Dogs are amazingly wonderful pets. Of course we love them no matter how weird they act. Why do dogs do such cute things? In fact, a lot of people want to ask, and experts find an explanation for the whole questions. The article will give you answers on frequently asked questions about dogs.

1. Why do dogs eat grass?

Unlike cows, dogs only eat a little grass. Is this good or bad? Many vets consider eating grass is a dog’s normal behavior. Although dogs do not achieve any real nutritional value from the grass, it is okay – as long as there are no chemicals or toxins such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides.

Dogs can eat grass or wild plants, in fact different dogs have separate reasons to eat grass, while there are several reasons that lead to herbivore behavior:

– A dog feels that grass or leaves are delicious, or the sensation of chewing the grass is interesting. It is also possible that the grass or leaf meets the need for fiber that is deficient within the body.

– Fighting boredom – In some recognizable cases, eating grass is just a way to kill time, get rid of boredom (you may notice that dogs seem to chew and graze more when less received. time to hang out with the owner).

– Stomach pain – Some experts say that gnawing is a drug-seeking behavior. When your dog has trouble with his stomach, he turns to the grass to relieve it. This is usually the case if the grazing behavior starts abruptly, or if your dog is wary of eating grass, it extends his neck and tries to swallow, then vomits. But most studies say this is actually quite rare – less than 25% of dogs vomit after eating grass and only 10% have pre-existing symptoms.

So we may not advocate for grass-fed dogs, but growing nutritious grass yourself in this article, or consult a dog specialist to prevent dog-eating grass.

2. Why do dogs lick up after vomit?

It is not uncommon for a dog to eat what it has just vomited, it is a natural behavior. Dogs eat vomit as this is considered a food source . For example, when the puppies are weaning, the mother will chew and release the puppy food to help the dog adjust to eating solid foods.
And speaking in a carefree way as to why humans like to kiss, in the vomit from the stomach still smells like food, at least to any dog.

3. Why do dogs like to eat food that falls on the floor?

If you’ve ever noticed, or even if you haven’t, ever imagined when it comes to the problem that your dog is offered a meal in a clean and nice bowl, but he’ll take a bite out, get it on the dirty floor or even into another corner to lie down for eating.

It is more likely that a dog will do this if you have kept several individuals at once, or if you have a few other greedy pets. However, even if you only have one dog, the above instinct still exists in your veins, which is actually a perceived threat and this behavior is just a way for the dog to tell the world “This is mine, I will eat it”. Going back to the history of wolves with herd life, fighting and hedging is the instinct to survive and to have their own food, so instead of staying in the herd and fighting to get what is theirs, they will grab one or two small parts, and run away with it. This means that eating without risk of being beaten up, also ensures that a dog always gets food more or less.

4. Why do dogs lick their feet?

When you see a dog licking or chewing, gnawing on its own paws, it is most likely due to a familiar reason: food. Dogs are carnivores, but many dogs have had to get used to low-meat diets, cheap food, which means dogs are eating cereals, carbon hydrate, fillers …. That is not to mention chemical preservatives, chemical colorings, flavoring agents, and even rancid fats that are processed.

This is how food promotes foot licking in dogs. But how? The indigestible and harmful foods that directly affect the stomach, or the immune system, make the immune system more powerful, along with promoting the digestive enzymes in the stomach and sugar. intestine. This increase in yeast levels is accompanied by a stimulating and itching effect on the body – especially the area of their foot, then dogs begin to lick or chew on their feet to combat itching. And now we know that dogs chew their feet not due to lack of nutrition that makes them gnaw their feet away, but because their bodies are poisoned.

In addition to the effects of changing the body’s pH, the real licking process causes the dog’s hair to turn pink, including the fur on other areas of their body.

5. Why do dogs howl?

This behavior is one of the ways of communicating among dogs and attracting attention, to contact other dogs and to inform their presence. Some dogs also howl in response to soaring sounds, such as emergency sirens or music, fireworks … In addition, dog howls can also alert us to their presence. The face of strangers around the home area, boredom or anxiety when alone, or vice versa is the excitement when it is focused on something that is happening.

6. Why do dogs sit and stare at their owner?

It is not difficult to imagine why a loyal dog can stare at his owner.

It’s possible that a dog is simply looking for attention in any way, or maybe she’s just waiting for praise or guidance, or a warm hug might also be trying to read emotions in his master’s face. While looking at the owner, an observant dog may be following the owner’s behavior, assessing whether his owner is happy or sad, assessing what is about to happen, and thereby deciding on a way to behave accordingly.

