Tips on DIY dog bed from available materials at home?

Like humans, dogs love having a cozy warm bed for enjoying their sleep and this also helps to improve their health in general. Best dog bed are sold widely in online shops and markets, but have you ever thought about DIY one for your furry friend? With an unused blanket, a sleeping bag, an old pallet or wooden pieces, why don’t you try making a bed at home? We are here to share with you some instructions and tips to do it easily. How to DIY dog bed from available materials at home? Let’s discover in our article.

Dog bed classification


Materials that you can use for DIY a dog bed

  • A broken end table

  • A cabinet

  • Recycled tire

  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

  • Plywood box

  • Sweatshirt

  • Suitcase

  • Wine barrel

  • Pallets

Here’s a suggestion on how to make a dog bed with a sweater:

Factors to consider when DIY a dog bed

While you can buy a new dog bed easily, make it by your own is still a good decision. A handmade dog bed is such a great way to show your beloved dog how much you love him, and save some money as well. Moreover, you can become creative by making end use everything from old stuffs to shirts in order to create a perfect bed for your furry friend.

1. Some Assembly is required

Dogs come in various sizes, so measuring their size plays an important role in DIY dog bed process. This will help to see exactly how much space that he needs to be comfortable. Also, observe his favorite habit when relaxing in order to finalize the correct dimension for the bed. Do you have a beagle spread-eagle? He may like a bigger cushion than you thought. Does your giant husky who loves curling up in a tiny ball? Then he will need a cozier den.

In general, the simplest dog bed to make is a huge pillow, which can be made from two large rectangles of fabric being cut and sewed together on 3 sides.

2. Stuffing options for a handmade dog bed

How to DIY dog bed from available material at home? Not only the homemade bed should look great, but it also delivers the ultimate comfort for your pup, so choosing the filling is important. There’re a lot of choices, but it is advised to consider things like mobility or joint issues, easy-to-clean material, or chewing tendencies before making your final decision. Below are 5 filling choices for your consideration:

5 filling choices

♥ Fiberfill is soft and inexpensive, however, it can compact over time as well as it does not wash well.

♥ Memory foam is an excellent choice for dogs suffered from arthritis or joint problems. This will support them a lot in sleeping as this kind is considered to be orthopedic dog bed.

♥ Aromatic wood chips could absorb stinky dog odor, however, it may create a big mess in case your dog love chewing up his new bed . Also, there’s a need for strong fabric in order to avoid being poked through when being used.

♥ Old T-shirts, towels, or blankets are good choice when torn into strips. Interestingly, you can save money while keep these items out of the landfill. Such a win-win!

♥ A bed pillow is such the simplest thing. It seems to be the most easy-to-clean item. Like humans, dogs may prefer a certain type of pillow so you should consider and keep experimenting till you find the one they like the most.

3. For small dogs: No-Sew Options

We would introduce you the way to take an old T-shirt and turn it into a bed easily for a small pooch. First, separate the sleeves from its body with a little hot glue on the inside. Second, stuff a pillow inside of the main chest portion. Then create a drawstring in the neck in order to tie it shut. Stuff fiberfill into the long rectangle sides of the arms. Finally, wrap the arms around main pillow, then use glue or adhesive for sealing them together into the doughnut shape.

4. For big dogs: Refurbishing Old Furniture

Does your house have an old dresser which takes up large space in an attic? Why don’t you imagine how to give it a new life as well as a retreat for your pet? By removing it and cutting out its front frame, then remove any sharp nails or hardware of wood/ plastic from the inside. After that, sanding and painting the frame in the color your like/ or your pet like. Then mounting brackets for a curtain rod to the front, and hanging curtains to the floor, finishing it with a piece of soft cushion on the inside. Ok, you have got the perfect cave for your pet.


Learning the way of how to DIY dog bed from available material at home, you can make it with your creativeness to make an unique bed for your pup. This’s also a good opportunity for your to spend time on doing a gift and playing/ sharing with your beloved furry friend. Sometimes an expensive bed to be purchased easily can’t bring as much happiness to your pet as a homemade bed that you pay your time and effort to make it. We trust that your buddy can feel the love that you spent on making it for him. Believe us and DIY a dog bed J

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