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A flexible dog gate – Useful for every dog-raising family

A flexible dog gate – Have you ever thought about it as a furniture in your home? There are a lot of details that we consider and prepare when building or moving into a new house, but it seems that sometimes we ignore some of the most obvious things that could potentially make our life a lot easier. In order to keep our home looking tidy and nice as well as avoid our pets from destroying furniture, a dog gate is an essential item.



Things to consider when choosing a flexible pet gate:

Whether you plan to purchase dog gates in the market, or find a way to build it at home, here are some things you should take into consideration:

  1. Look through your pet’s height if you are going to make an installation. Otherwise the gate may too low and your furry friend can easily pass over. You wouldn’t want to watch furry friend leap right over it when complete, would you?
  2. Make sure there’s no sharp materials or objects being used on the gate, especially no share edges that may cause harmful accidents to your pets. Moreover, if your pet love chewing, a wooden gate may not be a good choice until they get rid of this bad habit. Remember that your pet will upset when you leave, so consider about this situation. They may scratch, chew, or even bite the gate.
  3. Decide on how much space you can leave your pet in. It’s recommendation that you should purchase a flexible gate which can extend its width when necessary and foldable when being unused. This will match to any dimension in your home so that you don’t need to worry about which place to set-up the gate. In addition, now there are a lot of multi-functional products in the market which can work as a pet gate, a room divider or a pet pen. Really useful and wise choice for modern apartments.
  4. Which materials should be used for the gate? This depends on place you plan to put the gate in, such as in living room, kitchen or in the garden outside? Wood-made gate seems to well-suit indoor spaces while more durable materials like steel, iron or aluminum should be applied for outdoor gates. There is no general standard for every family’s gate.
  5. Gate’s style. A dog gate is a furniture, so it also plays a role as a decorative item in house and contribute to your house’s architecture. Have you ever thought about this? In terms of decoration, there are various kinds of gate for your decision, from traditional to modern style. 

Some stylish dog gate ideas:

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 Some suggested ideas on DIY flexible dog gate

1. Build a dog gate from a bench

You have got rid of a bench? Well, you could make use of the wood from your bench then save a few bucks for material.


  Take some measurement on the bench’s DIM and space that you plan to put the gate in. 


  Remove the bench’s top and use the other parts to build-up gate. 


  Part 1 & 4 are used for main pieces of gate and part 2 & 3 are used for the gaps between each gate’s side. Cut part 2 & 3 in half in order to use for both side of the main pieces as shown below. 


  Attach the pieces together by using 3’’ screws and wood glue. After construction, just paint it using spray paint. 


  Fasten the 2 main parts of gate by simple hinges which are painted with black paint. The remaining hinges are mounted into wall and to the other side of the gate. 

Now it’s been done. Simple but it actually serves its purpose.

2. Build a pet gate using curtains


      Cut fabric into parts suitable for each barrier. 


      Turn each iron and edge of the fabric in 1/4 inch (for example), then turn over 1 inch to create a casing for the rod. This can make it easier to sew, however, you can skip this step. 


      Sew a straight line along each iron-edge to secure and fasten your casing. 

      Put it outside your rods and adjust it to fit with your doorway then you’re done. Very simple & easy! 

3. DIY pallet dog gate


Making a flexible pet gate from your an old pallet is also an idea. >>> Video instructions:


4. Solid-wood DIY dog gate


  Use a miter saw, cut the wood panel to lengths . Then use a circular saw, cut ½ inch oak plywood to suitable size. 


  Measure and mark spacing for spindles along crosspieces. Switch the pieces in another side, then combine square transfer the marks to the other sides of both crosspieces. Repeat this steps till marks are all transferred to all 4 sides of crosspieces. 


  Glue the spindles by using a paintbrush. Apply a thin layer of glue to each spindles. 

  Fasten spindles and legs by using a drill to make holes through cross pieces and into the ends of spindles.


  Secure the panel. Set the panel in correct place between legs that it should touch the underside of middle crosspiece. Drill holes and screw legs to the bottom of crosspiece. 

  Install stiles and rails. 

  Cut and set up the trim. 

  Drill the feet. 


  Assemble the nuts into legs. 

  Attach feet and connect sections. 

>>> Video instructions:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDTRswDGb8U

5. PVC pipe dog gate

PVC pipes are considered as a good material for hand-making stuffs in such an easy and simple method. Have you tried this one?

>>> Video suggestion on how to make a pet gate from pipes:



Flexible dog gates, as well as other dog’s accessories, are becoming more and more stylish than ever. So we do hope that our ideas in this article will help you find a best gate for your furry family member. Buying a new one, or you even may DIY dog gates from old stuffs.