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How to make your dog happy everyday?

97 ways to make your dog smile – Have you ever thought about teaching your dog how to smile? There are many lovely dog breeds in the world. Many of them are famous for their characteristic smiling faces, including Spotted dogs, Shiba, Golden or Samoyed. The easy-going dogs always captures the hearts of everyone. However, if you try to follow the tips below, you can train any dog to smile. With just a bit of patience and love from you, your dog will know how to smile soon. Let us find out through this article.

97-ways-to-make-your-dog-smile-2This is a rather special ability so not many people think about it. It seems to be difficult, but it can be done by training and practicing. Smile-training for dogs will extremely difficult as they are always active and naughty, so you need to keep calm and be patient to training process. Meanwhile, taking care of your dog’s health plays a crucial role in making your dog happy. Let’s learn about what you need to take care of dogs.



According to veterinarians, a dog smile is not a sign of friendliness in dogs. They see gaping mouth and bared teeth as a threat sign. A “smile” usually appears when a dog feels angry, scared and becomes aggressive.

However, dogs can smile well if being trained. The smile is now fun, relaxed and friendly. The dogs that laugh most of the time are very active, fun and naughty.


A dog smile is not a sign of friendliness in dogs

When appearing in front of the crowd, these dogs always bring happiness to everyone. It would be great to have such a dog as a family friend.

To train dogs, you must be very patient, because smiles are not natural in dog breeds. so they need time to get used to this. Do not rush or take inappropriate actions.



All laughter’s sound is made by exhaling and inhaling air. Dog laughter is made by panting without vocalization, which creates a sound like “hhuh hhah”.

Some pet owners would rather try and mimic dog laughter to get closer to their beloved dogs. In order to do this, make slight rounded lips for “hhuh” sound, open your mouth then make a slight smile for creating “hhah” sounds and alternate between the two. The correct sound should be breathly with no voicing of noises. As a result, a lot of dog owners said that their dogs respond to it by wagging their tails, sitting up calmly, and approaching them to investigate the noise.


Dog laughter is made by panting without vocalization, which creates a sound like “hhuh hhah”


As dogs can’t laugh like humans do, so how do they express their happiness? Some people thinks they will wag the tails to show happiness, while this isn’t actually true. They use the tails for a range of communications so the message will depends on their tail’s position.

A neutral position where their tail is held for the breed naturally, means the pet is relaxed. But it is a sign of anxiety when dogs drop the tails to a lower position. In contrast, it means an aggressive or dominant motion when they raise their tails up in the air. It can be said that tail wagging is related to excitement.

It makes more sense to concentrate on the dog’s body language and their actions in order to know if they are happy, instead of focusing too much on dog smile. You can look at their whole body for signs such as a wagging tail, a relaxed pose or an open mouth.


Concentrate on the dog’s body language and their actions in order to know if they are happy, instead of focusing too much on dog smile


According to the book 97 ways to make your dog smile, there are lots of methods to entertain your buddy. Here are our suggestions for you in process of training your dog to smile:

  • The first step is to talk gently to your dog. Try to show your love and interest in them. When your dog feels really happy, actually he will be able to start laughing.
  • You should be happy and smiling when you teach your dog how to laugh. In order for your pets to follow you, watch the way you smile. So do not laugh with all your teeth, just smile as the dog may mistakenly laugh with anger. This will make the training results not good or even your training process will fail accordingly.
  • Use your hands during training time. Raise your finger and thumb to train your dog to exercise. Gently push his mouth to show his teeth in order to teach him how to open his mouth for smiling.
  • One more step, you need to compliment your dog immediately whenever he smiles. Let him realize that he is doing it correctly and he is encouraged to do so. Such kind of training needs to be repeated many times day by day. Then you can make it a habit of laughing for him.


    Compliment your dog immediately whenever he smiles

  • The training process may only take a few days, but sometimes it can also last a week or even longer depending on the cognitive ability of the dog.
  • After each time your dog does it right, you should praise that action, maybe cuddling, rubbing his head, or giving him a little food. By that way, this will help to keep the dog motivated to continue and repeat that action.
  • Especially, a dog is happy when he stays healthy. Taking care of your dog well is also a way to be happy definitely.


Stay calm! The desire to become successful can be detrimental to the whole training process. Putting too much pressure to your dog and not giving him a break can cause your dog to be upset and frightened. And If the trainer is angry, the dog will be scared and don’t want to follow your instructions anymore.

97 ways to make your dog smile is a well known book to help owner to bring happiness to their beloved friends. It will be not so difficult to create dog smile if you spend your time and love to them. Patience, calmness and fun during the workout will bring about early coaching success.

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