Create dog bowl ideas for your beloved buddies

Have you heard about creative dog bowl ideas for your pet? Having a pet is not exactly walking in the park but it is also very interesting and rewarding. Treat your dog with respect and love and you will establish a great relationship. Start by replacing the old food bowls with something a little more practical and beautiful for both you and your pet.

For example, you can make a station for your dog. You will need a two-cubby wood shelf, metal bowl with a lip, candle holder, jigsaw, a drill and some paint. Make two holes at the top for two bowls and use the inside for storage.

Keep your pet food somewhere safe, preferably a container that looks good.It’s easy to make it. You need a large tin can, some decorative paper, adhesive, and spray paint. Putting a nice mark on it and now raising your dog would be a pleasure.

This is a very similar project. It’s a dog food container made out of a tin can of popcorn. It is painted yellow and the lid has a very nice paw print design. Instead of a tag, this one has “dog food” written on it with white spray paint.

Give your dog food and water bowl a makeover. These are wooden bowls and they “ate” the corresponding “drink” written on it. Use letter stickers for text and wood burners to keep track of letters. It is a project more for the owner than for the pet.

A very simple and very clever idea is to make a blackboard bowl for your dog. Take a simple white ceramic bowl and place the tape around the rim. Then spray exterior paint with chalkboard paint, remove the tape and then you can write on the bowl whatever you want.

This interesting and ingenious project is perfect for people with large dogs who easily eat a bowl on a chair. Find an old chair and do the entire seat. Insert the bowl into it and there you have it.

This dog bowl keeper is made of a wooden crate. It is a practical project because you will have a stable structure to keep food and water bowls and your dog will not accidentally move them around. Also, the bowl will not sit directly on the floor.

This awesome dog loader is very nice. It is made of a moderately carved log to hold two bowls. It is also a nice piece of decoration for the home and a nice way to disguise dog bowls.

If you want to hide your pet’s food and water bowl and also to save some space, you can put them in the bottom drawer of the cupboard. Create a beautiful frame to keep them perfect and you can use the rest of the drawer to store your pet’s toys.

To make beautiful dog bowls, you will need two glass bowls, non-toxic glass paint, a foam paint brush, a thick elastic strip, bandages and newspapers. Wrap elastic around the plate and place tape on the upper half. Then paint the contact area and let it dry.

Wow, we believe that if you are a dog lover, we bet that you will find it interesting to have creative dog bowl ideas for your pet. It can struggle you somehow, but once you succeed in making a bowl by yourself, it will be very awesome!

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