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Top 9 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds – Reviews in 2021

Are you looking for the best orthopedic dog bed? And you are wondering in various kinds and models in the market? Comfort your dog is important, but the true purpose of an orthopedic product lies in its use for treatment and loosing pain. For elderly dogs, this is one of best ways to improve their life quality and make them to be more comfortable and happy. Before choosing on perfect product for your furry friend, you should find out factors of performing a good bed. Let’s take a look and make your decision.



There are various reasons for purchasing an orthopedic bed for your dog. Depending on his current situation, you might need to buy him a suitable orthopedic bed. Here are several situations that an orthopedic bed can greatly support your buddy.

Post-surgery recovery

An orthopedic bed is essential if your dog just recovers from a surgery. Your pet will typically feel tired and sleepy in the first few days after an operation, so post-op care is vital for him and he need to get the rest in order to speed up his recovery process. A comfortable bed will surely offer orthopedic support which can be of huge help for your beloved pet.


Muscle and joint degeneration

By the time, your dog becomes older which makes their body to get deteriorate. This results in his pain and chronic inflammation. However, there is no treatment which can cure the disease totally but will only control it partly. The only thing that can help is to bring your dog the least amount of pain as possible, and this is where an orthopedic mattress can come in.

Hip and joint issues

This is clearer among large breeds, especially when they grow older. This may result in extreme pain or even a potential loss of mobility if this issue is left unattended. The key for this situation is to manage its lifestyle by offering a supportive bed that can help to ease their pain as much as possible.


Old age

Older dogs normally suffer from diseases such as arthritis, joint pain, etc and all of them can contribute to discomfort or extreme pain. You can help them by making this stage of their older years as comfortable as possible. The added support which an orthopedic dog bed brings about can greatly provide your pet with additional comfort and even a more relaxing well sleep.

Joint and neck injuries

Over hard activities, joint and neck injuries may cause extreme discomfort that can affect adversely to your dog’s energy, health and even personality. It can be said that a proper rest and sleep plays a crucial role in speeding up their recovery. And in this situation, a good dog bed can be a great solution.

Athletic type

If you are bringing up am athletic dog, he will certainly have an active lifestyle every day. If so, he will need to get enough sleep and rest in order to perform his best. And one of the best ways to provide him that is by giving him a good orthopedic bed to sleep on daily.


Just like buying a dog gate or a dog bowl, purchasing the best orthopedic dog bed shouldn’t just be focused too much on its appearance or brand. There are a number of factors that you should consider so that you can find the one which totally suits your dog’s demands. These factors are as follows:

Orthopedic support

Firstly, the most essential factor that you should look for is the amount of support an orthopedic dog bed can offer. In general, the larger your dog is, the greater support you need to provide him. Please keep in mind that when it comes to supportive functions, the memory foam is much superior than a regular foam that constitutes regular beds. That’s the reason why it is more expensive and you need to pay for an orthopedic bed.



Proper sizing is another factor you should consider. Before choosing an orthopedic bed, just make sure that it owns the right size which fits your dog. Basically, you should take exact measurement of your pet before finding a bed corresponding to his size. How great a bed may be, don’t pick one which is too small or too large.


While a lot of manufacturers indicate that they are selling real memory foam, there are a lot of them don’t provide real products to the market. Therefore, this issue needs to be taken into careful consideration, especially in case your dog is just suffering from pains or surgeries as an inauthentic memory foam even can cause the bed to easily wear out or may worsen your pet’s aching condition seriously.


A dog bed can easily get worn out, even if your dog uses it normally. Even though real-memory-foam bed can be quite expensive, you should make sure to pick one that can last for such a long time. It is advised to choose a product of high-quality materials, and it should come with a water-proof inner liner. This can protect the foam core in case of water spills and odors, then allowing the bed to last much longer.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Any bed will easily accumulate fur then it will smell over time. Easy-to-clean material is an important factor to consider when looking for one. Be noted that a dirty mattress will not just look and smell bad, but it also affects to your pet’s comfort and health. That is the reason why you need one that has an easy-to-clean feature.



Last but not least, price is a factor to take into consideration. In reality, orthopedic beds are generally expensive, but there are some options which are considered higher quality but seem to be affordable than other more expensive ones. In many situations, cheap products can’t buy your pet’s health and comfort, so keep in mind of this when choosing a good bed for your furry friend.


Q: Why do you need an orthopedic bed for your dog?

A: There are a lot of situations that you will need to offer your pet with an orthopedic bed. It is when your dog suffers from diseases, surgeries, or just when he is getting older. A good orthopedic bed with high-quality memory foam will be of great treatment that brings about comfort to your furry friend.


Q: Which is the most important factor for choosing an orthopedic dog bed?

A: It is hard to decide which is the most important or necessary factor for choosing a dog bed. It depends on your purpose of using to pick one that is most suitable for your pet. Basically, the quality of memory foam should be put into top priority as a fake kind of foam may even harm your pet or make your pet’s heath become worse.

