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Dog supplies are all of items and accessories you need for your dog

There are tons of must have dog supplies, dog technology and other dog products that help us keep pets happy and healthy. However, with these various available dog supplies out there today, sometimes it can get very confused for dog owners. You should be very smart to decide which ones are in need and which ones are optional.

dog supplies

The following is a list of must have dog supplies for dog owner to consider:

  • Dog gates
  • Beds
  • Collars and leashes
  • Toys
  • Food and water bowls
  • Food, treats
  • Grooming supplies
  • Identification (ID)
  • Anti-pick powder

Dog gates/ crates

dog gates

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A must for any dog owner, dog gates, crates and containment devices are important items that give your dog freedom while still blocking off certain areas in your house. Dog gates help to keep your dog safe as well as keep them away from kids, cats or even people come to visit you at home. In the pet market today there are many types of dog gate which are created to fit with your need. You can easily choose the one which is perfect to your dog in various styles, including pressure-mounted, freestanding, walking-through gates; those with access doors; extra tall gates; permanently installed gates; and more. Your choice depends on where you plan to use it, how handy you are with tools, whether you need a portable gate, and your dog’s size and energy level.

Crates for dogs can also be used during car travel and for many other types of travelling with the dog. Many pet owners have their own favorite types of dog crates for a variety of reasons. Those types of dog crates actually fit perfectly in living rooms because they look just like a piece of furniture.

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Dog Bed – dog supplies must have

Dog Bed – dog supplies must have

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Dr. Lisa Lippman, lead New York Veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health said: “Dogs can sleep for up to 80 percent of the day, so choosing where they spend all that time is no small decision”. It is true that the best place is bed. Although dogs will not absolutely need a bed, it absolutely love a bed. Your dog need a place to rest, so setting a good dog bed is definitely something you need to do before bringing your new dog home. The bed will help your dog feel more secure and make dog gates/crates become its real home for rest and play. 

Before you start shopping, these are some features to look for in a dog bed: Washable, non-slip bottom, comfort, and appropriate size. The more you know about your dog’s sleep needs, the easier it will be to find the right dog bed.

Just a small tip for those who are looking for a dog bed is that dog bed should be pretty larger than your pet to accommodate the various positions dogs like to sleep in.  

Dog collars and leashes

dog leashe

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Your puppy will need a collar and leash. A collar – plain or fancy -holds your dog license and identification tag, which lists your name and phone number. 

For your dog’s first few collars, pick up an adjustable nylon type with a two-piece buckle. The collar should fit snugly so it won’t slip off, but should not be too tight; you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the pup’s neck. As your pup gets older, you can expect to buy several collars as she/he outgrows them. The collar attaches to the leash, which you will need to walk your pup. 

The dog leash, or sometimes called a lead, consisting of a rope or light chain used to restrain your dog. A leash is a must-have item for many reasons. It helps to connect you to your dog. The dog leash plays the role of a safety line back to you that keeps your dog away from some dangerous situation such as preventing dog from attacking other people or animals around. Dog leashes and dog leads come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Choose your dog leash based on your functional needs and style preference. Take into consideration your bowwow’s breed, and how they behave on walks when shopping for leashes online. If you’ve got a precious puppy on your hands, now is the perfect time to begin leash training. A retractable dog leash or dog lead is a great way to give your pup the best of both worlds. A retractable dog lead or leash makes it easy to give your pup room to play when it’s safe, but allows you to tighten the slack when you need to keep them close by. Also consider a hands free dog leash or a dog coupler. For dogs who have issues on walks, a dog training leash is a great tool for correcting a misbehaving pup. 

Dog clothes

Some dogs are genetically closer to their ancestor, the wolf, so they won’t need a coat in winter. Think Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, and similar. Other breeds however will benefit from an extra layer of warmth, especially if they happen to be a senior, suffer from arthritis, or are a young puppy.

You need to accommodate your puppy clothes needs for every climate and fashion trend. The first thing you have to consider is the weather in your area. If it’s cold and your dog shivers, consider getting him a dog sweater or coat. If you live in a warm environment, consider buying a cooling coat with special fabric that retains moisture and cools for your dog in the hot weather.

Dog Toys

dog toys

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Playtime is a joyful part of your dog’s development and happiness. Play also gives your dog the exercise it needs to stay healthy and enjoy an active, fulfilled life. Make play more fun with the right dog toy for your energetic canines. You can choose between dog balls, plush toys, interactive dog toys, dog puzzles etc. 

Toys can be categorized into chew toys that satisfy the need to gnaw, like hard-rubber toys; plush toys, like stuffed animals, that provide comfort to dogs; fetching toys, like balls and flying discs; rope and tug toys, which help to floss teeth while the pup plays; and critical thinking toys, like treat-dispensing devices, that release goodies when the pup performs a certain task.

