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How to choose dog clothes for your buddy?

How to choose dog clothes for your buddy? Not only do we need pretty pants, pretty clothes, our cats and dogs also gradually become more stylish with cute clothes. Spending money on buying clothes for pets is popular. At an affordable price, you can change your pet’s appearance to a lovely and closer look. We will provide you some tips here for buying clothes for dogs and cats.


I. Choose suitable clothes for cats and dogs

You want to choose pet clothes but are worried that they don’t fit your dog or cat? So let’s try below simple but accurate size selection right now !!

1. Choose dog and cat clothing size according to its body size

What you need to prepare is very simple: a tape measure, a paper and a pen to record and make comparision. And if there is only 1 pet, you just need to remember and contrast the board. To choose the right size pet clothes, people often base on three criteria: Necklace – Chest size – Back length.


Normally, people will have 2 ways to identify the size for dogs and cats:

+ Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc

+ Size XS – S – M – L – XL, etc

You also do not need to worry about it because they have similarities, you can understand the style: size 1 is equivalent to size XS, size 2 is equivalent to size S, size 3 is equivalent to size M, etc.

2. Choose clothes’ size by weight

If you do not have a ruler, or you already have a measurement and don’t want to measure it many times, you can estimate your pet’s weight to choose a size like:

Clothes’ size 
♥ Size 1 (XS):usually for newborn cats and dogs weighing 2.5 to 4kg.
♥ Size 2 (S):specialized for small dogs weighing 4 - 6 kg
♥ Size 3 (M):used for medium sized dogs weighing 6 to 10kg
♥ Size 4 (L):for dogs and cats a little bigger, weighing from 10 to 12kg.
♥ Size 12 (XL):This is the largest size for large-size pets, weighing over 18kg.

The exact measurement is to determine the size during the first measurement. The next time you can estimate and based on the dog’s condition at that time to choose the appropriate size. Normally, dog t-shirts will have a certain elasticity. You can buy a little bit more loose to comfort the dog as well. But don’t be too big as it will make our dogs feel entangled or even annoyed.

II. Choose materials and designs for pets’ clothes

To choose the right clothes that can make pets become adorable without feeling uncomfortable, you have to choose the right ones. Winter wear feels warm, summer wear feels so cool, that’s the essential element for a dog baby!

When considering about how to choose dog clothes for your buddy, we should rely on characteristics of the dogs and cats in terms of fur, body temperature, activity level and finally the weather.

1. Choose summer clothes for cats and dogs

In summer, you should choose thin fabric for clothes, maybe cool cotton is a good idea. Especially, elegant gile shirt or the three-hole clothes are very suitable for wearing in this season.



In terms of designs, there are also many options for you to choose. For experienced pet owners, they usually buy clothes for dogs and cats according to their characteristics rather than their preferences. For example, a naughty dog tends to love colorful shirts, printed with many funny designs while active dogs may love pit shirt, superman or hiphop style.

And of course each species has a different hobby style. With long-fur puppies, it is even easier to transform into miniature puppies. You can freely create new unique styles for them!

2. Winter clothes for cats and dogs

Winter is also a booming season for dog and cat fashion. For cats and dogs, a thick coat is available for good heat retention. But with cold weather like the last days of the year, there will be a lot of dogs and cats showing signs of laziness, sluggish walking, drooping tails or crouched back. They are also afraid of the cold. And unfortunately if they get respiratory diseases like colds, fever or pneumonia.


a. Do all pets need clothes?

There are dog breeds that need to be dressed but there are also breeds who don’t need to wear clothes. Large dogs, originating from cold weather areas, have good cold tolerance like Husky, Alaska or Swiss dogs. You do not need to buy a sweater or a coat for them. Owning a warm fur is the best warm coat of them even in the cold days, but giving them a pretty thin coat is okay.


However, for small light weight dogs with short and thin fur like Chihuahua, greyhounds, Fox … then you should wear them a warm sweater or coat when the cold season comes. Especially when going out or playing outside, warm clothes are necessary to protect them from being cold.

b. Choose material for pet clothes

The most important factor in choosing winter clothes for dogs and cats is its material:

+ You will not have to think much when choosing float fabric. This is the best anti-wind and cold fabric.

+ In addition, wool or velvet fabrics as well as sweatshirts will be very good because they withstand good weather and are easy to wash.

+ Cotton and acrylic fabrics are also very suitable. The designs of evening dresses, or undergarments, are popular.

Note: Unlike humans, dogs don’t like wearing too thick wool because it will cause itching in their fur. Thick woolen fabrics are also quite heavy, entangled, and especially difficult to wash.


3. Notes when dressing pets

a. Do not force pets to wear clothes

+ Not all cats and dogs like to wear clothes. Familiarity with his cool coat makes many pets feel uncomfortable when they have to get into entangled clothes. If you deliberately force them to wear clothes, many puppies will panic, get angry and even attack you. So don’t try to make them wear clothes, especially timid, shy or agitated dogs.

+ Actually, there is no way for them to wear clothes. You can train them, practice them until they get used to it. Let your dog sniff the items before you put them on. For fastidious cats and dogs, practice with thin and light clothes. Getting used to these things will make them more accustomed to getting dressed.

+ Besides, encouraging and rewarding them if they obediently wear clothes is very necessary. It will help your dog understand that this is a good job.



b. You should choose clothes that fit your dog

Choosing pet clothes that do not fit may lead to a lot of harm. Being too tight or too wide will make your pet feel uncomfortable and entangled. This inconvenience causes aversion to pets that make them hate dressing.

On the other hand, when you don’t choose the right clothes for pets, it will be unsightly.

The way of how to choose dog clothes for your buddy will create your pet’s fashion style. Our furry friends look really cute and pretty when they wear beautiful outfits. So know how to choose beautiful clothes to enhance the value of your baby. Let them stand out from the crowd !!!

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