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Best Dog Grooming Items At Home In 2020

Have you ever heard of best dog grooming items at home? Grooming your dog is not just about keeping him to look nice and tidy, but a regular grooming plays an essential role to keep him well and stay healthy. You know, it’s also your spending time on him, play and bond with your furry friend. So do you know which kinds of grooming supplies to use at home? Surely you had heard of popular pet items like grooming scissors or gloves, however, there is a broader world of grooming items out there that you may discover and find some for your companion in our reviews and comparison here.

Basic Grooming Tips

Do you have a new puppy then you need to learn some basic grooming tips? May you be tired of paying such a large amount for groomers, and want to try grooming your furry friend at home? We are providing you some grooming tips and advice with the hope to help with just the basics, as well as addressing some difficulties that most people may face to the dog grooming world.

Basic Grooming

The most important factor to remember is that you really expect your pet to enjoy or at least not scare the grooming process. Just start slowly day by day, little by litter, and make sure to give your pet plenty of treats during each task. Especially for the part that your dog may hate the most, we suggest that you save his favorite treat then ONLY give it to him after everything are done. Well, you will find that your pet have more motivation to tolerate that part of the whole process, because he know his most favorite treat is coming in the end.



Nail trimming is one necessary part of grooming, as long nails can cause health problems related to walking, arthritis, or even more seriously, the nail can curve into the pad of pet’s foot.  You should plan on trimming their nails once a month, but some dogs may need more or less times of nail trimming .

For instance, large dogs who walk on sidewalks/ asphalt at least an hour each day often wear down their nails, so they need little trimming apart from their dew claws, while small dogs tend to go for shorter walks then they need nail trimming about 2 times per month.


In general, dogs have a vein in nails which will bleed if you cut it too short. For those who don’t get their nails frequently cut enough, the vein will grow very long, then you can only take a little bit off each time. In that case, you should trim a little bit off his nails every week to stimulate the vein to shrink back into the nail, and a grinder is best in this situation.

If using dog nail clippers, there is an easy way to cut their nails, that is to keep your dog in a fixed position where you can flip his paw back while looking at the underside. Make sure to just trim a little at a time.

Using nail grinders is such a perfect way to get the dog’s nails short & smooth with just small risk of cutting the quick. As nail grinders can be loud, it is necessary to introduce it to your dog slowly in advance. If you trim its nail too short, styptic powder can be used for keeping it handy to stop bleeding. And you can use flour or cornstarch in order to stop the bleeding.


Brushing plays a crucial role in any dog’s grooming that every dog needs occasional brushing. A right brush can help to remove loose hair as well as spread your dog’s natural oils over his coat for a healthy shine.

Each coat type requires different brush types, but you should buy a metal comb for most coat types. You may refer ideal brushes for each coat type as below:




According to recent statistics, about 80% of dogs get into periodontal disease and other dental problems by their 3 years old? Actually, it is no small matter as gum disease even can lead to the teeth’s falling out, a broken jaw, abscesses, heart disease, or death. It’s hard to imagine that the bacteria from bad teeth can get into their bloodstream and even kill them.


Dog’s teeth should be brushed every day. Let them sniff then lick the dog toothpaste first, and put a certain amount of toothpaste on your finger, rub it on the outside of your pet’s teeth. Remember not to use human toothpaste. For your dogs who refuse to let you brush their teeth, it is a solution to use dental sprays or tooth wipes. Also a good idea is to give them access to plenty of items to chew on.


– How often for a dog’s bath? While some people never get their dogs washed, others even wash their pets every week. It is advisable that you should do it in the middle. In general, you should not to bathe him more than once a month as over-washing can dry out the dog’s skin & coat, and using a conditioner in addition to a gentle shampoo will be a good choice.

– Use a shampoo made for dogs specifically. As humans have a different pH than dogs, human shampoo – even baby’s shampoo – is too harsh for the dog skin.


– Gather everything you need before starting the bath, which includes cotton balls put in your dog’s ear canals in order to prevent water to get in, which may result in an ear infection.

