10 Best Brush For German Shepherds – Updogsupplies Review in Year 2021

The Best Brush For German Shepherds – Ratings and Reviews in Year 2021

Are you looking for the best brush for German Shepherds? It is stated that the German Shepherd is the 2nd most popular dog breed in America. There are thousands of them being brushed every second. But how many of them are being brushed with the right good brush? We’ve reviewed our favorite grooming stuffs, including pin brushes, slicker brushes, and deshedding tools.

Types of Brushes

The German Shepherd needs a selection of brushes depending on his coat type, and there’re 5 different types of brushes which you will likely encounter. Each of them has different purposes.

Pin Brush: This is a general day-to-day brush which supports to keep this coat need and tidy, thereby preventing matting from forming. This brush, however, will be ineffective in deshedding, or removing matting, so there are additional tools required for proper grooming.

Undercoat Rake: Known as a deshedding tool, the undercoat rake is a must for all German Shepherds. It removes the dead hair, dirt, or dander by reaching through his topcoat. This one comprises of 1 or 2 rows of tightly spaced pins, which looks like a rake, or a razor.

Slicker Brush: The slicker brush is necessary for long-haired German Shepherds, and many medium-haired dogs as well. It comprises of short fine wires which are placed close together on a flat-surfaced brush. Many owners use a slicker brush instead of a pin brush.

Bristle Brush: If your dog has a medium or short coat, Bristle brushes will work well for GSD’s. Meanwhile, it’s not recommended for a long-coat pup, due to its sheer amount of hair that you need to clean up later. They are harder to clean, and need cleaning more frequently than undercoat rakes or pin brushes.

Rubber Brush: The Rubber brushes are great for short-coated pups.

What to consider when purchasing a brush for German Shepherds?

Type of his hair

A German Shepherd comes with various types of hair, including short, long, thin, thick or coarse. And each tool will have the specific type of hair that they are good for. To avoid waiting money or hurting your pet if purchasing any brush, you should be aware of which one works well for your German Shepherd & vice versa.


It is advised that you should look out for a brush which lasts long. This means you need to take into consideration the materials that were used in manufacturing the product. Make sure to use tools which can withstand diverse conditions, and still be useful and give a great grooming experience for your German Shepherds.


An important factor when choosing a brush is to keep your dog safe, and be protected while grooming. Are the brushes you are using scratching your pet? Try to avoid this at all costs, and take this into consideration before applying any tools to your dog. You could pay close attention to how he reacts to your tools.

Why should you brush your German Shepherds regularly?

Do you know that German Shepherds are joking referred to German shedders due to their shedding excessively? And the main aim of brushing is to remove their loose hair which can cause problems to them. Once their loose hair is out, the new hair is able to grow healthily.

Another reason is to remove dirt from their coat, thereby preventing the build-up of dirt as the build-up of dirt can harbor all kinds of organisms and make your dog get diseases.

Last but not least, it is for the bonding benefits. This is a form of intimacy for both you and your furry friend. It helps to inform your German Shepherd, the very loyal dog breed, that you care much about him. He will surely be a happy dog, which will transfer to much more loyalty and good behavior.

Tips for brushing German Shepherds.

Firstly, brush in the direction of hair growth. The loose hairs are more likely to be positioned in that direction, so they will be easier to pull out. Meanwhile, brushing in the opposite direction will have a higher tendency to pull out even healthy hair, not just dead hair.

Second, use gentle strokes while brushing. You will not want your furry friend to be covered in bruises after 1 brush session. This process requires repetitive actions, and being too harsh can do more harm than good. Keep in mind to pay attention to your dog’s movements while brushing to know what he is comfortable with.

Next, your pets can be a little restless when it’s time to groom. It is a pros to provide a relaxing atmosphere around for your German Shepherd, as it will make the whole grooming session easier on you – the groomer. Also, you can use relaxing gestures with your dog to calm him down, or you can talk to him.

Finally, don’t let your dog play with grooming tools. They might ruin them, or contaminate them. You should make sure the tools are kept in a place away for their reach. By this way, he will recognize that tools are for grooming time but not playtime, which makes it easier on both of you.


1. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

A Furminator Tool is an ideal stuff which makes it easy for grooming in the comfort of your house. This helps remove loose hair from your dog’s coat.

Key Features
♥ It is used for large dogs with long hair, and can be used at any time of the day.
♥ A button which helps to release hair with ease
♥ An ergonomic handle’s for easy grooming, and comfortable.
♥ There’s ability to comb through topcoat to undercoat.
♥ Teeth can remove the undercoat hair but not damaging the topcoat.

2. Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

Another product when choosing the best brush for German Shepherd is Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush. This one is made by animal-loving people who expect to create quality items for their beloved pets. They aim to make grooming an exciting experience.

Key Features
♥ This tool is characterized by its ability to remove dirt and tangles in pet’s fur.
♥ The product is made of environment-friendly durable materials, weighing around 3.2 ounces and 5.8x3x10 inches.
♥ It’s easy to clean by simply clicking the button and the bristles will retract back into the brush.
♥ Make your dog not only look good but also feel good when being massaged for its healthy coat. This also increases blood circulation, and leave their coat soft and shiny.

3. The Pet Neat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The Pet Neat Deshedding Tool is another good German Shepherd grooming tool, with its ability to de-shed 95% of your pet’s hair. This one is perfect for detangling and keep your pet’s hair healthy. With this item, you don’t need to worry about your dog’s hair flying over the floor, as well as it makes your dog’s grooming more effortless and efficient. It wastes no time at all, and really be convenient.

