Why does my dog bite his feet every day?

There are many reasons a dog bites his or her legs. This behavior is only temporary if there is no problem. However, if you see your dog constantly nibbling and biting his paw, you need to consider to find out the specific cause. This can directly affect the pet’s health. So why do puppies bite so often? Please follow Updogsupplies’ article below to learn more.

Why do dogs bite their legs?

Dogs often bite their legs because they are in pain.

Instead of biting things or biting the owner’s hand when playing, sometimes the dogs bite their feet. One of the reasons for this behavior is pain. A cut from thorns, debris, or small stones trapped in the pads under the feet causes pain and discomfort.

They bite their feet to try to get those obstacles out of feet. In addition, some bone and joint diseases are also painful for dogs, which make them change his psychology and behavior, including biting his leg.

The dog’s feet are dry

Dry air with winter weather causes dry skin (Dry skin caused by dry air or winter weather or the dog’s diet does not provide enough fatty acids to moisturize and protect their skin). When the skin is dry, it becomes itchy or burning. As a result, dogs will bite his leg because of the discomfort.

However, when a dog regularly licks and bites his skin, it will make the skin drier which makes them even more annoying. Some moisturizers might be the best solution for them at the moment.

Puppies bite or nibble on their feet due to allergies

According to veterinarians, a dog allergy is one of the reasons dogs bite their legs. Animals, like humans, get an allergic rash.

Respiratory allergy includes chemical smells, shower gel, perfume, etc. Gastrointestinal allergy includes ingestion of spoiled food, expired food, etc. Although very rare, dogs can also be allergic to certain ingredients in their food.

Skin allergies are caused due to contact with chemicals such as injections, vaccines, etc.

When a dog is allergic, its skin will be irritated, itchy. The dog bites his / her feet to ease the discomfort. Paws are one of the parts of the body that your dog will most often bite. You can determine what your puppy is allergic to by looking at which paw he is nibbling on.

If your dog is concentrating on chewing on his forelegs or all four legs, think about a food allergy. Food allergies usually affect the soles of the feet rather than the upper part of the legs. If the dog is concentrating on gnawing on one of the fore or hind legs, it may have come into contact with something that causes allergies.

Dog self-bites due to stress, sadness

Leg bites are not just caused by pain and allergies, but sometimes because they feel bored. And it becomes their habit. This is the result of their depression due to the new puppy changing their living environment, or new members in your house. Dogs can also suffer from such an obsessive-compulsive disorder as it does in humans. Biting one’s own legs is one manifestation of this disorder. Rather, it is often rooted in fatigue and anxiety. Many people often nibble on their nails when stressed. Dogs can be like that too.

However, this habit is really bad as it can cause infections or complications for dogs. Put a speaker on your dog’s neck or distract him from the stressful situation.

How to limit self-biting of dogs?

Examine the dog’s feet

If you have an infected wound, you should take your dog to see a veterinarian. If something gets caught in the leg, remove it and disinfect the wound. Choose the right food

Feed your dog with high quality foods which contains a well-balanced formulation of vitamins and minerals, including fatty acids. Do not indulge your dog with greasy food as their bodies are sensitive to this food.

Buy toys and play with dogs

If the dog is mentally ill, they can bite. There is even a risk of biting and attacking strangers and owners. It’s best to divert their attention when they are about to bite. Use toys and play with them happily, especially toys for them to chew.

Wear a speaker collar that prevents licking and biting

When you see a dog biting his leg, find a way to stop the act immediately. The more a dog bites, the more susceptible it is to irritated legs. The best way is to put a lick-proof speaker on the dog’s neck to prevent it from leaning over and nibbling. Keep in mind that you should not cover the dog’s paws as this will create moisture and make the condition worse. If you have to wrap the dog’s feet, use a breathable material. You should also clean the affected leg area and then dry it. If necessary, you can use a drying powder. If your dog’s feet are injured, put an antibiotic cream on it.

Store chemicals out of reach of dogs

Avoid leaving chemicals where your dog can go.

As their curious nature, chemicals can injure or cause an allergy to your pet.

Use dog shower gel and moisturizer

There are many types of dog bath lotions on the market, preferring products with moisturizing ingredients to prevent the dog’s skin from drying out.

In the winter, combine the use of a moisturizer to make the dog’s skin always healthy and have good elasticity.

Thus, with the information shared above, you can grasp the reasons that lead to dog biting your legs, and get the best solution for your dog.

Wish your puppy always healthy!