How to Choose a Pet Food Bowl For Your Buddy?

Suggestions On How to Choose a Pet Food Bowl For Your Buddy

The question on how to choose a pet food bowl for your buddy ​​may be simple, but there are many factors to consider in order to find the most suitable one. There are hundreds of dog breeds and the characteristics of each breed come in many different shapes and sizes. There are no standards for a dog or cat size. When choosing a dog’s food bowl, think about the design, size and material of the bowl and how these details can influence your dog’s eating habits.

Make sure the food bowl is large enough to filling your dog’s entire meal without overflowing.

First, measure your dog’s body height, from the shoulder blade to ground.

10cm bowl: 20-28cm tall dog

20cm bowl: dog 30-38cm high

30cm bowl: 40-48cm tall dog

40cm bowl: dog taller than 48cm

Choose a bowl that matches your dog/ cat characteristics

Shallow bowls for short-nosed dogs or small dogs: Such shallow bowls are suitable for small dogs, avoiding tall, deep bowls that they cannot reach. For bulldog, boxer, or other breeds with short noses will help relieve neck and throat strain. Make your dog’s meal easy and easy by buying a shallow bowl!


Small mouth bowls (sloping bowls) for long-ear dogs: this area of the bowl is designed to be slightly flatter to the bottom of the bowl, keeping long-ear dogs from getting food cords in the ears, especially when dogs eat liquid food such as porridge, pureed pate … A dog with long soft ears, like a basset hound or a terrier, can often pull its ears in the food. A deeper bowl can keep your dog’s ears clean and away from the food inside.

Small mouth bowls

Deep bowls for Large dogs or long nose dogs: A large dog or a dog with a long nose can have a hard time eating from a shallow bowl. Give your dog a deeper bowl so that it can safely and successfully gain its food. If you have a large dog, a small and narrow bowl may not provide enough room for the mouth to get food. Choose a deeper one instead. A dog with a long muzzle can stroke its nose to the bottom of a dish. A deep bowl will ensure that your dog has enough room to take his food without injury, this type of bowl ensures the area for their long snout to spoil the desired food.

An anti-choke bowl is used for greedy dogs: fast-food dogs are not good for health, so these bowls help dogs limit the rate of re-eating. These bowls are usually made of plastic and have a groove design that looks like a maze. These barriers prevent your dog from quickly swallowing food. Help dogs not choke when eating and take time to slowly digest food, absorb nutrients.

In terms of convenience:

When it comes to your dog’s convenience, have you ever asked about how to choose a pet food bowl for your buddy? There are some kinds of dog bowls that are suitable for particular dog types.

Automatic feeding bowl: Behind the food container there is a button to adjust the amount of food falling. Trough divided into 2 sides to collect water and food. Products suitable for medium and small dogs. The product is very handy when you’re away from home, not afraid your puppy will be thirsty or hungry. Luxury products used to preserve food, water is not spoiled and moldy, helping pets eat better. The pitcher can be adjusted high and low to suit the height of the dog. Investing in an automatic feeder can be a great option if you often miss your dog’s scheduled feeding time. It is important to be aware of the dog’s appetite. An erratic appetite is the first sign that your dog is unwell. If your dog snacks throughout the day using an automatic feeder, you may not notice it when he doesn’t eat often.

Automatic feeding bowl

Double bowl: more convenient because this is a double bowl you can hold one side of food and water. Suitable for dogs who do not know or do not like to drink from a water bottle.

Double bowl

Silicon bowls can be folded / retracted. A foldable bowl is a great option if you and your four-legged pet are on the way. These bowls fit more easily and take up less space than regular bowls, and they easily fit into a backpack or belt. The bowl is made of silicone and is easy to clean.If you and your dog regularly ride long cars or walk in the mountains, a convenient retractable bowl is a smart choice.

Silicon bowls

Bowl with advanced stand: Large dog bowls consist of two plastic / ceramic or stainless steel bowls in a stand. The rack is usually made of metal, wood or plastic. Experts believe Bat has a healthier, more elevated foot for dogs, which can prevent gastrointestinal problems. In addition, this type of bowl may be more comfortable for some dogs, especially large dogs. If your dog tends to cling to / trample on his bowl or in his bowl, the stand should be placed near a wall to avoid falling. Advanced dog bowls can be expensive, but are often considered worthwhile. Some even include a compartment for storing food, which can be a good or bad feature depending on your dog’s ability to cause some damage!

Bowl with advanced stand

Choose Bowl Material

Choose a stainless steel bowl to ensure durability. Stainless steel bowls are a popular choice because the dog’s power is less likely to chew or destroy something made of metal. In addition, stainless steel bowls are easy to clean, safe for dishwashers, and often inexpensive. These long, heavy, and low-cost bowls are a great investment.

Choose a ceramic bowl with stylish designs. If you are looking for an exterior shaped bowl for a luxurious and lively dish, ceramic bowls can be a great choice for you. Ceramic bowls are durable and often come in a variety of designs and colors. Your dog will be less likely to move or flip over a ceramic bowl, but the bowl may break if it falls.

ceramic bowl

Choose a plastic bowl for a low-cost option. Plastic dining bowls come in a variety of sizes and colors and are usually dishwasher friendly. They are usually not expensive. But plastic bowls are not heavy, so your dog can easily push the bowl to move and drop food out. Some plastic bowls can cause a skin allergy. If you use a plastic bowl, pay attention to any changes in dog skin, especially near the chin and face.

plastic bowl

In conclusion

There are a variety of pet food bowl in the market, however, each dog with different features may need different kind of bowl. A suitable bowl will help to satisfy your beloved pet, which contributes to make him more appetite and interested in meals. Think of your pet’s characteristics, and then you will find the answer on how to choose a pet food bowl for your buddy.

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