–          Paper toilet rolls

–          Tennis balls

–          PVC pipe

–          Clothes rack

–          Tire, plastic sticks


Make use of old stuffs to make a toy

Overall process of forming a dog toy

Step 1: Gather all unused stuffs in hand, then imagine which kind of toy you want to make. You can refer from videos, images or instructions in this article or from other sources in the Internet, then make a plan for your own.

Step 2: Design or draw in paper which you will make, and write down a list of all materials that you need to prepare to form a toy. Maybe you need to buy some small accessories like ribbon, color-threads, crayon, etc. Make sure all things are available before you embark on making toys. This is a tip to help you save time and avoid disruption during process that can lose your focus.

Step 3: Take measurement of fabric, pipes or board as well as calculate the suitable dimension you should make for the toy. For example, if you plan to make an in-house sliding bridge, you need to measure size of area that the bridge will be put in. If it is too large, then your house will become untidy.


Take measurement of fabric, pipes or board as well as calculate the suitable dimension you should make for the toy

Step 4: Set-up frame or general shape of toy, then follow instructions on how to make diy dog toys or just your creation to fulfill task. If you fail to do it, do not upset as it’s also a precious time that you spent for your beloved puppies as well as gain some experience.

Step 5: Decorate the toy with small accessories or paint to make it more attractive and colorful. Maybe just a ribbon tied at the bottom will bring an unique highlight for your toy.

Well, the advice is that patience is the most important point. Taking this a chance to play with your pets will make you feel happy and funny to complete the work.

9 suggestions for how make diy dog-toy handmade

1. DIY dog toys from unused toilet paper rolls

Supplies: an empty toilet paper roll, scissors and color pens (optional)


–       Marking (about ¼ inch) on side of the roll

–       Use scissors to cut the rings separately.

–       Insert one ring into another ring, then repeat the step with the rest ones until you form a paper ball like in below image.


DIY dog toys from unused toilet paper rolls

2. Make toys from old gloves or socks

Supplies: unused gloves and socks


Make toys from old gloves or socks


– Collect all your unused gloves & socks

– Choose 1 or 2 largest or longest socks.

– Put all small ones inside the longest socks, then tie it up.

So now you have an adorable cute toy for your pet.

 Refer this video for more explanation:

3. Handmade Christmas chewing toys from fabric


Handmade Christmas chewing toys from fabric

How lovely these fabric toys look! Sure that your puppy will love it at first sight. From colorful fabric, scissors and glue, you can hand-make some little gifts with various shapes and size, like a bone, star, Christmas tree, etc. It is very easy to create whichever style you and your pet like. Why not try making it by below video:

4. DIY ball toys

Supplies: an old ball (tennis ball is a good choice), a piece of ribbon, ½-1 yard of fabric, scissors


–       Cut fabric into 2 parts (around 7’’x14’’ – this is adjusted to any size you want)

–       Fold the fabric in half to wrap over the ball. Then tie ribbon tightly around the base of ball several rounds.

–       Use the excess fabric to tie several knots which helps to keep braids in place.

Every dog love balls. They can play with balls, chew the balls or run to catch balls. This item is considered to be one of most favorite toys of dogs. Playing with balls is really funny. You throw the ball far away for him to run over there and catch it. Or you use a ball with a long handle, then the ball is threw, he can chew it without tearing the whole toy. Simple totally! All you need is a tennis ball and use fabric to cover it. Interesting point is that no sewing is required on this stuff.


DIY dog toys toys from balls

5. No-sew-toys from denim jeans or T-shirt

Supplies: your old denim jeans and scissors


–   Cut and use lower part of the trousers


–   After that, cut one of its side along the length.

–   Fold it around.


–     Make a round loop and then make a knot


That’s for denim jeans. How to make diy dog toys from T-shirt, see video:

6. Interactive tennis-ball toys

Supplies: old tennis balls and knife

Instructions: Take old balls, use a knife or scissors to cut a part of the ball.


Then put some treats (like candies or cookies) into the ball.


These treats will make a sound while your dog play with it. And they are treats so dogs will manage to find the things inside by chewing the ball. This is such a great toy to teach our puppies strategy and focus.

7. DIY a tennis ball through a rope.

Supplies: old tennis balls, a rope


Instructions: Cut a slit into surface of tennis ball then put the rope through in place. Decorate the ball with color painting of fabric cover. Then all is done simply.

For reference, this toy is around USD 15 if you buy in pet stores. So you have gained USD 15!

>>> Below video provides you more clarification:

8. Agility course A-frame

Supplies: old board, wood panels, door, screws, iron chain, hammer, PVC pipes or plastic sticks


This is not only toys, but also considered to be an exercise-tool for dogs. They can go up and down the slide bridge, run around then pass over obstacles. Awesome, right?


By setting-up these stuffs in garden, you will provide a playing yard where your dog will have chances to do exercises and become more agile and smart. And more importantly, this can help your pet to hold or lose weight effectively. If you want them to be stronger, it is possible to adjust a harder schedule that fit your pet. Don’t forget to award them some treats then he will pay more attention to the game and be active.

9. Make a tire jumping toy.

Supplies: a tire, an old clothes rack or something like that


A tire jumping toy is a great toy for your active dog

You are bringing an active dog? So honestly, you should not ignore a tire jumping toy handmade with such an easy way to make it.

Constructed from a frame with a big hoop that resembles a tire. It is simply installed at home and provide your dog a game to go through the ring by jumping and running around it.


Like humans, dogs can suffer from boredom day by day if we put them in a closed area all time. There are some incurred issues which may happen with your beloved friend when they feel too boring and left alone for long hours. Thus, DIY toys would be great idea that can release the boredom for both you and your pet. Looking around your house for all old unused stuffs and make use of them to create a beautiful thing via our above suggestions on how to diy dog toys, or even you can DIY dog gates

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