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A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human, and his ears are also extremely audible. The reason is that they have special ear muscles with more than a dozen muscles in their ears which allow them to tilt, flatten, turn, and rotate each ear independently.

Dog’s smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human

Dogs have more olfactory receptors than humans (olfactory receptors are a part of the nose that can recognize different smells). Dogs also have a larger nasal cavity and more air circulation through the nose than humans. Watch a dog as it sniffs and you can relate to the way we sniff. If more air passes through the nose, it is also easier to get the smell.

How far a dog can smell depends on many things. Under perfect conditions, they can smell objects or people 20 kilometers away. Interestingly, it’s not just dogs that have such a sharp sense of smell. Dogs are in a predator set. All animals in the carnivore order have a very strong sense of smell. The bears are among the most sensitive of smell. Polar bears can smell a seal (one of the animals is bear’s food) from a distance of more than 30 km.

Dogs are “detective”

Thanks to a delicate sense of smell, dogs can be trained to be sniffing dogs. Sniffing dogs help people find missing people, uncover dangerous objects such as drugs, bombs, illegal imports at airports, or even help people find wildlife . With only a keen nose, a dog can become one of the few “experts” of the best sniffers in the world.

Great hearing ability 

We already know that dogs can smell a lot of things from great distances. So what about hearing? What can dogs hear and how far? Let’s find out how dogs and all animals, including humans, hear the sounds.

Sound has sound waves. Sound frequency is how close the waves are. The closer the waves are, the higher the frequency is. You can imagine as if you were at the beach when there was a storm, you would see more waves rushing ashore.

Humans hear at low frequencies (about 20Hz). Dogs can not only hear like humans but also hear at higher frequencies, up to 70-100Hz, which is at least 3 times higher than humans. As dogs can hear even high-frequency sounds, they can hear more sounds than we do.

They can also hear sounds smaller and further away, up to 1 km away. This means that the dog is more sensitive to loud noises. That is why some dogs are very afraid of the sound of firecrackers or thunder. And so you can see a dog barking when you don’t hear anything strange.

Dogs have special ear muscles

Dogs have good hearing ability as they have special ear muscles. They have more than a dozen muscles in their ears that allow them to tilt, flatten, bounce, and rotate each ear independently of the other.

Thanks to that, they can determine where the sound is coming from. Sometimes dogs tilt their head to hear sounds, that’s also for better hearing. Combat dogs using sniffing dogs give the first indication that a dog identifies a suspect is when it moves its ear in directions and then focuses in one direction. Good hearing also allows dogs to do one more thing: be a guide dog for the blind or the deaf. Having excellent hearing means dogs can recognize someone coming at home or on the road, so they can help the disabled determine direction.

And interesting things about dogs

Dogs are capable of secreting sweat through the skin on the soles of the feet. However, to cool the body, they often lie down and gasped through their mouths. One study has shown that a dog’s life span can be predicted by its facial features. Specifically, dogs with long, sharp faces will live longer than dogs with flat faces.

The Great Dane is the tallest dog breed in the world. A Great Dane in England is recorded as the tallest dog in the world with 2.1 m. Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world, its name is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

Dogs can hear an ultrasound of up to 8,000 Hz. They can reproduce sounds in as little as 6/100 seconds, which means they can hear 35,000 vibrating sounds in just one second.

St. The Bernard is the heaviest dog in the world, each adult can reach a weight of up to 120 kg. The fastest running dog belongs to the Greyhound. Experts stated that this dog can run at a speed of 45km / h. Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest breed in the world with a weight of 0.11 kg.

The longest living dog in the world has a life expectancy of up to 39 years and 5 months. In 1957, a dog named Laika was the first animal to be brought into space by humans, but soon after, it died because the spacecraft cabin was too hot.

Did you notice that dogs often curl up when they sleep? That is their instinct to keep the body warm and protect their “sensitive organs” while sleeping. Therefore, they are often easy to adapt to the weather, even when it is cold without warm blankets can survive. According to animal psychologists, dogs are on average as intelligent as two-year-olds. In fact, dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures, count up to 5, and perform some basic calculations. In Russia, there was a case of dogs strayed and returned by subway themselves. They can even take the subway from one region to another in search of food.

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