– Use warm water as dogs don’t like hot baths like people do. A flexible sprayer attachment is great if you can.

– If you use a hair dryer, please make sure to use a cool setting as dogs can overheat very easily. More importantly, the heated dryers also dry out their skin.


  • Below are a few basic tips to keep in mind:
  • Prepare for the possibility that you may injure your pet, as even the best professional groomers can nick dogs sometimes. Sharp scissors and clipper blades seem to be a scary combination.
  • Be careful at skin edges like areas around ears, armpits or where the back legs meet the body, and keep clipper blades flat against the pet’s skin


  • Keep in mind that clipper blades will get hot when using, no matter what promises from the manufacturer. So keep the blade coolant handy as well as frequently touch the clipper blade to your forearm to see how hot the blade is.
  • Do trimming slowly, as rushing may easily lead to accidents.
  • If you are in doubt, a professional groomer care is usually cheaper and much better than visiting the vet.

Ears, Eyes, And Paws

Dog’s ears should be cleaned out at least once a month by using an ear cleaner or witch hazel on a cotton ball. After swiping the inside of your dog’s ear, It’s natural if you see a little bit of dirt on the cotton ball, but if it comes out gunky and stinky, it is likely your pet gets an ear infection that needs a trip to the vet.


Dog are prone to eye problems, so you should take time to look at your dog’s eyes at least once a week. Good eyes should be bright and clear without cloudiness and minimal redness, and tears should be clear. If he has colored discharge which comes from their eyes and be different from the reddish-brown goop, it may need a visit to the vet checking for an injury, infection, or allergies.

Best dog grooming items for home | Reviews & Comparison

1. Oster Pet Clippers | A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cyogen-X Blade

Trimming is a necessary part for every dog, so a good clipper is an important item. The Oster Turbo A5 is one of professional animal clippers that bring efficient, easy and fast way to groom your pet. It is even more versatility when needed with its two speed settings which can go up-to-4,000 strokes per minute, then it can tackle any coat or mat. There’s no more need to spend a few hundred dollars for each time going to the groomer, now you can do grooming your dog at home with an Oster Pet Clipper.

Key Features
♥ Deliver more strokes per minute, coming with a wider blade sweep for the faster clipping.
♥ There are 2 speeds available: 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM thanks to the heavy-duty and powerful universal motor.
♥ Ideal for dogs, horses, cats. Matching with blade series of Oster A5 detachable Elite Cryogen-X, Cryogen-X blades and Take Down Quick Wide.
♥ Blades can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the detachable A5 blade system.
♥ The item is equipped with detachable blade oil, #10 CryogenX blade, cleaning brush, clipper grease and carbon brushes for replacement.

best dog groomingBest dog grooming

 2. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded / Cordless Clipper Kit

Another good product for trimming is Wahl Professional Animal Bravura which is a combination of durability and power of lithium ion battery innovation. With the adjustable 5 in 1 blade, this item provides professionals in a lightweight & cordless clipper. It offers great variety when cutting thanks to adjustable five blades to different sizes including #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. You can enjoy comfortable with its light-weight design, which is only 8.8 ounces in weight.

Key Features
♥ Adjustable 5-in-1 blade combined in a lightweight cordless clipper, which give comfort to groomers/ animal professionals/ pet owners.
♥ Offering a convenient experience of cutting lengths thanks to its 5-in-1 blade adjustable among sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40.
♥ Equipped with rechargeable lithium ion battery, with a cordless cooling running time of 90 minutes, low vibration and quiet operation. The battery’s recharged time is 60minutes, and the clipper can operate till the battery is totally depleted.
♥ Suitable for any part of body and face on all dogs’ breeds. Also ideal for trimming muzzle, ears or fetlocks of goats, pigs, horses and cattle.
♥ The product includes 1 Bravura clipper, 6 plastic attachment guide combs, 1 5-in-1 fine blade set, 1 cleaning brush, 1 blade oil, 1 soft storage case instruction book, 1 charge stand and 1 charger.
best grooming osterbest grooming oster

3. Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

Your naughty puppy will run away or jump down whenever you do grooming him, right? Normally puppies hate the grooming process and you will need to manage to keep him still. So this kind of grooming table seems to be a necessary item for any small dog owner. With a Pet Grooming Table, you can place this table on top of a desk/ counter or table then lifting your pet onto the round table surface for grooming him. With an adjustable grooming loop, this will allow you to secure your pet while you are grooming. You can choose among Black, Blue and Purple.