7. Why do dogs eat shit?

This unusual abnormality has made the dog infamous and has become one of the most obscene sayings of all time. This is actually a common habit for many dogs rather than a rare occurrence.
There are many reasons dogs eat shit, but in most cases this behavior is normal.


8. Why do dogs put their feet on their owners?

Dogs have many non-verbal ways of communicating with us, including using the paws to send a message to a companion or other animals. The feet are not merely the part of their body used for walking; its feet has a language of its own. We just need to learn to understand that method of communication.
Some of the easy-to-understand goals are asking for attention (which happens most often), expressing remorse, showing it cares about the owner, or making a specific request like: “Go play! ” or “Let’s go home”.

9. Why do dogs always follow the owner?

As anyone who has a dog knows, dogs tend to chase after their owners everywhere they go and monitor their owner’ movements, which happens to be due to the trend made from the characteristics of the breed and tamed for centuries to work alongside humans.
Although some cases of chasing after the owner is also annoying when sometimes kicking and stepping on each other’s feet, most owners feel happy and content when the dog is always following him. Dogs that are clingy to their owners are often praised for being smart, but this behavior may also be bad for puppies if not controlled by the owner.


10. Why do dogs suddenly disobey?

The dog suddenly turns around and runs away every time you give a command.

11. Why do dogs lick their lips?

Licking is a gesture to soothe. The act of licking lips often occurs when dogs meet their owners, when a girl shows that the dog is looking quite confused and that licking lips can be a self-winding act similar to scratching the head. in humans.

This action makes owners sometimes find it difficult to understand when a dog suddenly scolded run back to lie and lick the edge.

But even though dogs naturally instinctively lick their lips to show a placating gesture, the habit of what a dog learns from humans also overwrites this action, if you’ve ever helped. My puppy understands signals when he’s about to be eaten, given a gift or outing, and he will naturally develop a lip-licking behavior whenever he clearly feels he is about to be fed or allowed to go out.

12. Why do dogs lick faces?

Sometimes the dog jumps up, rushes over and licks your face – it’s an emotional experience. Ignore this feeling a bit messy! But why do our dogs like to lick our faces? It’s because they like the good taste from … the owner? Well, it turns out they don’t find us as delicious as we think.
In fact, dogs lick a different object to confirm a close relationship: those who have many dogs in the same home will see that they show interest by licking each other’s face each time they touch, or when the mother licks her children as a caring act. And although this is the main reason, there is another, easier to understand – she wants to get your attention right away! After she learns that you respond well to licks, and that’s why she continues to want to do it.

13. Why do dogs whine when lying down?

Have you ever noticed that your dog sounds like grunting and whining like ‘grunting’ while lying down to rest or sleep? Puppies may not even be aware that it’s doing it because it’s an unconscious action. We looked at it and figured out why the dog developed such unconscious whining, because we might be wondering: if the dog is getting healthier, or if he’s sick?
On the contrary, when a dog begins to lie down, it loosens the whole body, making breathing a little harder, breathing harder making the dog growl from the neck. throat sounds like a whine. This is why dogs whine when they truly relax. This means that when your dog is whining, he’s happy and relaxed just like a sudden sigh. What a good boy!

14. Why do dogs stand up and growl?

Even though we have been with our dog for a long time, we sometimes come across times when the dog is strained with the back and back hairs, and the muscles in this area are also emerged as we often used to call it: ‘porcupine’. This behavior in dogs is considered a signal of possible defensive or aggressive actions and the factor that triggers this signal is when the dog encounters a cause of concern. For example, another larger dog, a tease aimed at it when it is in a leash and cannot run away.
At this point, all puppies no longer seem to care about the owner, which may be much more resentful and fierce. Because the dog doesn’t want to listen to the owner right now, the only way to help is to wait it calms down, pulls it out of the collision, and comforts it.

15. Why do dogs keep barking when they meet acquaintances?

Friends of owners come to play, you find it difficult to understand when there are people who with their appearance after a few times, the dog did not bark at all, while other people also came to play many times and dog still barks loudly each time?

We used to think that the sixth sense caused this difference, but not, the origin of the different reaction came from a completely logical reason: territorial behavior and desire to dominate. (wanting autonomy). For example, a weekly maid who comes to the house and cleans, his first visits will face intense threats and barking from the dog, but several times after that the dog will not barking again, though always encountered in the house, because he realized the visit was natural and he could not get the other person out of his home as he had originally intended.

Inadvertently, people who have been to many times, but then soon left without any interaction with the dog will be again threatened to bark at the next time, because the dog begins to think that each time it barks and the other leaves, that is, it successfully drives off the stranger.

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