There are so many kinds of dog toys at pet store, you should only offer your puppy strong, durable, well-made toys that are sized appropriately for him. If your puppy does destroy a toy, remove the damaged toy immediately. Exposed squeakers can be harmful, as are stuffing, frayed rope toy strands, and small torn-off pieces that can be ingested and hurt your pets. 

Food and water bowls

dog food

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Some of the items first time dog owners have to consider are dog food and water bowls for their dogs. These are definitely must have dog supplies when you have a pet at home. 

There are many varieties of food and water bowls available today. You can choose ceramic or stainless steel dishes, plastic crocks, and even glass bowls.

The least expensive options are plastic bowls and crocks. While most can be cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher, plastic can harbor bacteria and residue, especially in dented or scratched areas on the surface. If you go with plastic, select a harder, dishwasher-safe bowl and replace it when it starts to show signs of wear.

Ceramic dishware and glass bowls can be heavy so they likely won’t become toys, but they can be expensive — not to mention breakable — and some ceramic pieces can contain lead, which is harmful to your dog. If you buy ceramic, make sure it’s dishwasher safe and lead-free.

Stainless steel bowls, though generally the most expensive, are the best choice. They’re strong, easy to clean and sanitize, and usually too cumbersome for a puppy to carry in his mouth. Many raised feeders and custom-carved bowl holders come with stainless steel bowls.

Food, treats

Your puppy will have a big appetite and big calorie demands to give its body the energy to develop healthy bones, organs, skin, and coat. The best dog treats come with safe, healthy ingredients as well as meet your pet’s personal preference. Some dogs prefer a soft, chewy texture, while others are happy with a crunchy bite. Your dog may prefer fish, chicken, or beef as the main flavor. 

Nutritional requirements for your dog are the right blend of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Veterinary nutritionists note that puppies must have these specific ingredients in their diets to develop into healthy adults.

An important thing you have to pay attention is that you have to know whether your pets have allergies or not. If you’re not sure about which diet to feed your puppy, talk to your veterinarian, breeder or knowledgeable pet store associate.

Grooming dog supplies

Owning your own dog grooming supplies is great. There are some basic must have dog supplies for grooming and items you should have.

When you keep pet at home you have to know how to groom them and then dedicating a few minutes to take care of your canines’ fur, ears, nails, other special needs daily. His/her coat will need regular washing, combing and brushing. He/she will also need his toenails trimmed, his ears cleaned, and his teeth brushed. Here are some basic pet products for your daily dog grooming needs:

  • Dog clippers or scissors
  • High quality pet brush and comb
  • Healthy dog shampoo
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Pet towel for quick drying
  • Dog hair dryer

Some of them every dog owner needs to have on hand, some can be replaced by human-grade equipment. For example, pet towels are an optional item because you can easily use a regular towel for the dog; however, special pet towels are designed for your dog’s long, thick coat and will dry them multiple times faster than your regular towel designed for human skin.

Always make sure you know how to use dog grooming supplies if you want to use them at home. Electrical dog grooming equipment that can easily hurt your pet, such as dog clippers. Take a second to learn how to use grooming supplies efficiently and safely.

Identification – dog supplies

dog identify

With dog’s identification, you can choose between two options – identification (ID) tags and microchips. However, it is a good idea to use them both.

An ID tag, which is a plastic or metal medallion that hangs from your pup’s collar, lists specific contact information that will reunite you with your dog should she run off. Some people include the dog’s name and their name, phone number, and address; others, for safety reasons, list only their name and phone number with no information about the dog. At the very least, list your name and the best way to contact you, whether it is a cell phone, office phone, or home phone.

A microchip is a rice-sized device that contains a code that is stored in a database with your contact information. Your veterinarian injects the chip between your dog’s shoulder blades, and when your dog is found, a staff member at the shelter uses a handheld scanner to read the code in the microchip. The code is then entered into the database, which tells the shelter your name and phone number, so you and your dog can be reunited. Remember to take the time to register your contact information and keep it up to date.

Antitick powder

Protection is better than cure. To protect your doggies from infections, you need anti-tick powder to remove ticks, lice and fleas. It helps to reduce harmful effects of external parasites like itching, skin problems, transmission of certain diseases and condition to pet and human beings like tapeworms infestation, flea bites allergy, Tick fever, Anaemia etc. Anti-tick powder for dogs can be rubbed all over the pet’s body to tackle the problem of flea infestation that is especially common during summers. This is a dog supplies every dog owner need to have at home to keep pets healthy and clean.