Decorative dog gate ideas

Dog gate ideas to decorate houses are becoming an increasing trend nowadays. Dog gates provide barriers for keeping your dog from having free run in your house. Actually there are many times you may want to confine them to a single room, such as when guests come with small children, or when a repair man visits your house. In those cases, a dog gate will be an ideal solution. A dog gate is considered to be equipment in a house, so it also plays a role as decorative furniture. Let’s find out 10 dog gate ideas to decorate your house here.


Three-Panel Scroll Wooden Gate

Well, enjoy this classic-design pet gate with three-panel folding component. It is free-standing and portable, which helps to make it suitable for almost any area. Another strength is no installation needed. It can go well with any decoration, so you will keep your dog safe without breaking the appearance of your house. There are rubber pads on the legs which help to prevent scratching the floor.


Paw Print Design gate

A dog gate with paw-print design will not disappoint you. With three-panel design, the gate will be free-standing or mounted. Equipped with patent-pending swivel feet, it is allowed to be fully extended without any tipping. It will be a good choice for traveling or visiting as the gate has three-panel fold and go design. There is no extension included, as well as no chew-proof.



Classic Expansion Puppy or Baby Gate

The product of wooden expansion pet or baby gate is wall-mounted and can fit most standard door-ways. It is recommended by a lot of major kennel clubs. Dogs do not see a “jump off” point in this gate, so the uneven top discourages jumping over. The easy-to-open design allows opening and closing by one hand easily. It can also allow one-side swing or folding back when not in use.


The White Picket Fence

No need to wait for a white picket fence in your garden, this folding panel gate can perk up your home decoration as well as can be folded and put away when being unused. The gate has free-standing design and does not require screws or nails to install. There is no expansion available. And it is not chew proof.


Adirondack-Style Picket Fence Gate

Dome top, natural wood picket-fence gates are charming with any decoration. With swivel feet, the gate can prevent tipping when not being fully extended. There are no extra panels as well as not resistant to chewing, this kind of gate is ideal for adult small dogs. Moreover, it can be an excellent choice for traveling or visiting as no screws or nails are required for assembling.


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All-Steel Gate

As can be said, all steel construction gates are perfect dog gate ideas. They are popular and become a good solution for dogs that love chewing when nervous. This one is applied expansion technology for wedging firmly in a standard-sized door. Your dog can watch you but he can be protected from other activities on your own side of the gate.


Extra Tall Walk Through 72 Inch Gate

Sometimes when ordinary dog gates are not tall enough, especially when being used for large breeds or babies, this kind of three-panel walkthrough expansion gate could be the ticket. The gate requires hardware mounting, however, its beautiful bronze finish matches well with any decoration.



Three-Panel Designer Gate in White

If you are finding a gate for easy travel or visit, this Palm Springs designer gate is an answer. It can go with any decor thanks to its charming design and white color. There are no extra panels as well as not suitable for chewers. It seems to be an excellent choice for the older but small dogs as they will need a little privacy or space from guests.



Three-Panel Elton Dog Gate

With Elton design, three-hinged wooden gate is another choice. No floor-protection is included and it cannot be locked into a single line without tipping. The strength is its beautiful appearance and easy-to-set-up function. The item can works as a barrier as well. It will require to be braced against a wall to keep stable, and it’s not chew proof.



Wood and Wire Barrier, Three-Panel

The three-panel pet barrier with its wire centers brings about elegant and stylistic design to the house’s architecture. No nails or screws are required for assembly, and this item can be set-up in a C or Z formation. It is suitable for almost any kind of pet, especially cats or dogs. Not resistant to chewing, but it’s easy for installation and foldable when traveling or being put away.


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Dog gate ideas can help creative people to satisfy themselves with their own ideas. Have you thought about DIY a dog gate from available stuff in the house? With a little patience, let’s try it out with your own styles and ideas.

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