How to Choose A Good Dog Hair Clipper ?

Tips on How to Choose A Good Dog Hair Clipper

How to choose a good dog hair clipper is a raised question of many dog owners. Some dog breeds need special attention to their coat, including Bichon Frize, Yorkshire Terrier, Samoyed, Poodle, etc. If you own a dog of these breeds, trimming their coat is a certain thing to do. If you have free time, you can take your puppies to the pet care center to trim their hair, but if you want to trim their fur at home, you should use an appropriate tool like a trimmer. Do not use scissors as they can hurt your baby dog if you are not careful. However, choosing a good dog hair clipper is not really simple. In this article, we will find out what is a good dog hair trimmer and where to buy good ones for our pets!

What is a good dog hair trimmer?


If you are a dog lover, you will know that grooming them is such a essential process. Healthy coat is an important factor affecting the health of our close friends. When choosing to buy one to groom pets, we need to consider some points: wireless or wired trimmer, how much power is suitable, which material of blade, its support tools, and its maintenance feature.

As we all know dog hair trimmer have two main types, including direct electric type (known as wired cardboard) and rechargeable battery cardboard (wireless cardboard). The type of wired cardboard is often quite heavy, difficult to use, quite entangled because it has to be plugged-in to use, less flexible but stronger than the wireless cardboard. Wireless cardboards are highly flexible, easier to use and more convenient but have a weaker capacity.


However, in the last 1-2 years, wired dog hair trimmers are becoming more inferior than wireless hair trimmers with higher capacity, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain-and-clean functions. The capacity of the battery-powered, rechargeable batteries has now reached 12 – 18W, which is comfortable for us to  trim dogs and cats.

Next, we will need to pay attention to its blade. The blade plays a crucial role for a good cardboard, as a good product alway requires a sharp, durable, less abrasive blade which will not heat up when being used. Especially for thick-haired dog breeds, the trimmer for them must be equipped with a sharp tongue so that they do not get trapped or terminated then making them painful. The cardboard with high carbon steel, titanium and Zr02 porcelain are which you should choose to trim dogs and cats.

Whether support devices as well as process of cleaning, disassembling and maintenance are easy or not are also should be taken into consideration. If it is too difficult or time-consuming for maintaining, you should not choose that one for dog and cat hair removal. The enclosed tools should be full of machine oil and bristle brushes (to adjust fur’s length during cutting process).

Criteria to choose a good dog hair clipper

In the process of how to choose a good dog hair clipper, there are many factors that need being taken into consideration:

1. Price

First thing to consider is the suitable price for your budget.


2. Design

What does the product look like? Normally designs of clipper’s types are quite similar. Choosing whichever color and design that you and your pet like.

3. Blade material

The blade is an important part that determines whether the trimmer you choose is effective or not, usually the blade will be divided into two parts: fixed blade and movable blade.


Some of the popular materials are high carbon steel, Titanium or Zirconium Oxide porcelain (symbol: ZrO2). Each material will have its own characteristics, but the common point of these materials is:

♥ High rigidity.

♥ Good friction ability.

♥ Does not rust over time.

♥ Very sharp when cutting.

♥ Do not hurt children or pets.

4. Engine

Which engine of trimmer should be used?

The two main motors of trimmers are:
1. Induction motor: This motor uses only alternating current, so direct current cannot be used.
♥ Pros: powerful engine and relatively cheap price.
♥ Cons: difficult to use and control.
2. Universal motor: With this type of motor you can use both direct current and alternating current.
♥ Pros: high speed and easy to use.
♥ Cons: price will be much higher than that of Induction engine.

5. Capacity


If you only use a hair trimmer for your baby or pet, a product with a capacity of about 10W is okay, but if you want to buy a trimmer that can be used for the whole family, you should choose the ones with higher capacity.

6. Accessories


The trimmer will not be completely effective without its accessories, especially the maintenance tools such as brushes, machine oil to help the trimmer to maintain efficiency, as well as ensure longevity for the machine.

7. Warranty

The maximum warranty of a current cardboard is not high, about 1 year or less when buying genuine.

8. Guaranteed Brand

Brand is also a factor to be concerned when choosing a good cardboard. Is it a good brand with clear origin? Have that brand been selected by a number of consumers? These questions will somehow help you to find the answer.



How to choose a good dog hair clipper? Choosing a good dog hair clippers is not difficult, but choosing a qualified product will actually help you feel more secure when using them to trim your buddy’s hair in particular and protect his health.

Thank you for reading so far. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section.

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