How to DIY dog gate from old stuffs

Steps to DIY dog gate from available old stuffs in your house

One day you find that your dog jumps into the kitchen, breaks your dishes and hurts his legs. Have you thought about dog gate DIY from available stuffs in your warehouse? Why don’t you make use of your stuffs like old pallets, recycled PVC pipes, old wooden objects to not only save your budget but also contribute to protect environment? All what you need is a little patience, dexterity, and especially your love for pets. With our suggestions in this article, you can make a simple dog gate by yourself from your old furniture.

Creating your pet zone not only bring a safe playground for your pet but secure your furniture as well.  Firstly, you should go through below dog gate’s classification.

Dog gate’s classification

There are various kinds of dog gate. Understanding these kinds will give you an idea to choose which one is adaptable to your pet as well as plan for construction and help you to know how to diy dog gate economically. This will bring about cost efficiency, unexpected situations reduction and time saving.

And in this topic, we would like to introduce some typical kinds as below:

–          Portable dog gate. For this type, you can bring it along with you when you travel. It is easily removed/ installed and does not require wall or floor base. With multi-panel design, it is foldable, moveable but still balance the gate. The most benefit of this kind is that everyone can set-up it very simply by stretching it out, spreading the whole panels and putting it over the area you want.

–          Fixed dog gate. In general, this one is stronger and more durable than portable gate. Various width and height can be applied based on your pet’s size and your using purposes. If you want to go over the gate, you can make it lower and otherwise, if your dog is big and you can raise the gate’s height. For this one, you will need hinges and screws in order to fix the gate to wall or frame.

–          Indoor dog gate. As its name, this type is used for your internal rooms. Its main function is to separate your dog’s area with other rooms. For instance, it may help to avoid your pet go to the kitchen area and being endangered by broken dishes or hot temperature from kitchen equipments.

–          Outdoor dog gate. This one is assembled outside and its function is to keep your dog secured in a limited area as well as away from other pets. Being affected by temperature and weather, it is recommended to apply hard materials for this kind of gate. It can also be formed into an enclosure or barrier to keep your dog in a particular area.

Materials from old stuffs in house that you can utilize to make a dog gate

– Used wooden/metal/plastic objects like pallets/ boards/ bookcase/ desk or PVC pipes.

– Plywood

– Pen, pencil and paper to draw designs.

– Rules for measuring space/ things.

– Scissors and knife for cutting.

– Hinges and screws

– Scotch tape, glue

– Paint       

– Saw and drill

Factors you should consider before making a dog gate

Before starting with creating your dog gate, you should list out some factors which can affect to your process of a dog gate handmade. To answer the question how to diy dog gate, you can think over characteristics, features, measurements or even habit of your own pet as well as architecture of your house. Consider how strong your dog can be, how tall he is, what color the gate will be, how duration you expect for the gate or which space you will set up it? All these questions will help to prepare for the most suitable and effective gate as well as avoid time-consuming for the gate construction process.

  1.   How big is your dog? An ideal dog gate should be double your dog’s height, which enable to avoid your dog to jump over the gate.
  2.   How powerful is he? This question help you to choose material for the gate. If your puppy is small, plastic gate with some PVC pipes can be enough, while you should use durable wooden or metal gate for your large sized dog.
  3.   Where to locate the gate in? In your kitchen, garden or living room?
  4.   Your room’s dimension? By then, make a design with detailed length, height and width of dog gate.
  5.   Fixed of portable gate? For a permanent gate, you will need to select rigid, durable materials as this kind of gate is well-established in your house and can be used for many years. Also should consider to make it moveable so that you can take it out when necessary.

Process of forming a dog gate:

  1. Decide which materials for dog gate DIY. This depends on type of dog gate you want to make and your available materials. Will you use an old wooden board to make an indoor gate? Or a bunch of PVC pipes for assembling a portable dog gate for your dog’s travel? Have an idea in advance and prepare materials accordingly. And please make sure that you need to use large enough wooden or metal pieces if your dog is big and powerful.
  2. Take measurement for the room or area you plan to set up gate carefully. Remember to make precise measurement otherwise your gate will not fit your room’s specifications, especially if you are going to make a permanent gate.
  3. Design the gate with as many details as possible. Make a plan in advance will certainly save your time when you embark on work.
  4. Set-up frame. Based on dimensions of your area, cutting materials accordance to the length and width of gate, reducing from ½ to ¾ inch wide in order to join with the hinge later.
  5. Shape the gate with panels. Secure panels by glue or screws depending on which gate you are making.
  6. Decorating with paint. Now it’s time for you to express your style and creativity. After painting, you can make more decoration with attached cute objects or toys for your lovely dog. 
  7. Install the gate. Mark the points in frame/ wall that you intend to build the gate up. Then drill correct holes to assemble hinges and screws onto the gate. Make sure that the distance you leave for holes in frame/ wall is corresponding to your gate’s hinges.

Following is a video about using old wooden pallet for making a dog gate:

Now congratulation! You have completed your dog gate successfully.

In conclusion, DIY dog gate is not really complicated and you totally can make it by yourself. You can make use of old things which seems to be useless. Actually when it comes to dogs’ safety, it is necessary to take dog gates into consideration. A dog gate will be a special gift for your little puppy and save him from dangerous incurred situations.

If you find this subject useful and interesting, why don’t you try with dog gate DIY for your lovely dog right now? In case you are too busy and don’t have time for hand-making a dog gate, here’s a suggestion for you: top 5 best dogs gates in 2019