10+ ideas for the question “What should I name my dog?”

What should I name my dog impressively?

Dogs, known as man’s best friend, need being taken care of like a family member. You adopt a new dog and wonder how to call him. And the first mandatory thing to do when raising a new pet is to give him a name. You are wondering about what should I name my dog and struggling to find what to call him, we are here to provide some great ideas for most suitable name for your buddy.

There are no standards or rules when naming dogs. You can absolutely use a dog naming tool easily available on the internet or search for suggestions from mythical characters. Or more simply, the name can describe the pet’s appearance and can also be applied according to certain movies or books.

Whatever you want to name your dog, the most important factor is that you and your four-legged friend have to like it. Your dog will be fond of that and respond to the name when you call him to cuddle and play.

Some criteria to create a name

Classic dog name

Are you a fan of classic works? Ok, let apply one of favorite names in those books, paintings or movies to your pet’s nickname. For example, Rex, Shakespeare, Picasso, Mozart or Fido are names that have been so popular for decades. If you’re still looking for a familiar name, Lady, Bella, Puppy, Mic, Dot, Buddy or Milo are also good choices.

Feminine dog name

If your dog has feminine appearance, expressions or he is a chihuahua, then you probably want to give him a cute feminine name. Your little puppy can be called Angel, Baby, Rosie, Honey, etc. As long as it is your favorite nickname and it can express your pet’s character, appearance or feature. You can also refer to some cute dog names like Sugar, Lulu, Lucy, etc.

Big dog name

Some people prefer names that are opposite to their dog’s appearance, such as Model, Hobbit or Mini. It will make the large dogs (like the Tibetan Mastiffs, the Great Dane) become more lovely. However, if you like strong names which are suitable for your big friend, you can refer to names like TiTan, Thor, King, Lord, Shiva, etc. For larger bitches, feminine names are more suitable including Athen, Mimi or Lisa.

Names based on personality

If your dog has a special personality, it is best to give him a proper name which is similar or related to his character. For example, if he loves music, why don’t you call him Mozart? Or if he is strong and snappy, perhaps Prince or King is a good one.

Hero dog name

In many countries, people have named their pets to show their love to the country. Each country has a different culture and history, and it can be inspiring factors to how they name their dog. Some favorite names that seem very popular are Hero, Patriot, Victory, Liberty, etc.

Names based on appearance

Like how we call our beloved family members or friends, Fat Peter for our chubby Peter, Snow for little Mary with a white skin. Puppy’s appearance can be the inspiration for dog’s name. Take a dark fur dog for instance, he can be called Black, Squid, Spots, etc.

In addition, there are many puppies that are named by its own appearance such as: Gray, Ruffled, Dwarf, Sausage, etc.

Names based on name of owner’s idol/ brands

Perhaps you find this is funny, but actually this is a popular trend when a lot of people apply their idol’s name for their lovely buddies. They are singers (Justin, Miley), actors (Tom, Bella, Rex, Rose) or even famous brands like Coco, Nike, Gucci. 

Unique dog names

A lot of owner love unique things, and they give dogs special names from interesting things which are totally surprising and different from other ones. Some quite unique dog names such as Pepsi, Plum, Coca, Avocado, Warwick (if you play League). The point is to be hurry before someone uses that name before you give it to your dog.

Factors to consider when naming your pet dog

  1. Avoid too long names

When a new puppy comes home, a name will be extremely important during your training. You think about what should I name my dog? Short, easy-to-pronounce names will help you a lot when giving commands to teach them to use the toilet in the right place, teach handshakes, or a few other commands.

A name should only be stopped at a maximum of 2 tones to make it easier to pronounce the command, if the name is too long, you will not be able to give a training command for the dog quickly.

  1. Use distinguishable name

You should avoid popular names because maybe some dogs will rush out if you are in a crowded place. If you plan to use human’s name for your pet, please be careful to avoid misunderstanding situations.

The sound of name also plays an important role in making your pet’s name distinguishable. It seems that names beginning with S, C, K are best choice to hear in noisy places. For example, Snake, Chevy, Kong.

Besides, an uncommon name will help to avoid confusion for your pet when you call him in crowded areas. Have you imagined that when you shout “Rex” and a few dogs run to find you?

  1. Change their name suitably

Your pet already had a name, and you are his new owner and think about changing his name. If your pet is quite old, it is advised that you should choose a name which sounds similarly to his old name. By that way, he can quickly get accustomed to the new one. For example, an old “Lucy” can be changed to “Lucky” or “Sisi”.

  1. Avoid calling them by many different names

A person may have more than a name, which is nickname, school-name, work-name. But dog should have one name only to avoid him from being confused. Although dog is an intelligent animal, if they are called some names differently, they may not be able to identify which is his own name. Then when he can’t identify it, he will not react you when being called.

Name tags for dogs – Useful items to prevent your dog from getting lost

Once your pet has a name, it is also necessary to buy a pet tag or name tag for him as there are a lot of dogs being stolen or getting lost. Anyone who has ever lost a dog will understand the pain of losing a loyal friend. And sometimes there are people who accidentally see a stray dog but don’t know how to contact their owner. At that time, a dog’s name tag with a phone number will provide a valuable chance of returning for your little puppy. Please put a name and then make or purchase a name tag right away.

To sum up, naming your pet is actually an interesting and funny process. And what should I name my dog is such a common question given by many pet owners. There is no standard on naming your furry friend. Hopefully, whatever name you choose for your puppy, it’s the most memorable name for both you and your pet. If you are struggle in finding a name for your dog, have a reference on https://updogsupplies.com/dog-names/