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Dog breeding experience for beginners

Are you wondering about dog breeding experience for beginners? Understanding your dog’s experience can help keep your dog healthy. Not just go out to the store to pick randomly a lovely pet, feed him a lot and keep him clean. So what to do? This article will share with you some experience of heathy breeding before welcoming dogs to their new home. You know, preparation is the most important part of every process.


1. Choose a reliable address to buy dogs

It is advisable to buy a dog with a clear background, or from a dog owner with the dog’s mother there. They are fast, healthy dogs with “health record” attached with stamps of vaccination for dogs and regular dog deworming dates.

According to dog breeders, puppies under 2 months old still rely heavily on their mothers. If splitting him out from herd too early, it will be difficult to take care of him. You should buy puppies over 2 months of age who are agile and active.

First, they were able to separate their mother and wean. Weaning is stable, puppies begin to get used to dog food in addition to breast milk. The body has also gradually become more stable. Puppies at this stage also do not form a personality. So you can easily train them to do what you want. Adult dogs are often familiar with the old environment. When they move into a new place, it will be difficult for them to integrate again.

Currently there are many breeding dogs like Husky, Bull France, Rottweiler, Poodle, Alaska, Phoc squirrel, Becgie, etc. You can refer to the website or ask experienced dog owners to have them checked.

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2. Experience of raising dogs when they first come home

Health check

You should take your dog to a veterinarian who has experience with general health exams and directly advise how to take care of your dog. You may require a doctor to issue a medical examination book if you do not have it ready for follow up.

Prepare accommodation

According to many dog owners’ experience, dog accommodation needs to be cool, warm and ventilated. Dogs should not be in cold airconditioner as they can easily get cold and cough. Avoid putting dogs in high positions such as windows, balconies, stairs. You should buy a good dog bed or DIY a dog bed for your puppy to enjoy a good sleep.

Bathe the dog

When you have just bought your puppy, you should not bathe him with water immediately. If you bathe right away, your dog will be more likely to get pneumonia and develop dangerous infectious diseases. The first few nights away from his mother, your puppy may bark. You can gently cuddle the puppy to make him feel secure in your arms.

3. Experience raising dogs in eating and drinking

Feed dogs with sufficient nutrition

The best way to take care of dogs is not to give them good food. Enough and enough nutrition is okay. Do not allow dogs to be hungry or too full. Especially puppies, they will eat them as much as they want. Should balance the dose accordingly. Encourage your dog to eat dry food to avoid stomach upset and get the most quality. You can also change the taste for them by adding pate, sauce to make the meal more delicious.

Absolutely not let dogs eat chocolate. Chocolate is very dangerous, can be fatal for dogs. Limit candy, sweets. If they are interested in junk food, you should buy biscuits for them to enjoy. Dogs love to gnaw bones. However, chicken and duck bones … in their raw form are extremely dangerous. Bone fragments can tear the intestines and stomach. If dogs eat fish, their bone must be removed to avoid choking.

The diet must be full of nutrients and energy with proteins, fats, carbs, minerals and vitamins. Do not abuse drugs or synthetic foods. It is best to feed the dog with meat or fat-free meat porridge. Make sure your dog is well fed.

Feed your puppy about 3-4 meals a day. Only stop eating until it is full. Feeding equipment such as dishes, plates … must always be clean and dry. If you want to change your dog food to a different type, wait about a week or so. You should start by adding a new portion of your food to the three portions of the old food. Then switch to the old half and the new half type. After that, one part of old food and three new parts until completely changed to a new one.

Puppies love to chew, grind their teeth, often bite through shoes … not only spoilage but also devour toxins and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. You should keep dogs away from these. Look for calcium chewy bones, dog toys at Pet Mart to prevent this problem. When dogs see unusual symptoms: vomiting, loss of appetite, sadness, diarrhea, illness, having to stop feeding or drinking milk. The veterinarian should be invited to check.

4. Experience raising dogs in health care

Dog breeding experience for beginners is a process of learning. For each stage of development there will be different regimes of care. Supplement the dog with nutritious powder so that the pet is always full of necessary nutrients.

Experience raising dogs in health care 
Under 2 months old: feed 6 times / day, every 3-5 hours.
From 2-4 months: feed 5 times / day, every 4 hours apart
From 4-6 months: feed 4 times / day.
From 6 - 10 months: feed 3 times / day.
From 10 months or more: feed 2 times / day as for large dogs.

It may take a week for the puppy to eat a fuller meal than usual and eat an additional egg. But must cook then feed gradually until you can eat okay. Puppies after 5 months can add a little weekly beef, pork, but must be very fresh with increasing intensity steadily. Dog meals usually last no more than 5 minutes. If the dog ate it all out and it was still a little craving.

After the meal should run freely and hygienic puppies to digest food. After the evening walk, you can give your dog some milk or diluted sugar water. If the puppies are done with food leftover, discard it and the next meal should be reduced in size accordingly.