Key Features
♥ Non-Slip Table Top – There’s a non-slip material on the top of grooming surface, which allows to keep your animal safe while being in grooming process.
♥ Fits on Any Surface – The small and round grooming table can be set onto another object, just lift it onto the table’s surface, and work on the pet without any worry that the pet can run away.
♥ Lovely Design with Three Colors Available – Choose the color which matches well with your existing dog salon/ bed.
♥ Suit Small Pets – With a surface of 18 inches diameter, the grooming table is perfect for small dogs.
♥ Rotatable – This table can be spinned and rotated with your pet on it if necessary, which makes it easier for you to work on different parts of your pet’s fur.

dog grooming

4. Moontay 6.5″ Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set

Available in 5 colors including Black, Gold, Blue, Purple and Red. The Moonstay Grooming Scissors Set is perfect for both professional pet groomer and Home DIY groomer with useful functions and easy-to-use features.

Key Features
♥ ALL-IN-ONE PET GROOMING KIT: Buy one kit, you will get 6 items, including a 6.5" curved scissor, a 6.5" chunking/thinning scissor, a 6.5" straight cutting scissor, 1 pet comb, 1 cleaning cloth & 1 stylish black leather case. While the curved scissor is ideal for trimming around the pet’s head/ ear/ eyes/ fluffy legs and paws, the chunking shear is great for cutting the thick fury pets. In addition, the straight scissor can be used for cutting long hair & fur on body. All these grooming scissors can cover your basic grooming needs every day.
♥ HIGH-QUALITY GROOMING SCISSORS: Made in high-end 440C carbon stainless steel of Japan, the products underwent titanium coated as well as cold treatment for durability, hardness, and each blade comes with rather sharp edges. Therefore, it provides the groomer quiet and smooth cutting experience. Just buy one for long-lasting use, as the product is also suitable for a variety of animals.
♥ SILENT DOGS GROOMING SCISSORS – As the scissors is silent in operation, it will not make less scary to your sensitive dog or cat. The convex edges offer a smooth and clean cut, the real 440C steel material can even remain the scissors to perform well for years.
♥ ERGONOMIC GROOMING SCISSORS – The product can be used for both right and left hand thanks to the ergonomic shaped handles. Besides, an adjustable tension screw will adjust the grooming scissors easily in order to match the demands as well as provide a smooth scissoring time after time.

5. Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer

Are you finding a grooming dryer for your beloved pet? Let’s have a look on Flying One High Velocity Force Dryer with 3 colors including Green, Pink and Purple. We bet that it’s worth your money!

Key Features
♥ Made of steel shell as well as the motor is designed for hard use for many years
♥ Equipped with 10 ft. flexible Hose coming with two different nozzles and filter – Plus 1 Year Warranty
♥ Air Volume is 240 CFM/ Air Speed is 28000 FPM/ Volts is 110V
♥ Heats: No heat. Low & High Temperature: From 81F to 160F
♥ Powerful motor: up to 4.0 Peak H.P./ Voltage 110V/ 12.72 amps / 60 Cycle

pet grooming

6. Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub

Bathing your puppy may harm your back when you need to bend down as low as your pup is. Why don’t you try this Flying Washing Shower Portable Bath Tub? This item is perfect for small or medium-sized pets, and it is lightweight for portable using purposes. Your pet loves it, and we trust you also will satisfy with it. There are Blue and White color for your selection.