Key Features
♥ This product can work on all types of hair, leaving your pet with a tidy and clean coat.
♥ The item has a detachable feature, which allows for the blade to be separated from the handle.
♥ Its blade is made of stainless steel, which can last through long years.
♥ The ergonomic handle is for easy and practical use.

4. GoPets Dematting Comb

This is a special tool for owners who want to gain extra silkiness to their dog. GoPets products were founded by owners who were passionate about using quality, animal-friendly grooming items for their dogs.

Key Features
♥ This multi-purpose tool allows for a variety of uses, including dematting, deshedding, detangling, and undercoat raking.
♥ Taking care of problems that German Shepherds have tangles coming together forming mats.
♥ Offering a comfortable and pleasant experience. The brush with sharpen dog’s teeth prevents pulling hairs, and the rounded ends make it safer on sensitive skin.
♥ It’s a unique brush as the non-slip silicone gel filled handle will conform to your hand, no matter how you hold it.
♥ Sharp stainless steel blades will cut through mats & tangles, instead of pulling the hair out.

5. Chirpy Pets Brush

You should not overlook the Chirpy Pet Brush if you want to keep your dog looking healthy and clean. This tool provides you with a convenient and luxurious way of grooming your pet.

Key Features
♥ Durable and long-lasting: The tool is equipped with a 100mm stainless steel blade, and its cover for your safety.
♥ Effective removing shedding hair: The tool can remove up to 90% of fur from your pet within some minutes.
♥ Superb quality: The shedding brush is made of 4’’ stainless steel, not sharp to protect your pet’s skin. Also, it comes with a protective cover for ultimate safety.

6. Glendan Brush

Are you looking for a brush which is double as a massaging tool? The Glendan Dog Brush is a great idea. This tool comes with bristles which are gentle on your dog’s skin while thoroughly completing the work. Depending on your style, the product comes in a variety of color to suit short or long-haired dogs.

Key Features
♥ Comfortable handling with structure of a handle. It doesn’t cause any wrist strain.
♥ Remove dead hair from the dog’s coat.
♥ Leave a shiny coat on the dog’s body.
♥ Massage your dog, help to prevent skin diseases and increase the blood circulation.

7. Poodle Pet Detangling Dog Comb

Poodle is a franchise brand, which is known for its unique dog grooming tools. The Poodle Pet Detangling Dog Comb is designed to make dog grooming a more relaxing and convenient experience. This tool is made with safety and comfort.

Key Features
♥ Work for all dog sizes with various hair types, as well as work great as a brush for German Shepherds.
♥ Simplify grooming process with dual length pet combs for detangling, dematting, and combing.
♥ Have a non-slip handle to avoid accidents.
♥ Made of solid stainless steel to ensure it is strong enough to remove knots and mats effectively.

8. Hertzko soft brush

Hertzko appears again with another product, which is designed to not only make your dog look good but feel good as well. The Hertzko brush specializes in deshedding & detangling, which is suitable for both long and short-haired dogs, both small and large dogs.

Key Features
♥ Its structure is safe and easy to use
♥ Gently remove loose hair, and eliminate dander, tangles, and dirt.
♥ Massage for a healthy coat, increase blood circulation, then leaving your dog’s coat shiny and soft.
♥ Bring about comfort, strength, and durability with a comfort-grip & anti-slip handle.

9. The Pet Portal Self-cleaning Slicker Pro Brush

The Pet Portal Self-cleaning Slicker Pro Brush is also an outstanding item when looking for the best brushes. This one is able to get rid of your dog’s loose hair effortlessly.

Key Features
♥ Come in different colors, and work on both small and large dogs.
♥ Have a cleaning button for retracting the bristles.
♥ Offer our German Shepherds grooming a relaxing experience.
♥ Provide excellent grooming results for your pets, feature soft & flexible bristles for easy & effective brushing.

10. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

The last one in our list for the best dog brush for German She Pherds is Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush. This one is made by a team who take perfection as the only option, and this brush is one like no other, simple but functional.

Key Features
♥ Provide comfort while still being practical.
♥ Its oval shape allows for reaching obscure parts of your pet.
♥ Made from light Beech wood to reduce hand fatigue.
♥ Allow for gentle brushing and avoid injury with polished bristles.
♥ Allow air to flow from outside of pad with an “air” hole in the brush pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get my German Shepherd to shed less?

Answer: You should stay dedicate to their daily brushing with a slicker brush or a basic brush. Besides, keep up with seasonal shedding by using undercoat rakes as most of loose hair will come out with the tools, instead of falling on the floor.

Question: How often should I brush my German Shepherd?

Answer: Absolutely everyday.

Question: Can a German Shepherd be shaved?

Answer: No. While many people think the dog’s fur makes him hotter in summer, actually fur works as insulation against heat. The heat waves contribute to reflect off the fur and keep your pets cooler. And German Shepherds should not be trimmed or shaved.

Question: Can I use human clippers to shave a German Shepherd?

Answer: It’s ok technically. The clipper can cut through a German Shepherd’s coarse fur, however, the Shepherds should not be trimmed.

Question: How often should I bathe my German Shepherd?

Answer: It should be once every 4 to 5 months, as their natural oils can keep their skin hydrated. Frequent baths even dry out their skin, and cause them to itch and scratch. It’s necessary to bath them only when they get dirty or muddy, and they need to be washed before entering your house. Again, kindly use dog conditioner and shampoo (No human products).

Final thoughts

Thanks for your reading our reviews about the best brush for German Shepherd. From our point of view, we think that.. is the most outstanding product. Have you ever bought grooming tools for your German Shepherds in the past?, what did you buy?, did it work well? We expect to hear from you for your experiences.

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