Q: How to use an orthopedic dog bed?

A: You can find the using instruction in the leaflet inside each product. Follow it carefully to make full use of the bed’s functions and treatment. Manufacturers will provide you sufficient and exact instructions after consulting the veterinarians and undergoing tests from qualified organizations.



9. Pet Support Systems Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Beds

If you are looking for a high-quality foam product, the Pet Support Systems Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Dog Beds is a good idea. It can be said that the product can bring about luxurious comfort for the whole body, which makes up a happier and healthier dog. They are 4.5 inch thick and 5 sizes are available, with 4 colors including blue, brown, tan and charcoal grey.


Key Features
♥ Provide supreme comfort & care: The bed provide support for bone structure and posture, with an aim to relieve pressure and ease arthritis pain/ joint inflammation/ hip dysplasia issues and other ailments.
♥ High-quality memory foam: Well-known for premium medical memory foam products over 20 years, this product is also made of great foam which is 5 times denser than other kinds of dog beds’ foam in the market. This helps to provide long-lasting comfort by the time as it will not go flat over time like some other normal pillows.
♥ Even more and more comfort: An outstanding feature of this product is its resistant-to-temperature changes, that it can stay the same whether in warm or cold climates. The extra layer of Gel Memory Foam is special thing that keeps your pet cool. Moreover, the soft and comfortable cover is removable and washable!
♥ Match with dogs of all sizes: For all breeds, the product varies in sizes of great large dog bed or small beds or between of them. It can be used for dogs, cats, or some other kinds of home animals.
♥ Safety, Hypoallergenic, Nontoxic: Made 100% in the USA plus 3-year warranty, the product can persuade even hard customers. Qualified for naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and anti-microbial polyurethane foam.


8. Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounge Pet Bed

The Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounge Pet Bed offers all of support and comfort that a dog needs, even perfect for dogs with bladder or joint issues. This bed is equipped with a 7-inch thick foam core that gives your pet the excellent support. Available in up to 8 colors and 8 sizes for your decision.


Key Features
♥ Waterproof fabric cover coming with Sherpa top, washable cover and brass zipper. The egg-crate 7-inch foam core offer higher resilience.
♥ Non-slip feature: Equipped a stopper at the bottom, the product can stay in place whether for how active your dog is.
♥ Orthopedic feature: Designed for orthopedic functions, which are best for your old dogs or dogs with injuries. Offer soft feeling and comfort to your furry friend.
♥ Healthy and suitable for your old and unhealthy pet. We believe your beloved pet will love to enjoy the bed.


7. KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Round Sofa Lounge Dog Bed

Be reviewed as the “King of dog bed” or “Perfect for seniors”, KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Round Sofa Lounge Dog Bed is truly an awesome item you are searching for. Outstanding appearance with round luxurious design will attract you at the first sight. Either grey or brown color owns its great attraction. The item is matching perfectly with large or great dog breeds with its 2 sizes (Large and Jumbo XL).


Key Features
♥ Design of a sofa bed. While your spoiled one can spend more than half of life on sleeping, this sofa bed will become their favorite stuff.
♥ Offer special care: 100% orthopedic grade, hypoallergenic memory foam provides complete and perfect support to your pets who has joint/ muscle/ arthritis issues.
♥ Double layer protection: The sleeping surface is outstanding with a waterproof inner cover. The additional exterior cover is soft and plush suede, which comes with an anti-slip zipper cover at the bottom.
♥ Premium memory foam with as high quality as high-end mattress stores.

6. Petsbao Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed & Lounge

The stylish Petsbao bed will impress guests as well as add comfort and luxury to any modern home. With furniture-grade design, the cover owns premium feel, easy care, durable and attractive. You can choose between 2 sizes (Small – 29×23’’ and X-Large – 47×35’’), and 2 colors (Blue and Gray).


Key Features
♥ HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM ORTHOPEDIC BED: Constituted of 4-inch solid and high density foam, the Petsbao delivers supreme support and comfort for all breeds, especially for those who had arthritis of hip dysplasia.
♥ WATERPROOF LINER: The product is added another layer of protection under its stain-resistant cover in order to protect the memory foam from wet situations.
♥ EASY TO CLEAN: In case your pet accidentally make the bed dirty, don’t worry as the outer cover is stain-resistant & tear-resistant and you can spot clean it with a damp cloth by easily unzipping and put it into the washing machine for a deep clean.
♥ SLEEK DESIGN: Stylish sleek design is a highlight for the product, which deliver a cozy and secure space for your large pet while still keeping the home’s design.
♥ DURABLE COVER & YKK ZIPPER: The durable YKK zipper helps the bed easy to unzip but still protect inner layer while removing the outer cover only. You will surely satisfy with soft and comfortable outer cover, which is also stain & tear resistant which was crafted with sturdy stitching.