Key Features
♥ This is perfect item for medium to small size dogs with its whole unit size is 37.5"L x 19.5"W x 35.5"H and Maximum weight of 150 pounds.
♥ Basin is constituted of heavy duty plastic material while its stand is made of stainless steel.
♥ The product is adjustable for uneven floor thanks to its 360 degree access.
♥ Light weight & Portable, so this is good size item which fits in standard bathtubs.

washing dog grooming

7. Pet & Livestock HQ | 380W Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Key Features
♥ PROFESSIONAL GROOMING CLIPPERS FOR THICK-COATED PETS – This kit works well with medium to large dogs with minimum height of 25 inches, horses, pigs or cattle. Especially they are designed to shear pets or animals with thick coats/ fur.
♥ USER-FRIENDLY & SAFE ELECTRIC CLIPPERS FOR ANIMALS- You are an amateur or professional groomer, this clipper kit is as safe and easy for you to groom your medium or large breeds. It is comfortable and easy to grip with the ergonomic handle. With the strengthened nylon polymer body, it will reduce the vibration of your pet and your hand will remain steady. The two blades are durable and sharp, but they won’t harm your pets or farm animals.
♥ DURABLE MATERIALS- Build with a high cutting speed of up to 2500rpm. Its motor is made from copper to ensure the durability, which offers noise reduction, vibration reduction and high heat resistance. Thanks to the device’s ventilators, the strong aluminum head & blade won’t overheat under operation. With the special design for thick coats, the product provides extra sharp alloy steel blades which helps to remain stable as well as enhance its cutting capacity of even the thickest of pet fur.
♥ ACCESSORIES AND CARRYING CASE INCLUDED – The grooming kit is equipped with dual-blade, 02 guides for 0.1inches & 0.2 inches cut distance, 01 clipper screwdriver, electric dog grooming shears with head, 01 cleaning brush, & 01 power cord. Also, the kit is packed in an easy-to-carry case which has designated storage areas separately for each item. The brush is used for cleaning your blade.

8. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Like babies, puppies love swimming and play with water. With a Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool, you can bring a portable pool wherever you travel. The product has 5 different sizes which is suitable for your dogs of all sizes and weight.

Key Features
♥ Portable: One of key strength of this product is that it is foldable, easy-to-store and bring with you everywhere you go.
♥ Simple: Such an easy item to set up without much time. There’s no need of inflation and also easy-to-drain and refresh water thanks to its bottom/side drain.
♥ Slip resistant And Durable: Being made of extra-tough PVC material, together with the thicker slip-resistant material at the bottom, no worry that your pet can be slipped.
♥ Size: Available in 5 sizes, including S-32" X 8", M-39.5" X 12", L-48" X 12", XL-55.1" X 12", XXL-63"x 12"
♥ Environmental-friendly material: The item is followed EN71, ASTM standard, so kindly be noted to trim and clean your dogs' nails before using the pool.


The Importance of Regular Grooming

  • Get dirt out of your dog’s fur. Bathing will help to remove dirt, bacteria, or any objects on his fur, which partly helps him to avoid illness.
  • Have a healthier coat. Bathing also makes your pet smell better, as well as become prettier and more lovely.
  • Relax him. Most dogs loving having their fur brushed and cleaned, as long as you do it gently on their fur.
  • Improve joint health. A regular and proper nail trimming is a necessary part to help avoid joint-related maladies and canine-arthritis.
  • Time for bond with your buddy. Another benefit of grooming process is that it provides a precious opportunity for you and your pet. While a lot of dogs don’t like all parts of the whole process, but many of them learn to love the step-by-step parts over time with their mom and dad.

Customers’ Reviews

In conclusion


In the modern world, it is not difficult to hire a groomer come to your house or bring your pet to a grooming salon. Still, it will waste you such a large amount of money. Why don’t you get used to do it at home by yourself? It doesn’t just mean beautifying your dog, but keeping him healthier and increasing their living quality. With best dog grooming items, they will not only help to save time and money for you, but also give you an opportunity to play with your furry friends, or even relax yourself after a hardworking day.

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