8 Beautiful Modern DIY a dog house For Your Puppy!

Have you ever thought about how to DIY a dog house? In modern society, pets like dogs and cats become more and more close to humans. Cute little friends become family members, being taken care of from meal to sleep. The owners worry that pets can’t sleep well and look for a house for them to rest. You can choose to buy a dog house or make your own pet sitter. Come to our Updogsupplies to learn how to DIY a dog house for your pet.

1. Types of common dog houses

In pet market, there are many dog cages varying in different colors, sizes and materials. Depending on the desire to use, the owner will choose the right type for his dog. However, current basic requirement is spaciousness, firmness and comfort for pets. There are many types of popular dog houses, but we would like to classify them into the four most popular types. Stainless steel dog houses, wooden cages, plastic cages for dogs and beds made of cloth or soft cotton.

Dog cage made of stainless steel

Currently, cages made of stainless steel are very diverse in design and size. With a strong advantage, you do not need to worry about pet biting damage, especially suitable for large and strong dogs. Stainless steel material does not rust, easy to clean and clean. The stainless steel barn is cool, clean and very suitable for the hot and humid tropical climate of Vietnam. Stainless steel cage is removable, convenient to move and clean when needed.

However, no aesthetics is the drawback of this type of cage. The price of a stainless steel cage depends on the size and type of stainless steel used.

 Houses for pet houses

Measuring 66.5 x 48 x 64.5 cm in pink and white tones, this product is very eye-catching.

High quality plastic material durable, can easily move.

Combined with iron door, ventilation holes, removable and easy to clean.

Gas dog house with plastic roof for puppies

Durable plastic house with a roof to help the dog can be outdoors in the sun or rain. Suitable for medium sized dogs.

Booths from soft material such as cotton or cloth

This kennel is made of fabric, nylon or some other soft material. Sometimes they even combine with plastic or stainless steel frames so they are not strong. Suitable for baby dogs.

The advantage of soft materials is diverse colors, easy to fold and take with you. But the disadvantage is that the stable is not stable, it is easy to tear during the use of pets such as biting or tearing.

Beautiful strawberry fabric

Strawberry dog-shaped stable with striking tones, funny shapes. This type of cage is very popular in the West. Material durable, safe and secure choice is sure to make you and your pet happy.

Pet house with soft cloth

Size 38 x 25 x 38 cm and many colors to choose from.

Made with soft cloth. Can be folded and carried.

Mattress houses for dogs under 12 kg

Size 37cm x 43cm x 37cm

Small fabric house for cats and dogs

Made of cotton, dry, easy to clean, suitable for hot and humid climate of Vietnam

Bags for moving dogs

There are 3 sizes S, M, L to choose from. Suitable for use when moving pets to other locations. Create a sense of security for pets.

Waterproof puppet dog house

With exquisite design, waterproof, for all types of weather. Adjustable feet, hinged roof, removable floor for cleaning.

For dogs that weigh up to 70kg.

2. How to make a home for dog crafts at home

How to DIY the best dog house from simple materials?

In addition to the products sold on, you can make your own house for your pet with simple materials. You can make a dog house with a carton or carton in a simple and cost-effective way.

Our guides on DIY dog bed and dog gates may inspire you to make a handmade dog house.

3. Making a dog house with paper cartons is very simple and easy to follow.

Materials include carton boxes, glue guns, candle glue, rulers and paper knives.

♥ Step 1: Cut the carton cover into 2 isosceles pentagon, with a width of 60cm, sides with 60cm high, two sides 36cm high. On the cover, there is the door for the U-shaped dog cut 30cm wide and 35-40cm high corresponding to the size of the dog. Cut the letter U with a knife.

♥ Step 2: The carton cover is cut into 2 x 60cm square pieces and 2 x 60x36cm rectangles. Two square pieces make a wall and two rectangles are the roof. You can paste pictures or color to decorate. Use 1 sheet with size 1m2x90cm to make a house. Use a gun to glue the sheets from 4 panels to the wall, then 2 roof sheets. You should stick to the corner of the panel.

♥ Step 3: Make a fence around the cover as a background. You cut the cardboard in size of 60x10cm, 90x10cm, 75x10cm, 15x10cm and 30x10cm. Draw 4x8cm rectangular squares on the cover so that they are spaced 2cm apart and then cut off with a paper knife. Using a glue gun, glue the fence segments to the edge of the background.

With just 3 simple steps, you have a beautiful but inexpensive pet home.

Above are a few suggestions on how to DIY a dog house that will help you in keeping your pet. Updogsupplies hope you will find it helpful. Above suggestion is for your reference only. Wishing you and your pets are healthy and happy

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