TOP-RATED 7 BEST DOG TRAVEL BAGS IN 2020 REVIEWS Have you ever concerned about the best dog travel bags? If you have a pet, you probably have to take them to the doctor, go out, or anywhere. For places that need to travel far, there will certainly be things that help pets feel most comfortable. […]

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DIY dog clothes from your old clothes, why not?

DIY Dog Clothes From Your Old Clothes | Updogsupplies Guides Have you ever thought about DIY dog clothes from your old clothes? In modern world, clothes for dogs are of much concerned, which is not just to keep them warm, protect their body but it’s also fashion for pets and their owners. The loveliness of […]

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How To Choose Dog Clothes? | Updogsupplies Tips

How to choose dog clothes for your buddy? How to choose dog clothes for your buddy? Not only do we need pretty pants, pretty clothes, our cats and dogs also gradually become more stylish with cute clothes. Spending money on buying clothes for pets is popular. At an affordable price, you can change your pet’s […]

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How to Choose A Good Dog Hair Clipper ?

Tips on How to Choose A Good Dog Hair Clipper How to choose a good dog hair clipper is a raised question of many dog owners. Some dog breeds need special attention to their coat, including Bichon Frize, Yorkshire Terrier, Samoyed, Poodle, etc. If you own a dog of these breeds, trimming their coat is a […]

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