Tips on selecting a good dog bed – 7 Questions & Answers

How to choose the right dog bed for your dog is a question raised by a lot of dog owners. Dogs are known as active animals that enjoy exploring new things, sniffing and playing, and it’s also very important for them to have enough rest. As dog parents, we can take good care of our pets with their important down-time that they need by making sure they have a quiet and comfortable place to snooze and sleep without any disturbances.

1. How to choose the right dog bed?

There are plenty of bed types available in the online or offline market which may overwhelm you. Watching your dog sleep, you will notice that they get into a lot of different sleeping positions, including stretching out, curling up, on their back, even on their belly with legs stretching in various directions.


2. What size of bed should I get?

One of crucial factors when choosing a suitable bed is to make sure to choose the right size for your dog. Just make sure it should be wide and long enough for him so that he is able to lie comfortably in any natural position. You know, some beds can be wide enough for your pet while curling up, but can it be enough when dogs stretch out the legs if they want to do so?

3. What type of bed should I get?

In current markets, dog beds are sold in various sizes, shapes and designs. While oval round beds are great when your dogs love curling up, mattress dog beds should be good for their lying flat. As each dog will have their own preferences, it would be best if you watch their sleeping habits, and make a suitable bed for them. There are some bed shapes like box beds with a side, which will allow your pet to cozy down, keep them warm and protect them from draughts.


4. What material should my dog bed be? How can I wash it?

The materials of dog beds are also diverse, just make sure the bed should be made from comfortable materials, easy washable and durable (if possible). In case you often take your dog to the camping, travel outside or play in the garden, a more robust material should be the best. In these cases, water-resistant and waterproof beds will work well and be really helpful in protecting them from getting damp.

5. Where is the best place to locate a dog’s bed?

The bed should be placed at a warm and draught-free area. You should also give your pet some options, and find the most suitable place. A quiet part of the house is an ideal space, that is where your pet can rest undisturbed.


6. Which kinds of dog beds for special dogs?

When it comes to beds, some dogs may have specific demands:

Older dogs and dogs with aches/pains/joint problems may benefit a lot from an orthopedic/ memory foam bed as they can get in and out of this kind of bed easily.


Shy or nervous dogs may benefit from a ‘igloo’ type bed, so they can hide away in their comfort zone whenever they want.



You bring up more than one dog? To avoid competition among them, you should have a minimum of one bed per dog. If your pets enjoy snuggling up together, just consider getting an additional bed that can be large enough for them to share comfortably.Top-Best-Dog-Beds-for-your-buddy-11

7. What are criteria when choosing a right bed?

It is advisable that you should consult your veterinarian or do your own research about your dog’s needs before making your own decision. Several factors to consider are mentioned below:

  • A good fit. Make sure your dog fits into the bed; and their heads and limbs shouldn’t be hung off the edge.

  • Easy-washable material.Dogs easily make the bed dirty as they eat treats, vomit, scratch fleas, or wipe ointment-filled eyes & ears on their beds. Therefore, throwing the bed into a washing machine is a great help. Especially dogs with allergies will benefit a lot from having their bed being washed frequently. Make sure to place the bed away from high-traffic spaces/ areas so no one trips on it/ on the dog. Additionally, remove all buttons/ ribbons/ objects the dog could chew, or even you can search for the “chew-proof” beds that are now available.waterproof-dog-bed

  • Environment-friendly material.Using materials that won’t harm the earth should be taken into our consideration when we decide to replace/ get rid of/ recycle a dog bedHow-to-choose-the-right-bed-for-your-dog-3


Understanding how to choose the right bed for your dog, then you can select the suitable one for your furry friend. This will keep your pet happy and stay healthier with you longer. Like babies, they need to be cared for and loved by their parents. Like humans, we don’t like being disturbed while sleeping, and so does our dog. Kindly remind family members, including our children, to leave our pet alone while he is in his bed. This is an important part that is not only to keep our children safe, but also keep our dogs happy.

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