DIY dog clothes from your old clothes, why not?


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Have you ever thought about DIY dog clothes from your old clothes? In modern world, clothes for dogs are of much concerned, which is not just to keep them warm, protect their body but it’s also fashion for pets and their owners. The loveliness of dogs and cats will be more evident when they are purchased by their owners for clothing and skirts. There are even children who are spoiled by the owner to buy a variety of colorful clothes to change, and also get a scarf to keep the neck warm, wear a backpack and wear a helmet to walk around the city.


Should we make clothes for dogs and cats?

Why do dogs need to wear clothes while they have their fur for warming themselves? That is the thinking of many people. There are even many people who think that it is a weird and silly job. However, dressing for pet is extremely necessary for following reasons:
♥ Clothes help pets stay warm in cold weather. Some cats and dogs easily catch a cold when they go out, so a sweater is really necessary. The cold tolerance of dogs depends on how thick their fur is, so light short-haired dogs need warm coats especially when going out.

♥ Clothes also help to protect your pets when they play to avoid them from being scratched. Especially some dogs performing rescue missions are also equipped with protective gears such as jackets, swimsuits or boots to protect them from getting hurt.
♥ Another benefit of dog clothes is to beautify pets. You will be extremely excited to see your pet dressed in unique clothes. Do not think that your pet does not know anything, they will surely feel proud and happy because he is dressed up by his owner.
There are many pet clothes with different designs and colors in the market. Still expensive ready-made items will cost you a lot, sometimes the size is not fit your pet. So there is an effective way of saving and also brings great joy for you that is making clothes for dogs and cats from your current old clothes. You only need to spend about 15 – 30 minutes then your furry friends will have a variety of fashionable costumes.

How to sew clothes for dogs and cats?

Prepare necessary items

  1. Old clothes you don’t use anymore
  2. Scissors, measuring tape, pastels, buttons
  3. Mini sewing machine or needle for manual sewing

Take pet size measurements
Measuring pet’s size is an essential part in process of DIY dog clothes from your old clothes. This is very important part to ensure that cats and dogs have the right shirts which are comfortable to wear. When measuring, it is necessary to choose when they have a good mind or are sleepy, so they should fall in love to easily get accurate measurements. Also you can take measurements while they are eating.


Indicators to get:
♥ Measure length: use a tape measure to measure the size from the neck to the tail.
♥ Measure the width, measure the waist of the pet, note that they should be taken when they are full to avoid being too tight. Also take some extra necklace measurements.
♥ Measure other parts: you also need to measure more head … depending on the design of the different costumes.

Some simple ways to hand-make clothes for dogs and cats:

1. Making clothes for dogs from trousers:

The easiest way to do this is to cut a trouser leg to the measured length and make holes for the two front legs. With this outfit you only need about 5 minutes to perform.


Making clothes for dogs from trousers

2. Making clothes for dogs from old T-shirts:

First you need to put the shirt on a flat surface. Then cut the back of the body to the shoulders. Next, fold the back of the shirt back and use a chalk to draw a straight line near the upper body, slightly bent, then draw diagonally from the neck to the shoulder about 6 cm and then use scissors to cut but not cut the necklace.

After cutting, you sew two shoulders together. Trim off a part of your arm about 5cm and cut off a bit of the arm armor with the body of the shirt and sew the sleeves into the body of the shirt. And finally, cut the front body about 20 cm to make it easier for the dog to go to the bathroom.


3. Tailoring pet clothes from fabric:

If you have an unused piece of fabric, you can make it very simple for your dog to use. Please follow the steps below:


Measurement and cutting steps

Proceed to cut the abdomen, neck and length

Proceed to cut the abdomen, neck and length

Sew the cloth together

Sew the cloth together

Add a few details to the outfit to add more momentum

Add a few details to the outfit to add more momentum

In addition, if you create a little, there are countless styles of clothes for cats and dogs from our discarded costumes. DIY dog clothes from your old clothes will help to save your budget and give you an opportunity to discover your creativity. Hand-sewing a pet coat does not waste time and you find it very interesting. Winter is coming, now you should start to try it now for warming your dog in the winter. Help your pets become cool and fashionable from your own ingenuity.