5. Papa Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Papa Pet Dog Bed’s memory foam was designed attentively to serve pet owners and their companion with its unique design and premium materials. Even its waterproof lining can prevent the foam from bacteria, moisture, dust mites or other stain.


Key Features
♥ OFFER PERFECT CARE: Thanks to solid 4-inch memory foam therapeutic mattress can offer the ideal combination of comfort and support with superior durability. Its unique design can persuade any hard customer but also reduce joint pain as well as improve your pet mobility and energy. By that way, your pets will enjoy a soothing and deep sleeping all the nights.
♥ LONGER LASTING QUALITY: Thanks to 45D high-density memory foam, the product will never lose its shape and can last for many years. This will not only keep the form of its design, but also provide the body with true orthopedic support, which is perfect to dogs who gets arthritis/ joint or muscle problems.
♥ Easy-to-clean & Chew Proof: The product is equipped with durable external cover coming with water-proof internal lining. Integrated function between hidden zippered design and extra stitching will protect the memory foam base inside very well.
♥ SAFE & RISK FREE: The products were tested and certified to be non-allergenic and free from harm, so consumers can be comfortable to use the Papa Pet’s dog beds.

4. OnePet-TwoPet Large Dog Bed Pillow

We can understand how challenging it is for you  to find an ideal orthopedic pet for your beloved pet friend, here’s why we introduce you the OnePet-TwoPet large dog bed. Perfect for large dog with 1 chocolate brown color.


Key Features
♥ HEALTHY SLEEP – There is one size of 44x35x6’’, the OnePet-TwoPet large dog bed is well-fit for your large dog or your aging pet.
♥ NO SAG – The bed allows your dog to get up and down easily as it is made specially for large breed dogs of up to 150 LB.
♥ NO PANCAKING – Well constructed of 5" firm memory foam & 1" soft foam for a 6" mattress.
♥ STOP THE DROOL – Convenient to wash or clean in case the cover gets soiled thanks to its washable covers.
♥ STOP THE SLIDING – Thanks to the design with a non-slip bottom, there is no more sliding over tile floors. Don’t need to worry your pet friend be harmed by sliding/ falling down.

3. Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel suits stylish design of modern houses, which is available in 4 trendy mixed colors, including modern grey, autumn brown, military green and navy. The surrounding is designed higher to cover your pet’s head, which brings about the highest comfortable feeling for your pet to enjoy their sleep. There are 4 sizes matching almost kinds of breeds, varying from Small to X-Large.


Key Features
♥ QUAD ELEMENT: Quad Element Foam offers ultimate comfort and support, that make this bed to become one of the best premium orthopedic dog beds.
♥ ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT: The high-quality therapeutic bed delivers great support for breeds of all ages/sizes and is totally comfortable for dogs with problems related to arthritis, joint or bone.
♥ MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine-washable removable cover is ideal for your cleaning purposes.
♥ ODOR ABSORBING: This Luxury bed is made up with a Pro-Charcoal base which helps absorb orders, then keeping your dog always fresh.


1. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

With 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on amazon.com, this product is an ideal item for your dog. It comes in various sizes and 5 colors, including Brown plush, Brown with brown trim, grey plush, grey with black trim, and white waterproof liner. The manufacturer’s mission is to offer beds that can contribute to dog’s health, wellbeing and happiness, as well as to help your dogs to live their best life.


Key Features
♥ Adjustable 5-in-1 blade combined in a lightweight cordless clipper, which give comfort to groomers/ animal professionals/ pet owners.
♥ Offering a convenient experience of cutting lengths thanks to its 5-in-1 blade adjustable among sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40.
♥ Equipped with rechargeable lithium ion battery, with a cordless cooling running time of 90 minutes, low vibration and quiet operation. The battery’s recharged time is 60minutes, and the clipper can operate till the battery is totally depleted.
♥ Suitable for any part of body and face on all dogs’ breeds. Also ideal for trimming muzzle, ears or fetlocks of goats, pigs, horses and cattle.
♥ The product includes 1 Bravura clipper, 6 plastic attachment guide combs, 1 5-in-1 fine blade set, 1 cleaning brush, 1 blade oil, 1 soft storage case instruction book, 1 charge stand and 1 charger.




Choosing the best orthopedic dog beds seems to be quite difficult for any dog owner. While dog beds come in various sizes, designs and shapes, but it can be said that nothing can beat an orthopedic dog bed. It is not only superior in terms of its comfort, but also they provide support effectively for your pet’s joints and bones. This especially brings about precious values to the elderly or injured dogs as they can benefit from useful and proper joint care. Dogs, your best friend and loyal companion, deserve to receive your gift of a good orthopedic bed as well as much care from his owner. It your pet is still sleeping on the worn-out or folded-up bed, it should be time to look for something better for him.

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