Cautions in medical care for puppies

For dogs under 6 months old: deworming medications for dogs should be used as soon as 1 month of age. Then bleach once a month until 6 months old.

For dogs over 6 months of age: deworming every 3 to 4 months.

From the experience of raising dogs of experts, you need to vaccinate your dogs. If you want to keep them long term because the following diseases are very dangerous for their lives. Some dangerous diseases such as Carre (Carre Distemper), Pavovirus (Canine Pavovirus), Hepatitis (Adenovirus type 1), respiratory disease (Adenovirus type 2), deputy flu (Parainfluenza), Leptospirs. Usually these diseases are usually given in one shot. Particularly rabies vaccinations for dogs need to be repeated every year.

Cautions in medical care for puppies

Cautions in medical care for puppies

5. The taboo food for dogs

There are several dangerous dog food items shared by people with long-term dog experience. 
♥ You should definitely not feed or restrict your dog as much as possible.
♥ Hot, cold foods, spicy, salty foods, sweet foods, smoked foods.
♥ Types of freshwater fish. Only cooked sea fish should be fed.
♥ Do not give your dog too much noodles, beans, white bread, potatoes ...
♥ Do not feed raw pork, lamb, or chicken eggs to dogs.
♥ In the dog food should not give spices such as chili, spicy tomato sauce, pepper ...
♥ Do not give your dog rancid foods that are expired.
♥ Make sure not to eat the dogs sausages, sausages ... because these foods are very toxic to dogs. They damage the liver and can cause dogs to die just before adulthood
♥ Do not feed your dog bones. The first reason is that they cannot be absorbed and absorbed. The second is the bone can cause constipation, intestinal obstruction ... Especially dangerous is the type of duct bone. Especially those like chicken bones, which can break into sharp pieces that puncture the gut.
♥ Do not give your dog sweet foods, especially candies. Sweets lose appetite and disrupt digestion. In addition, they also damage tooth enamel and have an adverse effect on the eyes (watery eyes).

6. Dog supplies are absolutely essential

Collars, name tags for dogs

Dog collars and dog name tags are essential. The nameplate with your phone number on the dog’s collar as soon as you pick it up helps keep your pet safe when you take him home. In the case of stray puppies you will have an additional chance to find them.


Toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs

According to people who have experience raising dogs, should pay attention to buy pet products, do not use dog supplies. Try to find a brush with 2 big and small heads for easy use. Even when dogs grow up. Dedicated dog toothpaste can swallow without endangering your dog. Brushing your dog’s teeth every day will prevent your dog from getting dental problems.

Take care of your dog with a grooming brush

Puppies need to use combs with big teeth and small teeth. When looking to buy, you need to choose the type of round tooth and round section. The purpose is to avoid tearing the skin or damaging the dog’s skin. For long-haired dogs, a large tooth comb is used to brush the outer coat. Helps to comb the adhesive hairs smoothly. The fine-tooth comb is used to brush the inner layer of hair. Dog grooming is an essential tool for handling tangled hair, but can only be used when the hair is not sticking together.

Scissors, pincers for pedicure

In addition to using a grooming brush, you also need to use another tool that is also very important in caring for pets as dog grooming scissors. There are many types of scissors, but only pet grooming professionals need to use, ordinary owners only need to prepare ordinary scissors and dog pedicures.

It is best to choose a scissors with a round head, to avoid careless injury to the dog’s skin. The use of scissors is to cut hair around the eyes, ears, mouth, anus and genitals, sole of the foot. Trimming toenails for dogs is usually avoided to make a loud sound.

Experienced dog owners say puppies are very sensitive to sound. Especially when the sound comes when touching their feet. When you are impressed, they will be scared, you need to stroke and comfort them to help them not be afraid. Owners need to trim their nails periodically.

Dog hair clippers

Dog hair clippers are used to clean the hair, especially the buttocks, at times when the hair is curly. Trimming parts of tangled hair, excess hair to make it neat. Also can be used to shave blood for some small dog breeds such as Poodle, shave when dog skin is sick … Before using, you should consult with people who have had previous dog experience.

Dog transporting bag

Dogs cannot always stay indoors. Sometimes you need to take your dog for a walk, go out or take a spa bath, trim his hair. You can use bags, carriers and backpack transport … dedicated. Dog transport bags made of fabric, leather are very durable and easy to clean. With this gadget you and your dog can go together to anywhere.

Muzzle for dogs

Puppies also need to be protected by muzzles when going out. This will help prevent your dog from eating strange and dangerous foods. At the same time, the use of muzzles for dogs helps you protect the surrounding community. Avoid the risk that your dog may bite and attack the strangers he meets.

Be a wise buyer!

dog breeding experience for beginners will help you to take better care for your puppy. You can also consult online to compare prices of dogs. When making a purchase, you also need to consider the delivery cost. The issue you need to pay most attention to is still the price associated with quality. We hope that our dog-raising experience will be helpful for you to keep your dog. Wish you and your dog will always be happy!

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