15 unique designs of shelters for your pets

A good pet house is a comfortable place for your dog to stay inside, while it also needs to ensure aesthetics and hygiene so that the owner’s living space is always clean. Depending on the number of pets, their size as well as living space of owners to offer appropriate design options. Here are our 15 ideas to create a living space for pets as well as decorative accents to make your house more unique and impressive. Homes for different types of pets will often have diverse designs depending on their unique characteristics.

1. The iron pet house is airy and easy to clean

Dog houses are often different from other pets’ homes because they can take up a lot of space in your house. Common materials for making dog houses are usually iron, plastic, wood, cloth, etc.

2. Unique tent houses

The tents are always impressive to decorate any space. This dog shelter’s color should harmonize with the house’s furniture and fits with the modern home.

3. Comfortable pet space with fur rugs, wood, trees and some decorative details

Owners can completely transform the dog’s shelter so that it is comfortable to match the style of the whole house. The investment in decorative details makes the dog’s house comfortable and luxurious.

4. Designed for mischievous cats or dogs

With the characteristics of climbing, mischievous, cat houses with high beds, wall mounts or bunk beds are quite popular, which is not only an ideal place for cats but also helps the house look more attractive.

5. Making use of a few old items can also create a stylish home for your pet

Instead of throwing an old suitcase, the owner can fully utilize it to create a 2-storey house for your pets.

6. Making a pet house with simplicity but sophistication

To match a luxurious living room, the design of the pet house should be simple, as too many superfluous details will make the living room look unattractive.

7. A corner for pets that is in harmony with the owner’s living space

Whether you are living in a spacious house with a garden, a storey house or a small apartment, there are suitable pet house design options. For spacious houses, owners are free to create corners for pets in order to not only ensure a suitable space for them to play but also make the house look lively and unique. Setting up pet house in living rooms, kitchens or even a separate space can all become the perfect home for pets.

8. Take advantage of the space of the living space but still bring comfort to your pets

With high buildings, owners can fully take advantage of the space under the stairs to design a house for pets, ensuring optimal use while still creating a pleasant and comfortable feeling when taking care of them.

9. Instead of emptying or storing things, you can turn this space into a pet house

The idea of ​​organizing space for dogs by taking advantage of the space under the stairs will not take up any more space in the house.

10. Multifunctional with dog house combined with kitchen cabinets

Apartments often have a limited area, so pet owners should choose multi-functional pet house design ideas that both serve their living needs and can be used as a storage place. The living room, bedroom or kitchen can all be used to place a pet house.

11. A “2 in 1” design with a bedside tab

If the owners want to be very close to their pet that they can be petted and cuddled at any time, the idea of ​​combining a bedside tab to make a place for their little friend is perfect. This design is especially suitable for small houses such as apartments.

12. Save space but harmonize with modern space

If you want to make your modern living room impressive, this hexagon dog house design idea is really eye-catching.

13. Simple, not fussy and optimize living space

The space at the foot of the table can be used as a shelter for the cat. By that way, pet owners don’t worry about their pets’ affecting to their family living space.

15. The bathroom is the most comfortable place for pets

A clean, dry bathroom helps cats comfortably play without disturbing the owner.

A pet house, even though it meets the criteria of being beautiful, unique and impressive, still needs to optimize humans living space. We hope that the above suggestion will offer you some ideas to create your own pet house.

Look for more dog care tips and do not hesitate to share with us your unique pet house.